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Release Year
Charge Time
4, 5 Hours
Maximum Range
50 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
750 W
80 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48 V 15 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
81 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Aventon Abound. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

19 reasons to buy

  • The Abound carries a 440 lb payload, 143 lb of this is on a 28" rear rack.
  • With a frame bag, long rack and room for panniers, the Abound abounds with cargo options.
  • Reviewers generally see the Abound as great value for a bike that performs many of the duties of a car.
  • A 750W motor produces 1130 watts at peak, enabling the Abound to haul large loads uphill.
  • The Abound uses a torque sensor to deliver natural and smooth assistance.
  • Footboards and wheelguards protect the legs of child passengers.
  • The Abound features integrated lights with turn signals and full front and rear fenders.
  • Testers report range results exceeding similar bikes at a comparable price range.
  • The Abound’s dropper seatpost allows owners to set feet flat on the ground when coming to a stop.
  • Testers report that the Abound accelerates easily from a dead stop.
  • A double-sided kickstand provides the Abound with a stable platform when parked.
  • Testers are highly impressed with the performance of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Reviewers say the 50mm Suntour suspension fork alleviates judder.
  • With 20” wheels, the Abound has a low and stable center-of-gravity.
  • Testers find it easy to read the Abound’s full-color, backlit display.
  • Reviewers say the Abound offers “much appreciated style”, for a utility bike.
  • Experts appreciate the presence of a front thru-axle, for stiffness and strength.
  • Aventon say one Abound size fits riders from 4’11“ to 6’3”.
  • The Abound’s stem is collapsible, to reduce space during storage or transport.

7 reasons not to buy

  • Due to its collapsible stem, testers found the Abound’s handling becomes unsteady under heavy loads.
  • At 81lb, the Abound is long, bulky and difficult to lift. It may be unsuitable for residents of small apartments.
  • A bike mechanic feels that the 14Ah battery may be insufficient for hillier areas.
  • Testers say the Abound’s cabling is unruly and could become snagged.
  • Two reviewers say assembly is difficult and not recommended for the layperson.
  • One expert notes the Abound has an “uncomfortably wide” pedal position.
  • Testers say riders with larger feet may scrape their heels on the Abound’s footboards.

Bottom line

Aventon’s Abound is a fully-equipped, utilitarian hub-motor cargo bike. A torque sensor offers graduated motor assistance. Testers say it’s great for fetching groceries and hauling kids, allowing it to replace car-bound duties. Power, performance, price and payload are all approved by pundits. However, the collapsible stem compromises handling under load. Otherwise, reviewers are generally impressed.

Expert Reviews

94/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews
Electric Bike Report

Aventon Abound Review 2023

The Abound handles well and demonstrates great maneuverability even when loaded with weight. The Abound’s extended and telescoping stem is collapsible. This long, plastic stem can feel a bit wobbly when the Abound is loaded up with a large amount of weight.

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Ebike Escape

Aventon Abound Review:
The “Full Package” Cargo E-Bike With a Torque Sensor!

The Aventon Abound is a well-styled and well-thought-out cargo e-bike that stands out in the myriad of cargo e-bikes now on the market. The best way to describe the Abound is as a premium cargo e-bike that doesn’t come with an equally premium price.

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Cycling Weekly

Aventon Abound E-Cargo Bike Review

A surprisingly fun cargo hauler at a very reasonable price. It has multiple options for carrying both children and gear that make it a valid alternative to a car for everyday errands. It’s a great entry-level cargo e-bike. It doesn’t compete with higher-end options like Tern, but against the RadWagon and similar e-bikes, the Aventon offers a great deal of refinement…

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Denis Bike Mechanic

Aventon Abound Cargo E-Bike Review

You can carry a lot of stuff on this bike. It’s a really good competitor to Rad Power bikes. If you live in a hilly area you may want to get a second battery for yourself because 14Ah, in my opinion, is not that much. Overall, yeah, I will take this bike for myself. I love it.

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Electric Bike Journal

Aventon Abound Electric Cargo Bike Review

Aventon hit the mark with getting a budget-friendly cargo bike that can haul your groceries and even your kids. The Abound is a great budget-friendly bike… We did encounter some speed wobble on the front end… This occurred when the bike was under acceleration and had a bit of weight on the front end.

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Aventon Abound Launched as Higher-Quality Low-Cost Electric
Cargo Bike

The build quality here is simply superb. I love how the Aventon Abound actually comes with many accessories as standard equipment. The parts and the build quality belong on a bike with a several hundred dollar higher price.

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Aventon Abound Cargo E-Bike Review: Is It Worth the Investment
in 2023?

It’s a great, great price for the value. Extremely smooth, extremely powerful, can get the job done for pretty much whatever you’re trying to do; whether you’re doing food delivery, you’re bringing kids to school, bringing equipment for a barbecue, going golfing…

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We Tried It

Aventon Abound E-Bike Preview: Meet The Newest Cargo Bike in Town

Here’s what I can tell you, quickly about the Abound. It’s more powerful, easier to ride and has more overall features than the RadWagon 4 and Radio Flyer L885, but it’s also more expensive.

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Momentum Mag

Bike Review: The Aventon Abound Cargo Bike

Of all the bikes that I’ve assembled in my garage the Abound was, by far, the most pleasurable. This bike is awesome, the design is elegant, the construction is precise and every inch of the Abound projects quality. You’ll need a good size storage space to stow it comfortably. The Abound also isn’t very fast.

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Ron Mueller

Aventon Abound First Ride

Pretty much, Eco isn’t enough to get it up a hill but man, you bump it into Sport or Turbo and damn Sam, that motor jumps in and gives you a big hand! This thing is a blast.

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Scott Hardesty

Aventon Abound Review: This Electric Cargo Bike Will Blow Your Mind!

It looks great, it rode super smooth… When I had this thing loaded down you felt the the front end was obviously a little bit lighter and just a wee bit wobbly. Brakes are excellent, throttle and torque sensor are super-responsive… the amount of storage that this bike can hold is insane. Because of that, I love this bike…

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Active Gear Review

Aventon Abound E-Bike Review

I would feel comfortable getting 3x 12-mile work commutes out of my Aventon Abound. Per week, I’d have to charge it roughly 2-3x …I am estimating a $40-$50 per week savings. We as a family, are using it every single day… The ride quality is good. Stable maneuvering, quick braking, strong acceleration are all positives during my one month trial.

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Aventon’s Abound Brings E-Cargo Bikes to a Bigger Audience

The Aventon Abound is a capable e-cargo bike that will fit the needs of many riders. While not perfect, it is an overall great bike. It is competitively priced, well-equipped, and has lots of power and hauling ability. When riding one-handed, the steering might feel twitchy. This feeling is due to the zero-offset stem and a tall, somewhat flexy design.

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Aventon Abound Cargo E-Bike Review: Two-Wheeled Family Hauler

What really puts the Abound out in front are the extras Aventon packed on, such as its nice LCD display with Bluetooth, the footboards, built-in turn signals, front suspension, dropper seat post, storage bag – the list goes on and on. The value-packed Abound raises the bar for cargo e-bikes.

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