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Release Year
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25.5 lbs
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Retrospec Beta Series. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • For many owners, the low price of this rig was a sign of great value.
  • Several buyers said that the Beta Series rode smoothly.
  • Delighted riders found the Beta Series to be fast.
  • The Beta’s flip-flop hub comes with both a freewheel and a fixed gear cog.
  • A number of buyers reported no damage on arrival of their new Beta.
  • Many owners found the Beta Series quick and easy to assemble.
  • For numerous owners, the Beta Series came across as light.
  • 25c tires offered more compliance than the standard, skinny 23c size.
  • A great-looking appearance garnered attention and compliments.
  • The 48 x 16t gear ratio was a good middle-ground for moderate hills and urban use.
  • Buyers were pleased to receive two brakes.
  • Several buyers remarked on the manufacturer’s level of customer service.
  • The manufacturer offered options to customize colors of frames, wheels etc.
  • Bar-spin clearance aided fixie tricks and locking the front wheel, turned 180°.
  • Unbranded caliper brakes functioned “properly”.

15 reasons not to buy

  • Some buyers received a bike with a different frame from that pictured.
  • Parts were sometimes lacking grease.
  • Owners often said that pedals, straps and saddles needed upgrading.
  • Screws were poor quality and stripped easily.
  • One rider’s seat-clamp bolt sheared off, leading to a crash.
  • Bent, misaligned and non-functional forks were sometimes an issue.
  • Wheels could be deeply out of true.
  • Sizing was misleading, with Betas being larger than expected.
  • Break pads were not great, wore fast and needed replacing.
  • Buyers lamented the poor quality of stock tires.
  • Owners said that the manufacturer shirked responsibility for flawed products.
  • Incorrect sizes as well as frame, wheel and saddle colors were received.
  • An owner's brake arm snapped while riding.
  • The Beta Series does not feature bottle bosses to attach a bottle cage.
  • Small parts were sometimes missing, including crank bolts and wheel nuts.

Bottom line

The Beta Series is a great bike if you’re on a strict budget but are prepared for minor damage, repairs and upgrading from new. Beta Series frequently arrived scratched, but a number of five-star reviewers expected this for the price. Other buyers were more concerned by component failures that led to safety issues. One owner, who had a brake-arm snap on them, commented that, “I would have rather spent more money on the front end and received a higher quality product then have to have the thing in the shop as often as I have and play this incremental upgrade game.” Sizing was misleading, with owners advising new buyers to choose a size smaller than their standard. A decent buy if you’re beginning a project.

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