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Release Year
Charge Time
6 Hours
Maximum Range
70 Miles
Top Speed
20, 25 mph
350 W
45 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36 V 9.8 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
36 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Velotric T1. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

18 reasons to buy

  • The T1 weighs only 36lb, making it easy to maneuver, and to lift and carry.
  • The T1 arrives as a Class 1 bike but can be unlocked to Class 3, hitting 25 mph.
  • With an efficient build and tuning, the T1 has a purported 70 mi max range.
  • The T1 employs a torque sensor. Testers note “responsive” assistance.
  • The T1 features 3x fork bolts, eyelets to attach front and rear racks,
    and bosses for 2x bottle cages.
  • 700×38C tires are well-suited to road and gravel applications.
  • Tektro dual-piston hydraulic brakes provide ample stopping power.
  • Testers say the T1 is suited to e-bikers who still seek a workout.
  • Reviewers say the T1 is comfortable to ride unpowered.
  • A tester says the T1 climbs well, thanks to an 8-speed 11-32T cassette.
  • Reviewers describe the T1 as “a great value”.
  • The T1 is equipped with a GPS, allowing owners to track their missing e-bike.
  • Some testers are impressed by Velotric’s app, which acts as the T1’s display.
  • Completely internalized cabling results in a clean look.
  • The T1 is available in Medium and Large sizes to fit riders 5’6” to 6’0”.
  • The T1 is available in ‘Sky Blue’ and ‘Crystal Black’ colors.
  • The T1 unlocks via a fingerprint sensor. Testers say it functions reliably.
  • The T1 comes with an integrated headlight.

6 reasons not to buy

  • The T1 has no display of any kind and testers did not trust the included adhesive phone mount.
  • The T1’s battery is non-removeable. Charging must take place beside an outlet.
  • Multiple testers do not feel that the T1’s Selle Royale SRX saddle is comfortable.
  • One expert says there are “some pretty sloppy welds” on the T1.
  • Testers and owners have been locked out of the process of activating their T1.
  • Testers believe the motor-disabling feature is moot, as the T1 can be ridden unpowered.

Bottom line

The Velotric T1 is a svelte all-road e-bike, built for low weight and efficiency. At 36lb with a 350W motor, testers say this bike is suited to commuters, roadies and gravel-goers that appreciate an engaged ride involving active pedaling. There’s an emphasis on tech here, and while the fingerprint activation worked well, a number of testers were frustrated with being locked out of the app during activation. But aside from the tech add-ons, the T1 is generally received as a well-thought-out example of a versatile and minimal e-bike that embraces the less-is-more philosophy.

Expert Reviews

88/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews
Mobile with M@

Velotric T1 Review: An Everyday Bike With Hidden Super Powers

I am always on a quest to find the perfect bike for my daily commute… The simplistic nature of the fingerprint sensor and PAS controls, light weight, and gorgeous design have bumped the Velotric T1 to the top of my list. It’s awesome to ride an e-bike that functions as a standard bike too…

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Ebike Escape

Velotric T1 and T1 ST Review: Light on Weight, Packed With Features

Stealthy, road-type e-bikes… a sleek design, with impressive features and a lightweight feel for those looking to exercise as they ride. The gadget-minded will appreciate the power of the Velotric app… The lower-powered motor and lack of a throttle makes for a more challenging hill climb.

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Velotric T1 Review: A Tech-Infused E-Bike in Disguise

The T1 is an exceptional e-bike. It rode extremely smoothly, even without the motor engaged. People looking for a more casual ride will likely be disappointed…

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We Tried It

Velotric T1 Review:
Not My E-Bike Soulmate, but Read Why It Could Be Perfect for You

…it’s still a pretty awesome ride. With its lightweight build, integrated design, and no-throttle style, it’s a great option for someone who wants an e-bike that still has the feel of a regular bike. If you want a throttle, pass on this bike.

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The Gadgeteer

Velotric T1 E-Bike Review
– Beautiful, Integrated and Should Get Even Better With App Updates

The Velotric T1 is a bike that I recommend to just about anyone if they can quash the app issues. I’d like to see them add a smaller size and address the finer component sizing points, but until then, the similar and more affordable T1 ST is available in a small and a medium.

