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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Pure Fix Original Series. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • One of the virtues of the Pure Fix Original is its gear ratio, which numerous riders described as well-optimised for climbing, descending and flats.
  • The simplicity and apparent low-maintenance of this bike attracts owners.
  • For some reviewers, this bike ran smoothly and quietly.
  • Owners said that it suited short commutes, short trips and ‘pub-runs’.
  • The Original’s minimal, logo-free appearance got complimented as being ‘sick’ and ‘badass’.
  • Numerous tinkerers found this bike easy to assemble.
  • It was often described as being a good-value, affordable bike.
  • The presence of eyelets for a rack mounts was a drawcard of this frame.
  • The Original struck some owners as solid and sturdy.
  • Those buyers that received ‘Thickslick’ brand tires rated them highly.
  • Some reviewers appreciated the coaster-brake option.
  • The wide range of colors and color-schemes were appealing.
  • The inclusion of a bottle of touch-up paint, proved useful for many owners.

15 reasons not to buy

  • A number of owners complained of paint flaking easily.
  • There were numerous reports of buyers receiving cheaper Kenda tires, rather than the depicted Thickslicks.
  • The bike was often not as described or chosen, with owners receiving different colors, parts, frames - and in one instance a completely different model of bike.
  • Many reviewers experienced repeated punctures before having to replace the rim tape.
  • Some owners found the fork dropouts to be misformed or of two different sizes.
  • Damage during packing or transport was regular.
  • Braking problems were experienced with the rear rim, which is painted. This resulted in squeaking and powdered paint being released onto clothes. The Original comes equipped with only a front brake.
  • For some riders, the pedal stripped out of the crank necessitating replacement.
  • Missing parts were not uncommon, including a seatpost, saddle and for one owner – everything except tireless wheels.
  • The freewheel failed for a number of owners
  • The Hi-Ten frame was occasionally accused of being heavy.
  • Tires needed replacing quickly, for many owners.
  • Truing of wheels was infrequent and irregular.
  • Some reviewers and experts classed the Original as overpriced, compared to the competition
  • Long-term riders (1.5 - 2 years) reported a front hub failing after 6 weeks, a freewheel hub exploding after 4, a seatpost and crank snapping after 2 years – and the shearing of a bottom-bracket causing a crash.

Bottom line

Pure Fix’s Original / Juliet fixie is low priced and seems to have pleased a number of buyers with its simplicity and good looks. Some reviewers altered their assessment after longer-term use, but the average rating is decent. However, as one expert notes, these bikes need proper assembly and adjustment. There are some quality concerns that prospective buyers would do well to pay heed to. Cheap bikes are priced to bring beginners into the world of cycling, not to dissuade them.

Expert Reviews

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Bike Review Thursday: Original Pure Fix: Best Price Single Speed or Fixie Bike

…you can pick these up for a [cheaper price online], but you gotta build it, properly… it’s definitely a good introduction bike.

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Zach Gallardo

How to Spot Bad Beginner Fixed Gear Bikes

Pure Fix sells these really low quality, bottom-of-the-barrel, entry-level bikes with all those color options and lack of important spec. and geometry details… The problem that I have is not with the bikes themselves … it’s that these companies are selling these bikes for way more than they’re actually worth.

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