Via Velo U-Lock with Cable

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Lock Type
3.2 lb
Diameter / Thickness
14 mm
9.84, 70 Inches
5.51 Inches

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Via Velo U-Lock with Cable. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

9 reasons to buy

  • Even after a severe beating, testers and users found this lock still worked.
  • The combination of a cable and U-lock covered locking in a number of locations.
  • To numerous owners, this hefty 14mm U-lock presented as a good deterrent.
  • This Via Velo lock set is priced competitively.
  • Via Velo’s cable has plenty of length to loop around components & poles.
  • A reviewer says the Via Velo U-lock is lighter than others in its class.
  • Some testers could not cut the Via Velo U-lock bar without power tools.
  • Via Velo’s ‘Key Guard’ program allows users to order replacement keys.
  • One owner said a thief had to break the bike rack to steal his bike. The Via Velo lock was unbroken.

8 reasons not to buy

  • Unlike the U-lock competition, the Via Velo could be damaged with a hammer.
  • It took a tester 30 seconds to defeat the Via Velo with an angle grinder.
  • Some owners found the lock got trapped within the provided mount.
  • Some owners found it difficult to find a mounting spot for this lock, on their bike.
  • This Via Velo lock doesn’t fit within some frames.
  • A tester said this U-lock’s length makes it tricky to lock, away from a bike rack.
  • Between the lengthy cable and large U-lock, it's a lotta lock to lug around.
  • A tester did not receive the mount that should be included with this lock.

Bottom line

In a rigorous test, a reviewer said the 14mm Via Velo U-Lock with Cable performed as well as can can expected from the price-point. And this is a low price-point. After being attacked with a hammer by testers and owners, this lock still did its thing. A tester did not receive the mount that should be included, and so they found it hard to carry. This mount wasn’t highly regarded by users anyway. It took 3 seconds to destroy with bolt-cutters, and 30 seconds with an angle grinder. The general attitude of owners is that, considering that all locks are breakable, the Via Velo did present as a decent deterrent.

Expert Reviews

44/100 based on 1 rated expert review

Via Velo U-Lock with Cable Review

The Via Velo U Lock with Cable is an adequate lock for low to medium security situations. Despite its low price, we feel that there are better options available within this price range, making it hard for us to recommend this one.

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Via Velo Bike U-Lock Versus the Bolt Cutters | Is It Safe | Stop a Bike Thief | Tested! Real Review!

These bolt cutters will go through some bike locks really quickly but if it’s properly hardened it won’t do it. That one was really easy to do, just necked straight away, completely cut very easily, about three seconds I’d say.

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Via Velo Bike Lock Review

For that price, I think it’s a pretty good deal. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The only part that gives me any concern is the mount. I realized pretty quickly that it was just a total piece of c***.

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Brian Bracamontes

Via Velo 🔐 Bike U-lock with cable ⛓ (Review)

I do recommend this bike chain. These are basically a deterrent, if you guys have an expensive bike. This bicycle cost me only like ██ bucks from ███████. It’s the Roadmaster Granite Peak.

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User Ratings

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Via Velo U-Lock with Cable


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