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Release Year
Charge Time
3 Hours
Maximum Range
50, 24.1 Miles
Top Speed
25 mph
350 W
40 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36V 7Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
40.2 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Vanpowers City Vanture. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

11 reasons to buy

  • Experts agree the Vanpowers City Vanture offers good value.
  • Reviewers relish the bike's performance and maneuverability in urban environments.
  • The City Vanture's max range of 40 miles impresses multiple testers.
  • Experts like the bike's looks, highlighting the stealthy integration of electronics.
  • At 40lb, the City Vanture is light for an e-bike.
  • Reviewers appreciate the inclusion of a low-maintenance, silent, and grease-free Gates Carbon belt drive at this price.
  • With 28mm tires on 700c rims and an aggressive riding position, the City Vanture rolls fast.
  • According to reviewers, the self-assembled mortise and tenon frame construction feels solid.
  • Testers say the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors stop the bike quickly and reliably.
  • The charging time is short at around three hours from empty.
  • Experts compliment the minimalist cockpit and stem-integrated color display.

12 reasons not to buy

  • Reviewers say the motor lacks power and torque for climbing hills and requires significant effort from the rider.
  • According to one expert, the City Vanture loses a lot of power at low battery levels until it barely assists at all.
  • One tester criticizes the battery level indicator, which is inaccurate at low levels, leading to range anxiety.
  • Testers say the self-assembly is time-consuming, and ordering an assembled bike costs extra.
  • One reviewer says the instructions could use improvement. Also, Vanpowers doesn't include a torque wrench for assembly.
  • The battery isn't removable, so charging may be inconvenient as the whole bike must be brought to the power source.
  • This bike has a limited height range of 5'8" to 6'3", excluding the majority of females.
  • Experts say the bike tops out at around 18mph, despite a 25mph stated max speed.
  • The handlebar reach can’t be adjusted to suit different riders.
  • Reviewers note a delay in motor engagement due to the cadence sensor. This delay and the high gear ratio make it challenging to get started.
  • The brakes don't inhibit motor power, increasing braking time and potentially increasing motor wear.
  • The bike doesn't come with lights or mounts for a rack or bottle cages.

Bottom line

Vanpowers’ City Vanture is a simple single-speed urban e-bike with unusual frame construction. The bike is sold disassembled, but buyers can pay extra for the assembled product. Reviewers say DIY assembly is time-consuming and the instructions confusing. The bike’s looks, low-maintenance belt drive, reliable brakes, and fast, agile ride quality win praise. However, testers complain about slow motor engagement, underwhelming power on hills, and the lack of key features like lights, rack mounts, and motor-inhibitor switch. While the bike’s lack of power and limited height range will deter many, those seeking a light-duty, low-maintenance urban runaround should appreciate the City Vanture.

Expert Reviews

84/100 based on 5 rated expert reviews
BikeRide – Scott C.C

Vanpowers City Vanture – Lightweight Urban E-Bike Review |

Many e-bikes require some assembly, especially those from direct-to-consumer brands. But today, we’re looking at the Vanpowers City Vanture, a bike sold flat-pack for you to assemble at home.

The City Vanture is a stealthy urban e-bike with an aluminum frame inspired by road bikes. This unique frame comes in several pieces and uses mortise and tenon joints to link them together, rather than traditional welding.

This method allows you (and Vanpowers) to save money by assembling the bike at home. However, you can pay $50 for the company to assemble and ship it in a standard bike box.

Bike In Box

We’re curious about how well the joints will hold up, given that it reaches over 20mph. Likewise, we want to find out if self-assembly is worth the trouble to save $50.

First, we’ll document the assembly process and then move on to testing. Le

Many e-bikes require some assembly, especially those from direct-to-consumer brands. But today, we’re looking at the Vanpowers City Vanture, a bike sold flat-pack for you to assemble at home.

The City Vanture is a stealthy urban e-bike with an aluminum frame inspired by road bikes. This unique frame comes in several pieces and uses mortise and tenon joints to link them together, rather than traditional welding.