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Electric Bike Journal

Tech Check: Velotric T1 / T1 ST
Lightweight E-Bikes for the Grab-and-Go Lifestyle

A flat-bar electric gravel bike equally capable as an urban commuter. A torque sensor makes a world of difference in not only the sensitivity and natural riding characteristics… it enables this 350W/45Nm motor to offer plenty of power and support… we’re seeing a lot of potential for some real adventures.

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eBikepedia | Freshly Charged

New Velotric T1 Electric Bike Review
– The Smartest Lightweight E-Bike Ever!

…a beautiful e-bike that is smart… I get to exercise when I ride it. The torque sensor is extremely responsive so you will be fine to engage the motor on hills, but it would be nice to have a throttle option for those who have steep inclines or want to be lazy… You have no other option but to pedal.

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This E-Bike Will Change Everything – The Velotric T1 Review

This is a Class 1 e-bike that will rock your socks… the T1 has that connectivity functionality that allows me to know exactly where my bike is and, God forbid, it does get stolen or something like that, I’m actually able to track it…

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Are We in Love With the Velotric T1 City Commuter E-Bike?

…the T1 offers strong value at this price range …if you’re planning on tackling a lot of big hills on this e-bike, be prepared to get in good shape.

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Miss GoElectric | Miss GoElectric Ride Reviews

Velotric T1 High Tech Lightweight E-Bike Review

I think that they price this bike right… The components are really high quality. It is such a beautiful bike but in my line of sight there are some pretty sloppy welds… As far as riding position goes, this is not the best-feeling… but it definitely feels like a road bike position… I’m leaning forward a lot…

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MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

100 Miles on an E-Bike! Velotric T1 Review

For a city e-bike that looks more like a bicycle…I gotta say the T1 really gets the job done…
I wished over my two-day ride for a less severe seating angle, for softer, more comfortable handlebars, and again, if I had tried doing this trip with the saddle that ships with the bike, I think I’d have sterilized myself…

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Electric Vehicles Space

I Bought the Best Smart Road E-Bike
// Velotric T1 Official Test and Review

Range: testing the maximum mode, going fast and pedaling really aggressive.
Temperature: 50°, windy, and I weighed 225 lb during the test. At the start the app was showing a 32 mi range estimate. I kept speeds above 22 mph, topping 25 to 27 mph… I managed to cover 22.3 miles in range, which I think is an amazing result…

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Talalipop MTB

Velotric T1 Review: A Smart E-Bike With Insane Features

Overall, I definitely like the T1 bike and I do wish some things were a little better…but none of these problems are really a deal breaker for me…

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John Hicks

Putting the New Velotric T1 Smart E-Bikes to the Test

It’s really nice to see that it actually feels normal, it looks and feels like a normal bike.

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36 lb Velotric T1 Electric Road Bike Review

You don’t see wires, you don’t see a massive battery that screams,
“look at me, I’m an e-bike”… No, you just see a sexy road bike.

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Ty's Rides

Velotric T1 E-Bike Ride and Review

It’s a a pedal-assist bike, which means on the really, really steep hills you’re still going to have to work a little bit, but it does give you that extra little boost and a lot of the e-bikes out there, they have those big bulky down tubes and they’re just really, really ugly-looking, in my opinion.

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Velotric T1 Review: A Versatile, Feature-Rich Electric Bike for the Masses

The Velotric T1 is exactly the bike I’d want to use to commute around town and ride for fun on the weekends. Models like the Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad and Gazelle Ultimate C380 are respectable, solid, fun-to-ride bikes, to be sure, but they’re outclassed by the T1’s combination of features and convenience.

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CNN Underscored

The Lightweight Velotric T1 E-Bike Looks and Feels Like a Regular Bike

The Velotric T1 fuses the traditional with the modern in all the best ways. A perfect purchase for the urban rider and commuter, you can pick it up, carry it…and even track it… Though I enjoyed its pedal-assist-only power, it may not appeal to everyone. But I reveled in the feeling of the T1’s torque sensors…

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