Tern GSD

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Release Year
Charge Time
3.5 Hours
Maximum Range
124, 155 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
250 W
85 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36V 11Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
71.50, 59.66 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Tern GSD. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

27 reasons to buy

  • Acceleration was Zippy, aboard the GSD.
  • These bikes are tough, pulling both passengers and cargo up steep hills.
  • 155mi of range is possible, with a second battery fitted.
  • The Tern GSD can carry up to 380lb.
  • Owners reported reliability and durability after long mileage.
  • A 10-speed drivetrain and 11-36t cassette covered all required gears.
  • Magura MT5 four-piston disc brakes were plenty powerful under load.
  • 20” wheels maintained stability with large loads and passengers.
  • The Clubhouse child seating accessory protected legs and arms.
  • Multiple ready-made accessories are available for cargo and children.
  • GSDs are fully adjustable to fit rider heights from 4'11" to 6'5".
  • Handlebars fold down to allow the GSD to fit in an SUV.
  • Framework allows for multiple cargo attachment positions.
  • Highly adjustable handlebars can be personalized in multiple ways.
  • A low standover height of 20” aids stability.
  • The GSD can be stood on end and stored vertically!
  • A spring on the front wheel prevents it from flopping.
  • Schwalbe flat-resistant tires made punctures history.
  • The GSD S00 is equipped with key-matched wheel and battery locks.
  • Integrated head and taillights are included on new bikes.
  • A telescopic seatpost provides a great range of adjustment.
  • Panniers are supplied as standard on the GSD S00.
  • A walk-assist mode helps with ramps and building entries.
  • It’s available in five colors; beetle blue, black, silver-blue, orange and mango.
  • A rear boost thru-axle increases stiffness.
  • Full-sized fenders are provided on new GSDs.
  • The light and minimal Chainblade chainguard keeps clothes clean.

8 reasons not to buy

  • 20” wheels and an aluminum frame can make for a harsh ride.
  • With two batteries, a GSD could weigh almost 70lbs.
  • Flat-resistant Schwalbe tires could be unforgiving and bouncy.
  • The 20” front wheel felt a little sketchy to one reviewer.
  • While representing a sound investment, the GSD is expensive.
  • This small frame felt undersized, to one 5’8” reviewer.
  • A reviewer of small stature had trouble getting the GSD into a vertical position.
  • While the S00 comes with an integrated Abus wheel lock, the S10 does not.

Bottom line

Owners called the Tern GSD a great investment and a complete car replacement. It moved quickly and easily hauled an adult rider, two children and cargo up steep hills. Kids’ seats, panniers and other accessories are readily available. Its small size and vertical storage capability makes it perfect for apartment living. With two batteries, maximum range was extensive. Handling was nimble. Negative reviews are hard to find. While expensive, most reviewers noted the savings on fuel, maintenance and taxes offered by the GSD.

Expert Reviews

92/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews

Buy if: You want to replace a car with something practical and fun… Supremely capable compact cargo bike that’s brilliant for everyday life.

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Tern GSD Review

Tern’s GSD is in a class of its own — it’s a folding electric bike with huge cargo and kid carrying capacity that stands on its rear end. And it’s amazing.

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Review: Tern GSD S10

…if your goal is to reduce the number of trips that you make by car, the GSD S10 is the best way I’ve found… It handles and feels the most like a commuter bike of any cargo e-bike that I’ve tried.

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Tern GSD S00

The variable transmission gear system allows you to very finely tune to the optimum gear… I really like the principle of this… We’ve started conversations about replacing the car with a bike like this.

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Folding Cargo e-Bike as an Urban Vehicle? | Tern GSD S00

This is a true cargo bike… this thing is built to haul… it’ll take up your Costco run, no problem… Cargo bikes can be difficult to manage… this one is smaller… it’s better for getting up to your apartment.

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Tern GSD – Electric Cargo Bike Review

The real test came on a very steep hill that my current electric trike can’t make it up when fully laden… on the Tern we made it to the top without any trouble.

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Tern GSD Long-Term Review: Small In Stature, Big On Capability

I spent several months — and hundreds of kilometres — on it, and came away very impressed… the workhorse build kit was perfectly adequate.

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The Tern GSD Cargo Bike Hauls It All—and Then Some

With two batteries installed, the range exceeded the claimed 150 miles… I chose Turbo most of the time—but it still managed more than a week of daily commuting per overnight charge.

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Momentum Mag

Four Opinions of the Tern GSD

The unique geometry of this bike makes it exceptionally easy to ride… I have a hard time imagining how I’m going to get through a summer without it… It’s like riding on a sexy, blue, cargo-carrying magic carpet.

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Tern GSD S10 vs S00 Showdown

Both will be reliable transport for your cargo or family for thousands of miles.

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Cycling UK

Bike Test: Tern GSD S10 Electric Cargo Bike

Yes, you could buy a (secondhand) car for what the GSD costs. But the running costs are thousands of pounds apart… The more you use the e-bike, the more you’d save… It’s hands down the most useful e-bike I’ve ridden.

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Tern GSD: An e-Bike The Whole Family Will Love

I was never a cargo bike kind of guy… Besides being a badass grocery hauler, I loved bringing my son out on the bike. He couldn’t stop smiling and laughing… The little dude was actually saddened to see the bike go and said “why don’t you just buy one.”

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The Electrified Tern GSD

We took the GSD on long commutes, beach rides, hauling the kids around town, and fully-loaded trips to the store. In every circumstance, the GSD performed admirably…

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Church of the Rotating Mass

Tern GSD E-cargo Bike Review

..this bike is a game-changer, a car-pooper, sonic reducer, life-changer.

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Gear Junkie

Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2022

…comes in at the middle of the pack pricewise. But it has our vote for being one of the most versatile, longest-lasting, and smoothest rides out of all of them.

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Bike Hugger

48 Hours with the Tern GSD

Getting Shit Done (GSD, get it) is really what Tern’s electric utility bike is about. It replaces a car, an SUV, and whatever you want to do because it has a 150-mile range.

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Tern GSD S10 with Bosch Performance Line

Can it carry heavy loads up steep roads? YES!
Can it be used for daily commutes up to 15mi in all weather conditions? YES!
Is it possible to carry more than two children? YES!

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The Tern GSD Is the Most Useful Bicycle Ever

Dodging drunkards and double-parked cops tested the bike’s low-speed handling… everyone who kept their hands and feet inside the vehicle loved the view from the back of the GSD.

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The Tern GSD S00 Is a Delightfully Practical E-Cargo Bike

I couldn’t wipe the dumb grin off my face while riding the GSD S00…the bike feels fast and maneuverable, even while weaving through crowds of people.

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TEST: Tern GSD [Danish]

One can only be impressed with the Tern GSD… a fun, but also very practical bike, for carrying out all daily tasks… For the busy city family who may have just chosen a car-free lifestyle… it seemed more than obvious.

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Field Report Cargo Bike Premium: Anna and the Tern GSD [German]

What do you mainly use the bike for?
For every possible everyday reason. As a real alternative to a car. I have driven almost
311 miles [in the last three months].

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Tern GSD S00 Tested [German]

For 10hrs 11 mins; I traveled 116 mi, with an 11mph average and 40mph top speed. So if you want to hit the road with a cargo bike, with the Tern GSD S00, you can!

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On the Brocken With the Tern GSD S00 Cargo Bike [German]

…it’s definitely good at cycling and touring. It’s not just a bike for the city… It climbs very well, rolls safely and quickly. It carries everything.

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