Velotric T1 ST

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Release Year
Charge Time
6 Hours
Maximum Range
52 Miles
Top Speed
20, 25 mph
350 W
45 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36 V 9.8 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
36 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Velotric T1 ST. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • The T1 ST weighs only 36lb, making it easy to maneuver, lift and carry.
    Testers say it’s comfortable to ride unpowered.
  • Testers attest to the T1 ST being best for shorter riders.
    It’s available in Small and Medium sizes, fitting riders 5’1” to 6’0”.
  • The T1 ST’s mid-step frame is moderately easy to mount and dismount.
  • Testers say the T1 ST’s torque sensor delivers “incredibly smooth” assistance.
  • The T1 ST is a Class 1 e-bike that can be unlocked to Class 3, hitting 25 mph.
  • With a 42T chainring and 8-speed Shimano cassette (11-32T), testers say there’s no ghost-pedaling on the T1 ST at 25 mph.
  • Semi-slick 700×40C tires provide comfort and traction in urban environments.
  • Tektro dual-piston hydraulic brakes provide ample stopping power to T1 ST riders.
  • iOS users can track their missing T1 ST by using Apple’s Find My™ technology.
  • The T1 ST is available in Lava (orange) or Sand (biege) color options.
  • Internalized cabling result in a “stealthy” appearance.
  • The T1 ST comes with an integrated headlight.
  • The T1 ST is fitted with front and rear rack eyelets, and bolts for 2x bottles.
  • A thru-axle enhances stiffness and stability for the T1 ST’s front wheel.
  • Testers say assembly is minimal, taking around 30 minutes.

9 reasons not to buy

  • Testers and owners report power delivery that is hyper-sensitive, jumpy, and delayed.
  • Testers say they couldn’t notice much difference between the T1 ST’s 5 assist levels.
  • The T1 ST has no display. Testers did not trust Velotric’s included adhesive phone mount, or appreciate its bulk.
  • The T1 ST is not compatible with Velotric’s app and can’t be tracked with an Android device.
  • Testers say LED lights are a “substandard” method of indicating battery level.
  • The T1 ST’s battery is not removeable. Charging must take place beside an outlet.
  • The T1 ST’s ‘mid-step’ frame is too tall for less-flexible and very short riders.
  • Testers found themselves pedaling hard and out of breath when climbing steep hills on the T1 ST.
  • With comfort-centered tuning and wider tires, the T1 ST gets 18 mi less maximum range than the T1.

Bottom line

The Velotric T1 ST is a stripped-back, mid-step commuter e-bike. Testers appreciated how lightweight it is to maneuver and carry. While some users praised the torque sensor, others say assistance is jumpy and delayed. This sets the T1 ST apart from the Velotric T1. Additionally, the ST attains a 52-mile max range (T1=70 miles), and has no display, no app connectivity, and no fingerprint scan. But the T1 ST is much more affordable than the T1, with a less-aggressive ride position and wider, more comfortable street tires.

Expert Reviews

87/100 based on 4 rated expert reviews

Velotric T1 ST: Rugged Yet Stealthy E-Bike With Apple Find My

A stealthy e-bike that offers a more aggressive and adventurous styling… a breeze to maneuver… range is also quite impressive… areas for improvement include adding a display and making the battery removable. While the T1 ST doesn’t offer all the features of the T1, it still delivers reliable performance for commuting, and allows you to ride it without motor assistance…

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Electric Revolution

I Think I Like E-Road Bikes Now | Velotric T1 ST

It’s the most comfortable road bike I’ve tried yet. In my experience, road bikes pretty much suck for hills… Let me show you how well it climbs up a 15% grade and here we go…
…there you go, out of breath, over the top at 5mph.
Well, as you can see, you will get a workout.

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Ebike Escape

Velotric T1 and T1 ST Review:
Light on Weight, Packed With Features

Stealthy, road-type e-bikes… a sleek design, with impressive features and a lightweight feel for those looking to exercise as they ride. At [this price] the T1 ST is particularly good value. The lack of a throttle and lower-powered motor makes for a more challenging hill climb.

