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Enter our current competition (November 2021)

Fiido Giveaway | D11 Folding Electric Bike

FIIDO has been working hard to research electric folding bicycles for many years and is committed to providing better products and more riding pleasure for people who advocate environmentally-friendly commuting.

Fiido-bikeride-giveaway-seaside Fiido-bikeride-giveaway-woods

FIIDO was established in December 2016 and is committed to helping every optimistic optimist. Every FIIDO electric bike is designed with an extremely lightweight frame and invisible bike appearance, which can be sold directly from its overseas warehouses in the United States. FIIDO plans to expand to electric scooters and sea scooters next year.


Previous BikeRide Cycling Giveaway Competitions

October 2021 | Haven Bicycle Co. Beach Cruiser | Winner: Christina S. (Henderson, NV, USA)
Haven Bicycle Co. beach cruisers feature a flat foot, relaxed comfort frame geometry and they are sold through local bike shops. Most bikes feature rust-resistant parts, lightweight components, and quality of life features like heavy-duty kickstands and integrated twist-grip bells. Haven plans to expand into electric bikes and specialty options later this year.

September 2021 | Life EV Phantom XR Electric Bicycle | Winner: Shane M. (New Port Richey, FL, USA)
The Phantom XR is the most versatile electric bicycle in its class. The affordability and performance of the Phantom XR position it among the top sellers in the e-Bike market. The Phantom XR has a 36v 400W Motor, Promax Disc Brakes, SRAM X4 Drivetrain, Suspension Fork, 14.25Ah Lithium Battery, Velo Saddle, and all-terrain tires provide more than enough performance for most e-Bike riders.

August 2021 | Himiway Cruiser All Terrain Electric Fat Bike | Winner: Paul F. (Morgan Hill, CA, USA)
The design of Himiway Cruiser perfectly combines the unparalleled adaptability to complex cycling conditions with exceptional comfort. With 800Wh Samsung battery capacity and 750W motor power, 45 miles single range and reliable gradeability can be guaranteed. 26 inches fat tires provide tremendous grip and mechanical stability. It’s no doubt that Himiway Cruiser is the most professional and cost-effective all-terrain fat tire electric bike in North America.

July 2021 | KBO Bike Breeze & Step-Thru Commuter Electric Bikes | Winner: Courtney W. (Burnsville, MN, USA)
The winner was given an opportunity to choose between the Breeze or Step-Thru models, KBO’s electric commuter bikes. Step-thru frames provide more convenience to riders with certain mobility issues or not very tall height. Meanwhile, the Breeze possesses a 768Wh capacity lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells. It meets your 55-mile journey.

June 2021 | Seatylock Foldylock Pride Bike Lock | Winner: Daniel E. (Portland, OR, USA) & Jae P. (Lucerne Valley, CA, USA)
June is pride month 🌈 and let’s celebrate it with a colorful competition! Foldylock Pride is a brilliant edition of the Foldylock Compact. A premium bike lock featuring a perfect mix between security and design.

May 2021 | KBO Hurricane Stealth Road Electric Bike | Winner: Chris L. (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
Hurricane provides a smooth, quiet, rugged, and clean system free from oil with its single-speed belt drive. And it provides great performance with low maintenance. The design simplicity gives the Hurricane a very clean, and sleek appearance. You can hardly tell that it is an E-Bike! Weighing in at only 36lbs, the Hurricane can be easily lifted up or downstairs. It provides a nimble and quick riding experience. Hurricane has a geared hub motor with 3-level pedal assist options, LCD Backlight display, mechanical disc brakes, and 700x32c road bike tires.

April 2021 | Ride1UP Roadster V2 Electric Bike | Winner: Greg C. (Battle Creek, MI, USA)
Simple, fast, and fun, this electric bike is as clean as it gets. With a completely concealed battery and quiet motor, onlookers aren’t going to understand how you pedal so fast. The Roadster V2 features a belt drive, internal Samsung Cells, a compact LCD display, and a fully smoothed alloy frame. Perfect for flat surfaces and urban commutes. We have read reliable expert and user reviews on this bicycle. In summary, this is what bike riders think: Ride1UP Roadster V2 Review.

