Advertising and Partnerships

Giveaway Promotion for Bike Brands

Are you interested in partnering with us to promote your bike brand or cycling related product in our monthly giveaways? We promote these giveaways on our website, on our social media channels, to our email list and on other websites, and reach thousands of cyclists every month.

Contact [email protected] for more information about giveaways.

Cycling Events Promotion

Feature Your Event

Price: $219 (one-time fee)

Your event listing can be turned into a “Featured Event”. Your event will then be:

  • Displayed on the front page of BikeRide.
  • Sorted to appear at the top of event listings and event search pages.
  • Highlighted with special styling to stand out in our listing.
  • Given additional promotion from our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The featured status expires after the date of the event. To feature an event, click on the “Feature This Event” button on the specific event page and pay through PayPal.

Sidebar Ads in the Events Calendar

We offer 300×300 ad unit placements in the Events Calendar section. These are visible in the right sidebar on and on all individual events. This is a popular option for bike event organizers. We offer this at a monthly rate and limit the number of these placements we take.

Email [email protected] and let us know the date of your event.

Other Opportunities

As for all other ad placements on BikeRide, brands and advertisers can access our ad inventory through any large ad exchange or supply-side platform (SSP). This allows you to target BikeRide visitors with your ads.

You can also read more about BikeRide.