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Review Geek

Velotric T1 ST E-Bike Review: A Stealthy & Comfy Ride

Overall, the Velotric T1 ST is comfortable and easy to ride… I always felt in total control… The torque sensor is incredibly smooth, to the point that you almost don’t feel it at all… it never feels like the motor is doing all the work. This is the only e-bike I’ve tried that doesn’t have a screen…

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The Journier

Velotric T1 ST Review

I love moped-style e-bikes and cruising with a throttle, but I also like riding for fitness, and that’s where the T1 ST really shines. It’s a stealthy, lightweight e-bike that…provides just enough assistance to help with those dreaded hills… there are attachment points on the front fork for a rack or bag. You can also add a rear rack… It’s versatile…

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eBikepedia | Freshly Charged

Brand New Velotric T1 ST Electric Bike Review

The geometry of the T1 ST is true to a road bike so it feels great when riding with no assist on. I really enjoy the Velotric T1 ST because I feel like I get exercise when riding it because I can’t cheat and mash down on a throttle.

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Electric Bike Journal

Tech Check: Velotric T1 / T1 ST
Lightweight E-Bikes for the Grab-and-Go Lifestyle

A flat-bar electric gravel bike equally capable as an urban commuter. A torque sensor makes a world of difference in not only the sensitivity and natural riding characteristics… it enables this 350W/45Nm motor to offer plenty of power and support… we’re seeing a lot of potential for some real adventures.

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E-MTB Review

Velotric T1 ST E-Bike – A Cool, Simple E-Bike

The reach was good, 71°-73° angles is what they have, so a pretty road bike-ish style and it handled really well. A lot of times when I was riding with my wife, I had to keep checking,
“is this thing on?”

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The Bike Sauce

An Affordable E-Gravel Bike?? // Velotric T1 ST

It feels really solid, it’s nice and zippy… descending feels natural with the semi-knobby tires. The front-end geometry is a little bit steep, the head tube angle could stand to be slackened out a little bit… The derailleur isn’t clutched, so when you’re plowing through chunky sections of trail, the chain does tend to slap around quite a bit…

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Velotric T1 ST Review | Stealth E-Bike for City Folks

There is a little bit of a delay between me stopping pedaling and when you actually stop getting motor power…nothing too crazy, nothing that’s, you know, dangerous or anything like that, but you notice it.

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Antonio Sanson

Lightweight E-Bike With Quality Features | Velotric T1 ST Review

If you’re using it for smooth surfaces or riding in the city I think this is going to work just fine for you…

It doesn’t have a display so I don’t know how many miles I’ve put on this bike. Something else that I noticed when I was riding this e-bike is that I tend to actually shift more.

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Velotric T1 ST E-Bike (Get to 25mph) Best Value Bike

When you’re pedaling, even with the engine engaged you’re still engaged, and it really does feel more like a workout than other e-bikes that just try to feel like a motorcycle, so this is why this is easily my favorite e-bike of the year.

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Miss GoElectric Ride Reviews

Velotric T1 ST Lightweight Stealth E-Bike Review

This is probably the most comfortable out of all the electric road bikes I’ve reviewed. I’m really enjoying this torque sensor… Great stopping power on the Tektro brakes… I’m an Android girl so I really wish that they could offer the tracking feature with Android devices.

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ALL Electric ⚡️

Velotric T1 ST Fitness E-Bike | 100 Mile Review

I did do over 100 miles on this bike and it was very effortless… I found myself only turning on the pedal assist mode when I was going uphill because otherwise, it felt as light as a normal bike… there was definitely some chain slapping… I do think this thing is still worth it.

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John Hicks

Putting the New Velotric T1 Smart E-Bikes to the Test

It’s really nice to see that it actually feels normal, it looks and feels like a normal bike.

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Brian Unboxed

Velotric T1 ST – Full Review

The build and quality are solid…the frame feels sturdy and lightweight, it has a stealth look…, smooth welds, paint has a nice finish, …the ride was very smooth and comfortable for being a road bike, the saddle was wide enough for me and not too hard, there were no rattles, vibrations or noises and the steering was stable, and it handled well.

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Gear Junkie

Bike First, Electric Second: Velotric T1 ST E-Bike Review

I put this relatively light, affordable e-bike to the test over a month of commuting to work… The Velotric T1 ST is an excellent choice for a commuter or biker who wants the speed from electric assist while still pedaling. Now, the downsides… removing the battery for charging was impossible. Next, I noticed somewhat inconsistent power from the motor…it was jerky.

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Active Gear Review

A Smart Velotric T1 ST E-Bike Review

A surprisingly powerful little package that gets you where you want to go. I think this e-bike is a wonderful urban commuter because the ability to easily carry the bike into apartments or office buildings is simple due to its size and weight.

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