March 2021 | 32″ Men’s Kent Big League Bicycle | Winner: Steve R. (Cottonwood, CA, USA)
The Kent Big League bicycle sports massive 32″ wheels, an extra-wide handlebar, large-diameter grips, and a deluxe oversized comfort saddle. This big boy also features a relaxed frame geometry for an easy and comfortable ride. Ideal for riders over 6 feet while also supporting riders up to 325lbs.

February 2021 | The RiderBag Reflektor 35 Backpack & CE2 Spine Protector | Winner: Nathan G. (Sicklerville, NJ, USA)
A reflective backpack RiderBag & CE 2 spine protector insert. Enjoy your ride, but ride safe and get visible! The RiderBag Reflektor 35 is a great quality reflective and high-vis backpack that will keep you visible day or night. Its key features are: fully reflective night-time, hi-visibility daytime, water-resistant, spacious (35L), with laptop compartment for screen up to 16″, underneath pocket allows you to add CE2 Spine Protector.

January 2021 | Trifox RHB200 Carbon MTB Riser Bar Integrated Handlebar & Stem | Winners: Marie-Eve G. (Quebec, Canada) & Darren L. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
The Trifox RHB200 Carbon MTB Riser Bar & Stem, it’s full carbon fiber, 3K matt, and gloss. The handlebar is suitable for 28.6mm fork tube and comes in multiple color options.

New Year’s 2021 | Newton-Rider Bicycle Helmet | Winners: Alison A. (Birmingham, United Kingdom) & Kyle D. (Ivanhoe, VIC, Australia)
The Newton-Rider helmet folds like no other into 75mm and is easily stored in your bag and with a simple tap, it communicates with any provider that might incentivize riding with our helmet. And last but not least we believe that riding with a helmet finally looks sleek and quite Instagrammable.

December 2020 | Bicycle Corporation of America (BCA) | Winner: Letisha W. (Brentwood, NY, USA) 
BCA is committed to building quality bicycles using as much domestic product as possible in their construction, including tooling up to make parts previously only available outside the US. Crossfire is equipped with a 6-speed drivetrain for comfort, a suspension fork for shock absorption, and linear-pull hand brakes for safety. 20″ bikes are typically most comfortable for kids of age 8-12 years.

November 2020 | Villy Custom 26″ Single-speed Cruiser | Winner: Stephanie T. (Brooklyn, NY, USA) 
Which one is it gonna be? The women’s luxury Veronica with beautifully rich rose gold step-thru frame, creme-colored tires, and gold & bright white accents? Or the men’s Troy with his strong orange and blue color play? The winner gets to pick one! Both Villy Custom bikes are equipped with a single-speed drivetrain, 26-inch wheels, and a rear coaster brake.

Villy Custom Bicycle Giveaway at BikeRide

October 2020 | Van Dessel Cycles, Urban Gravel bike Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | Winner: Kenneth G. (New Rochelle, NY, USA) 
Looking for a sporty commuter to get ya to the office fast and hit some single track on the ride home? Maybe bag’er up for a weekend adventure ride? No problemo! Weekend CX race or charity ride? Yes please! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is equipped with Shimano SLX 1x drivetrain and Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes.


September 2020 | aeroe Spider Rear Rack & Heavy Duty Drybag bundle | Winner: Aaron H. (Brantford, ON, Canada) 
Spider Rear Rack & Heavy Duty Drybag is a great combo for bike riders who enjoy bikepacking, touring and commuting. The Heavy Duty Nylon TPU waterproof drybag (12L) contains loopholes that the Spider straps go through for extra grip and stability.

August 2020 | State Bicycle Core Line fixed gear bike | Winner: James L. (Renton, Washington, USA) 
Core Line is a cool, signature fixie bike of the State Bicycle brand. It’s built on a durable steel frame and comes in five different colors. Tough, versatile and sharp-looking. Equipped with 44×16 gear ratio, caliper hand brakes, synthetic leather saddle & other shiny components. This giveaway was powered by Boneshaker.

