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Lock Type
3.31, 3.53, 3.64, 3.75, 3.97, 4.08 lbs
Diameter / Thickness
13 mm
4.25 Inches
11, 9 Inches

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

16 reasons to buy

  • This lock’s bar is specially hardened to increase strength and decrease weight.
  • Testers failed to cut through this lock using bolt cutters, hammers and hacksaws.
  • The GRANIT XPlus 540 is available in two sizes: 9” and 11”.
  • This lock received the highest ‘Diamond’ rating from a respected testing body.
  • The GRANIT XPlus 540’s bar is an ample 13 mm in diameter.
  • Professional locksmiths found the GRANIT XPlus 540 very difficult to pick.
  • Both U-Bolt ends lock, requiring thieves to make 2 cuts in many situations.
  • Testers say it’s lightweight for such a high-security option.
  • A 3 mm rubber coating covers this lock’s steel bar, protecting your bike’s frame.
  • An automatic dust cover protects the GRANIT XPlus 540’s keyhole.
  • A tester says this lock stood up to corrosion tests, proving itself durable.
  • The GRANIT XPlus 540 can be ordered with keys to match your other locks.
  • On test-rides, the lock did not rattle within the provided mount.
  • One of the lock's 2 keys features an LED light, making it easier to find in the dark.
  • A reviewer says the GRANIT XPlus 540 features a smooth locking action.
  • The GRANIT XPlus 540 is available with 2 different types of frame mount.

3 reasons not to buy

  • This level of quality comes at a high price.
  • A tester's angle grinder took 35-40 seconds to cut through the GRANIT XPlus 540.
  • For a few users, the double-bolt locking mechanism seized.

Bottom line

The ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540 is renown for being tough. Sold Secure gave it a ‘Diamond’ rating for bicycle security, which means it withstood their most rigorous thievery tests. But like all locks, it could not defeat the angle grinder. While one tester claimed it took only 35-40 seconds to bust, other reported times are closer to 2.5 to 3 minutes. It’s light, compared to other locks that match its resistance. Both arms lock. It comes in two sizes and with two types of mount. While a few folk reported seizing and failure issues, for the most part it proved to be a high-quality option. The not-low price reflects this.

Expert Reviews

79/100 based on 6 rated expert reviews


One of the cleverest D-lock designs ever. The state-of-the-art mechanism beat our lock picker. It outlasted our corrosion test. It stripped the standard saw blade, and took over 2 minutes of cutting with tungsten and 4 minutes with a power grinder.

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ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540 D-Lock Review

Even after years on the street, GRANIT XPlus 540 is still the benchmark for shackle-style security. It’s a portable weight, too, but it’ll leave your wallet a lot lighter.

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ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540 U-Lock Review

A high-quality lock. When it comes to high security, this is about as lightweight as it gets. A great deterrent if you’re locking up in a mid to high-crime area. We felt confident in urban environments. This lock lasts a long time.

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U-Lock ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540 – Field Report [German]

A high-quality, very secure and well-made bicycle lock, which more than meets all of our requirements in the areas of practicality and security. It is very easy to transport but can reach its limits when the connection points are too wide.

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ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540 Review – U-Lock [German]

This U-lock made a solid impression on us. Operation is simple and uncomplicated. The bracket loses a few points with us. You can only get the key out of it by unlocking it.

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Mountain Bike Magazin

Bike Lock Test 2022 – ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540 [German]

All the tools had a hard time with the GRANIT. Despite the massive impact of violence, it showed only minor damage and could still be used without any problems.

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Abus GRANIT X-Plus 540 Bike Lock Picked

We just got this open, so it isn’t too hard to pick if you have the right tools, but I do think it’s certainly enough pick-resistance for securing a bike on the street.

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New ABUS GRANIT X-Plus 540 Is Being Difficult

Just bought this lock. Now it won’t open again, because it only goes half the way around.

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Nathan Griffiths

ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540 Blind Pick Out the Packaging

That’s probably a really s*** time but that’s first-take. That’s not practiced, not seeing the key.

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ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540 – U-Lock Test [German]

How difficult or easy is it to crack a bicycle lock and how long does it actually take? We’ll start with the ABUS GRANIT Xplus 540… It is kaput. But did it take a really long time? 3 minutes and 24 seconds.

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Sesamo Picking

ABUS GRANIT 540 Bike Lock – Picked With a Customized Tensioner for the Sparrows Pick (Eng Subs) [Spanish]

It is a very difficult pick that has taken me quite a bit of practice to achieve in this time. A very, very complex opening. Each disc has two false gates and one true gate, the location of which is completely random.

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kręcimy kołem

U-Lock ABUS GRANIT XPlus 540 [Polish]

Unfortunately, with a cordless angle grinder, you can cut through it in less than a minute. You need to cut 2 arms. The only positive is that there will be some noise.

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