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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Redline Monocog. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • Satisfied owners favorably described the Monocog's simple construction.
  • A lot of Monocog users said it was a tough machine that stood up to abuse.
  • The Monocog is praised for its minimalist and ‘bad-ass’ look.
  • This bike was generally seen as a high quality rig.
  • A full chromoly frame and fork make this a stout and rigid bike.
  • For a tough rig, the Monocog is relatively light.
  • Handling on the Monocog was described as agile.
  • The Monocog’s geometry was suited to a range of riding styles.
  • Any queries or problems were answered by a quality customer service team.
  • The Monocog is definitely inexpensive, for the quality offered.
  • One owner reported that the front fork had clearance for a 29 x 3” tire.
  • The ride quality on the Monocog was called smooth and clean.
  • Factory-brand wheels were reputed to be strong.

7 reasons not to buy

  • At 29 to 33 pounds, the Monocog is a bit of a hog, especially without gears.
  • Components are mid-range and mid-weight, but definitely not cheap.
  • The Tektro mechanical disc brakes delivered performance that was seen as average by more than one owner.
  • For some butts, the saddle was not a good match. It felt too firm.
  • The rigid fork is straight and 1 1/8”. This could make it difficult to find high-end upgrades that fit.
  • The seatpost is an obscure 26.8mm in diameter. While replacements can be found, they aren’t common. It’s an odd choice.
  • Chainstays were seen as excessively long at 17.5”, which may be a hindrance to acceleration.

Bottom line

The monocog is a versatile singlespeed bike that can tackle real mountain bike trails. Both the 4130 chromoly frame and the bike’s components are tough. However, it is priced for the laywoman or man – and this is only made possible by the selection of reliable but hefty components. She’s no specterweight. Despite this, owners called it an affordable entree into single-speed mountain biking. If one were to upgrade componentry with lighter parts over time, the Monocog would become a long-lasting, high performance rig that could easily serve as a do-everything bike. Throw some fat slicks on the Monocog - and you’ve got a resilient all-weather commuter.

Expert Reviews

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Ljorn Productions

Redline Monocog 29er Review

I definitely would recommend the bike for several reasons; it’s very cost effective, it’s such a simple bike and it seems to hold up to a good beating.

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Snowman 66

Redline Monocog 29er, Origin 8 Crawler, On One Inbred 29er and Surly Ogre 29er

This is actually my favorite bike that I own… it’s built to withstand the weight of a rider up to 350 pounds.

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