Gravity FSX

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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on this bike. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

14 reasons to buy

  • FSX riders said the bike felt fast.
  • Handling was described as great, off-road.
  • Double-wall rims are provided at a low price-point, keeping things beefy.
  • Owners found the FSX good looking.
  • For the low price, the moderate weight of this bike was considered respectable.
  • One of the FSX’s biggest drawcards is the low price and great value.
  • The build of the frame was assessed as strong and high quality.
  • Dual disc brakes are stock.
  • At this price, entry-level dual suspension impressed.
  • Packaging was said to be very good.
  • A large number of reviewers recommended the FSX as a beginner’s mountain bike.
  • For mechanically-minded customers, assembly was easy and quick.
  • Customer service was lauded, for prompt responses and swiftly dispatched replacement parts.
  • Cyclists reported that both gears and shifting worked well.

9 reasons not to buy

  • The suspension fork is entry-level and doesn’t feature a lockout. Reportedly, ride-quality is spongy and the pre-load adjustment makes little difference.
  • The FSX is not equipped or intended for serious trails abuse.
  • Supplied tires have moderate tread and aren’t aggressive enough for trails.
  • It’s apparently difficult to fit a bottle-holder in the frame triangle. When the bottle is placed underneath the downtube, it attracts filth.
  • Some saw the instructions as inadequate.
  • Grips were uncomfortable for numerous riders.
  • The rear shock offered limited adjustment. It was labeled ‘cheap’ and ‘spongy’.
  • Some customers felt that pre-assembly and quality-control were neglected.
  • Buyers lamented a lack of warranty support.

Bottom line

The FSX is dirt-cheap, without being a hunk of junk. It isn’t intended to be thrashed on serious trails or launched off sick doubles. That said, one rider reported riding trails and downhill for a year with success. The FSX does need either assembly skills or bike shop assistance, upon delivery. The FSX was rated highly by those owners that held a modicum of mechanical aptitude – or whomever was willing to pay for bike-shop assembly. Parts are not-high end, while still being reliable. This is a great entry-level full-suspension mountain bike.

Expert Reviews

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Gravity FSX 1.0 MTB Part 1

Level 1 expert

The bike rides well. If you know what you’re doing, the assembly of the bike is very simple.

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Gravity FSX – Cheap Dirt Fun.

Level 1 expert

A lot of you will say, “For that cheap, a full-suspension bike? It’s gotta be garbage!” Not necessarily. If you know what you’re doing with these things and know what parts to swap out, this is actually a very, very nice off-road trail bike.

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