There are a few different ways you can advertise on

Google Ads: Some of the banners running on are displayed via the Google AdWords network. The top 729×90 banner, the left Margin 160×600 Skyscraper, and the 300×250 right column ads. You can specifically target by creating a Site-Targeted Campaign. Ask us how to do this if you have questions.

Featured Event: For a one time fee of $75, an event listing can be turned into a “Featured Event.” This will display the event on the front page of, sort the event at the top of event listings, and event search pages, and highlight the event with special styling to stand out. We will give the event additional promotion from our Facebook and Twitter accounts. The featured status expires after the date of the event. To feature an event, click on the “Feature This Event” button on the specific event page, and pay through PayPal.

Right Column Rectangle offers an above the fold placement for a 300×100 ad unit that will be placed at the top of the right column on most pages (above the 300×250 Google Ad). We offer this at a monthly rate, and limit the number of these placements we take. Please contact brent[at] for current prices on this ad placement.

Button Ads: The 125×125 pixel square ads in the right column of the home page and event listings are sold directly by for a monthly rate. This placement may be “below the fold” depending on how many other sponsorships are running. Please contact brent[at] for current prices on this ad placement.

We can work with you to provide additional custom advertising placements or promotions.

If you have other questions concerning advertising, please email us at contact[at]