July 2020 | 26″ Thruster® Street Style BMX Bicycle | Winner: Jan G. (Tallahassee, FL, USA) 
Classic Cruisin’. Street Style is exactly what it sounds like – the perfect BMX Cruiser for hitting the streets in style. Alloy frame, chromoly fork and super wide 29″ handlebars make this bike an ultra-smooth ride, whether you’re shredding the park or hitting the boardwalk.

Product Launch Giveaway July 2020 | aeroe Spider Rear Rack | Winner: Ross L. (Yatton, United Kingdom) 
The aeroe Spider Rear Rack allows you to use your bicycle more often for more things. Perfect for a day trip or a multi-day trip, exploring the great outdoors. Simple to use, with quick access to your gear when you need it. This bike rack is lightweight & perfect for carrying any drybag, packraft, tent, etc.

June 2020 | Merida Matts 6.5 Bicycle | Winner: Claire M. (Middlesbrough, United Kingdom) 
The Merida Matts 6.5 is popular amongst recreational mountain bikers. It’s great for rough dirt roads, weekend rides, family outings, and daily bike commutes. Powered by Evelostore.

National Bike Safety Month Giveaway 2020 | RiderBag | Winner: Laura H. (Tarpon Springs, FL, USA) 
Reflektor 35 is a unique backpack designed for those who love to ride bikes! Its key features are: reflective during the night-time, hi-visibility during the daytime, water-resistant.


May 2020 | SmartHalo | Winner: Driq T. (Perth Amboy, NJ, USA) 
SmartHalo is your biking buddy. It helps you navigate to your destination, no matter where you’re headed. It tracks your fitness metrics and lights your way in the dark. It keeps you connected to your loved ones with call and text notifications. It even protects your bike with an anti-theft alarm. All that and much more. Give superpowers to your bike!

April 2020 | Giordano™ Bicycles | Winner: Susan C. (City of Saint Peters, MO, USA) 
Giordano™ Bicycles are made with adventure in mind, with advanced features at an impressive price. Beginner, intermediate and even expert riders will find something to like in Giordano’s well designed line. Hit the streets and trails with Giordano’s gravel bike, reach your personal peak with Giordano road models or do it all with Giordano hybrid series. Our winner could choose from eight different men’s and women’s bike models.

March 2020 | Eleven Sportswear | Winner: Steven M. (Sheffield, United Kingdom) 
Highly functional cycling uniform with short sleeved jersey and padded shorts. ELEVEN is one of the leading sports apparel and accessories manufacturers in Czechia, creating high quality clothing for active lifestyle and various sports – running, skiing, cycling.

February 2020 | Proviz REFLECT360 | Winner: Scott B. (Brisbane, Australia) 
The Award-Winning REFLECT360 is the world’s first cycling jacket to be designed using a 100% reflective outer-shell and was featured at the highly prestigious Cycle Revolution Exhibition at the London Design Museum. The globally best-selling jacket’s high quality material is designed to look and feel great while keeping the weather out.

January 2020 | Hedkayse | Winner: Tina H. (Chard, United Kingdom) 
Multi-impact, multi-fit & foldable bike helmet Hedkayse|One. Lined with Enkayse™, this lightweight & tough helmet can take multiple knocks and bumps, managing the energy of impacts, retaining its integrity and passing EN1078 European standard after >300 impacts. Foldable to 50% of its width, allowing you to fit the helmet inside your backpack, handbag or briefcase. Perfect solution for urban commuting.

December 2019 | The Lobster Lock | Winners: Robert M. (Las Vegas, USA), Michelle G. (Scottsdale, USA) 
An innovative and new-to-market folding bike lock created by Benjie Gerry. The Lobster Lock gained attention through a successful Kickstarter campaign and was brought to life by cyclists who believe in the lock’s benefits that underline proper bike security and convenience.

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