Roadmaster Granite Peak

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37.0 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Roadmaster Granite Peak. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

8 reasons to buy

  • A selection of reviews outlined how well the Granite Peak rode. Apparently it did so beautifully, comfortably and smoothly.
  • A few admirers felt that the grey and blue-black colorways were appealing.
  • Multiple owners called this bike solid and sturdy, like a Granite Peak.
  • One home-mechanic said the instruction manual was the best they had ever seen in their life.
  • There’s no question that the Granite Peak is affordable. Reviews range from it being reasonable to excellent value, for the offered price. One buyer called it ‘possibly the cheapest new bike available anywhere’.
  • More than one lateral thinker bought this bike knowing that they didn’t need to worry about it being stolen.
  • Setup was praised as being easy and quick, with some saying the bike came mostly pre-assembled.
  • A couple of cyclists described the ‘Ground Assault’ suspension fork as both great and smooth.

29 reasons not to buy

  • One expert received his Granite Peak with open holes in the welds on the seat-tube and chain-stays, where the frame was separating. The bike was considered unsafe and was returned.
  • The head-badge was often crooked and off-center.
  • Cranks were thin. They sometimes sheared off or rounded the axle, pointing in the same direction.
  • No-name parts were rife, including the Tde derailleur and ‘Ground Assault’ suspension fork.
  • An expert received his bike with packaging ripped open and pedals loose in the box.
  • This same expert received a bike with a decent gouge in the downtube.
  • Other damage included a seat-tube flattened on one side and a headset locknut that was folded in, making insertion of the seatpost and stem impossible without repair.
  • Brake cables often arrived heavily frayed.
  • For one expert, the suspension fork leaked oil after 24 hours use.
  • Copious numbers of buyers described a brutal comfort level on a rock-hard saddle.
  • Gears slipped and were clunky, from the shifter - through to the front and rear derailleur.
  • It’s a hefty beast at 37 lbs, making it inadvisable and almost impossible to bunny hop, like a Granite Peak.
  • The shock bottoms out easily and frequently, even off curbs. One expert said that suspension felt non-existent.
  • The front wheel was badly buckled from one expert’s test-ride on a moderate trail.
  • Handlebars came loose frequently and repeatedly, even after professional fitting.
  • Brake assemblies literally fell apart on the road, for more than one cyclist.
  • Components were generally considered poor quality.
  • Instructions are described as ambiguous and incomplete.
  • Numerous riders felt that the Granite Peak was not suitable for daily or commuter use.
  • Near misses occurred due to component failure, for a portion of owners.
  • Wheels were weak, with rear hubs and spokes sometimes breaking.
  • Customer service was deemed terrible and returns seemed impossible to some.
  • The chain occasionally snapped, for one cyclist it did so on the second ride.
  • Riders’ feet occasionally hit the turning front wheel. This ‘toeverlap’ may have been due to owners having the wheel facing the wrong direction, as brake levers were often factory-installed back-to-front.
  • Two reviewers reported injuries, with one occurring after a pedal snapped off, the other apparently resulting in broken limbs due to brake failure.
  • Many buyers found it difficult to assemble, with brake adjustment being troublesome.
  • Untrue wheels were common.
  • There are no water bottle mounts on the Granite Peak. Perhaps it isn’t intended for long-distance rides.
  • In one instance, local bike-shop staff half-assembled an owner’s Granite Peak before calling the owner and declaring it unsafe to ride.

Bottom line

This is not a reliable bicycle. Top reviews are vague and give few reasons for praise. Criticisms characterize the Granite Peak as a real plug, and unsafe at that. One bicycle mechanic said that customers frequently brought this exact bike in for repair. He recommended that buyers reconsider, as repairs and replacement of parts exceed the cost of the complete bike within months. Out of two owners that called it disposable, one happily bought a second after the first critically failed! One reviewer summed up user experience with the Granite Peak’s various drawbacks, saying that they ‘...just sucked all the fun out of the ride’.

Expert Reviews

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Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Men’s Bike From Walmart

When I ride a bike I want to be safe on it and I more importantly want other people to be safe on their bikes… so I’m not going to let the person that was going to get this bike have it. I’m gonna take it back.

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The Enduro Bro

80 Dollar Walmart Bike Can’t Handle Anything

I continued, and as I did I felt like the bike was completely destroying itself. I would not recommend this.

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Bikeman 4 U

Cheap Walmart Bike – Granite Peak Roadmaster Is 26-Inch Road Disaster

It shouldn’t be called a Roadmaster. It should be called a ‘Road Disaster’ because this thing is a piece of junk!

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The Enduro Bro

The Walmart Bike Torture Test – The 80 Dollar Endeavor

My main message is… please spend a little more money. Support your local bike shop and get a good bike. Bike shop bikes are so much better than these department store bikes.

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