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Release Year
Charge Time
2.5, 5, 7, 8 Hours
Maximum Range
100 Miles
Top Speed
30 Mph
80 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
52V 19.2Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
65 lbs
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Juiced CrossCurrent X. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

23 reasons to buy

  • Owners said the CrossCurrent X’s Bafang 750W moter dished out plenty of power.
  • In delimited ‘race-mode’, the CrossCurrent X can achieve a maximum speed of 30mph.
  • Riders say that acceleration from 0 to 20mph is swift, on the CrossCurrent X.
  • The CrossCurrent X’s large 52V 19.2 Ah battery delivers a big maximum range from a single charge.
  • Many owners felt the CrossCurrent X was a good value at an affordable price.
  • Owner/reviewers have found the CrossCurrent X durable after 1,000 miles of use.
  • The CrossCurrent X’s throttle lever allows for fast acceleration from a dead stop.
  • Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes bring the CrossCurrent X to a stop, powerfully.
  • The CrossCurrent X comes in three frame sizes to fit users from 5′4″ to 6′3” and above.
  • The CrossCurrent X is equipped with both torque and cadence sensors, for buttery-smooth acceleration and transition between assist levels.
  • Buyers found assembly and setup of the CrossCurrent X were quick, minimal and easy.
  • The CrossCurrent’s display shows voltage, battery status, pedal assist level, and speed in basic mode. In advance mode, extra information and details are available.
  • A 1050 lumen headlight is included and connected to the CrossCurrent X’s main battery.
  • The CrossCurrent X comes equipped with a taillight.
  • CrossCurrent X fanciers can buy the bike in red, black or brushed silver.
  • The CrossCurrent X comes with front and rear fenders included.
  • Velo ergonomic grips bring comfort to the hands of CrossCurrent X riders.
  • The CrossCurrent X is fitted with tough and sufficiently wide Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires.
  • At the CrossCurrent X’s highest speeds of 20-30mph, it remained stable.
  • Shifting on the CrossCurrent X is smooth, using Shimano’s Altus 9-speed drivetrain.
  • CrossCurrent X owners’ tushies are satisfied by the Selle Royal Lookin gel-padded saddle.
  • Some CrossCurrent X buyers report excellent customer service and replacement of faulty or incorrect parts.
  • The CrossCurrent X places riders in a position described as relaxed and comfortable yet upright.

11 reasons not to buy

  • A number of reviewers and buyers received their brand-new CrossCurrent X with multiple loose spokes in the rear wheel.
  • It wasn’t uncommon for the CrossCurrent X to arrive with one or both wheels out-of-true.
  • Buyers have received their new CrossCurrent Xs with damage, including scratches and a broken battery lock and housing.
  • Numerous CrossCurrent X buyers experienced poor customer service, responses and replacement policies. Some were charged a 20% fee when returning a bike that arrived damaged.
  • Multiple CrossCurrent X buyers found it difficult to attach and adjust the front fender.
  • One buyer received the wrong CrossCurrent S2 model, which has a less powerful battery, non-gel padded saddle and no fenders or rear rack.
  • At 65 lb, the CrossCurrent X is no lightweight, to pedal with a flat battery.
  • Some buyers say the CrossCurrent X’s Suntour NCX Suspension Fork isn’t stiff enough and displays excessive rebound.
  • It was reported that the CrossCurrent X’s included 2 Amp charger is slow and lacks power, taking up to 8 hours to reach full charge.
  • For some buyers, their CrossCurrent X arrived without fenders.
  • The CrossCurrent X’s rear light is not wired into the main battery and must be switched on manually.

Bottom line

The CrossCurrent X is an upgraded version of previous CrossCurrent models, featuring a more powerful battery, rear rack, fenders and a gel-padded saddle. In delimited ‘race-mode’, the CrossCurrent X can achieve a maximum speed of 30mph (which is illegal on most public roads in the U.S.A., but OK for private land). It has a large 52V 19.2Ah battery that dispenses a very generous range of around 60 miles under normal use. Some pre-assembly problems were evident, especially with loose spokes and untrue wheels. Customer service was often underwhelming. Once the bike is set up properly, owners are generally pleased with what is a powerful and fast, commuter-focused bike.

Expert Reviews

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Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X Electric Bike Review: The Complete Commuter Experience

While there are more attractive electric bike options, many of these are priced thousands more than the CrossCurrent X… The bike has a fairly clean look and doesn’t look cheap or shoddy at all… So, did the CCX battery last for the entire 39-mile commute with a 250-pound guy and another 20 pounds of gear? Yes… I was very impressed by all aspects (comfort, performance, appearance, price) of the CrossCurrent X.

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Liz Amazing

Juiced Crosscurrent X | 1000 Mile Ebike Review | Fulltime RV Living

We are full-time RVers, we’ve been on the road for 18 months and e-bikes are the perfect fit for this lifestyle… with the 19.2 amp hour battery conservatively I can do 60 miles on the bike… the top speed I’ve reached on it is 34.9mph… this is not for somebody who just wants to ride casually around a park… if you’re into off-roading this is not the bike for you… You’ve had this bike 18 months and put over 1000 miles on it, what are the downsides? There really are no downsides.

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2020 Juiced CrossCurrent X

On the rear wheel, the spokes were actually pretty dangerously bad… really bad, really, really bad… the wheels are not true… these fenders, the bolts stripped out almost immediately. It’s just cheap design… they do have a really good range and a really good battery.

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Juiced CrossCurrent X E-Bike Range Test

We ended up with a 5 hour and 36 minute trip, went 62.91 miles, at an average speed of 11.2 miles per hour… I noticed that multiple spokes were completely loose. They weren’t even tightened at all… the wheel is still way out of true… Juiced Bikes customer support is borderline non-responsive… you pay [this much] for a bike, out-of-the-box you expect it to at least be rideable…

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Juiced Crosscurrent X E-bike Update

I’m having a blast on this thing… the one major thing I had an issue with was the rear wheel… from shipping, I believe, the rear wheel had gotten dented… it was a pretty big issue… I emailed Juiced… you’re gonna have to bring your patience when you’re dealing with them… they sent out a completely new rear wheel assembly; tire, rim, all the spokes, and motor!.. I’m very happy with the resolution but I’m a little unhappy with the 2 months that it took.

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