This method allows you (and Vanpowers) to save money by assembling the bike at home. However, you can pay $50 for the company to assemble and ship it in a standard bike box.

Bike In Box

We’re curious about how well the joints will hold up, given that it reaches over 20mph. Likewise, we want to find out if self-assembly is worth the trouble to save $50.

First, we’ll document the assembly process and then move on to testing. Let’s ride some bikes!

Bike Side Front

What Is the Vanpowers City Vanture?

At first glimpse, the City Vanture’s sleek profile doesn’t reveal the hidden electronics that power it. A small battery pack integrated into the downtube and a tidy 350W rear hub motor hardly give it away.

The bike is also lightweight at 40lb, thanks to its slim aluminum frame, similar to modern entry-level road bikes. It also has 700c wheels, high-pressure 28mm tires, agile handling, and hydraulic disc brakes, so it’s fast and maneuverable with the stopping power to slow down quickly in urban traffic.

The City Vanture also has a Gates Carbon CDX belt drive, which vastly reduces maintenance and has a much longer lifespan than traditional drivetrains. We’ve seen similar models from other brands, and the City Vanture is competitively priced in comparison.

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons and see how it stacks up against the competition.


Lightweight and Maneuverable

The first things I noticed about the City Vanture were its slim footprint and low weight. In a world of monster e-bikes, it’s refreshing to ride a model that offers similar qualities to a traditional bike, just with extra power.

It’s pretty light at 40lb, with a low-profile frame and slim tires on 700c road rims. These attributes make it feel like a standard bike, one you can lift onto a rack or carry up stairs.

When you start riding, the same lightweight attributes deliver an excellent ride quality on pavement and hardpacked gravel, quickly accelerating, with the ability to dip and weave around obstacles or through traffic; the City Vanture is fast and fun to ride.

Stylish and Discreet

The City Vanture’s minimalist design looks good and draws admiring glances on the road. I love the hidden battery, which gives the bike a sleek and discreet appearance. This stealthy, non-electric bike look may help keep it safe from thieves.

Overall, I was impressed with the aesthetic of the bike and how the touchpoints blend well with the image and operate seamlessly. I also appreciate the option to add a second battery disguised as a water bottle. Again, stylish and discreet.

Rear Angle

Pricepoint and Features

The City Vanture offers similar specifications and performance to more expensive bikes. It doesn’t have the most advanced materials and parts, but with features like the Gates Carbon belt drive and integrated color display, you’re getting quality, style, and value.


Misleading Battery Indicator

The battery level indicator on the City Vanture is displayed as a five-bar icon, similar to many other e-bikes. As I progressed through the range test, I was initially impressed with the power, and the battery level seemed slow to drain.

Around the 14-mile mark, I was surprised to see the indicator showing five bars. However, I was concerned that this was inaccurate. Before long, the battery fell to three bars. At this point, the difference in power was noticeable, and when faced with a hill, the bike was sluggish compared to the initial performance. Over the next few miles, the power output continued to dwindle.

When I reached the final bar, I hardly noticed any assistance, but the last battery bar did not flicker or disappear. Finally, at 24 miles, the battery was empty, and the motor ceased to provide assistance despite displaying one bar.

This inaccurate reading would likely result in a lot of range anxiety from a user. With no clear way to determine exactly how much juice you have left, this isn’t a bike I would push to the limit.

Loss of Power at Low Battery Levels

The bike performs similarly to its competitors, with a total range of 24 miles on pedal assist level five. However, it’s tuned in a manner that is frustrating on longer rides.

The controller offers good power at higher battery voltages, so when you start your ride, you zip at a reasonable speed. Then, as the battery dwindles, the bike falters. It’s already ill-equipped to climb hills with a single-speed drivetrain, but it’s almost useless at low battery levels. Even on flat ground, the difference in motor output is noticeable and discouraging.

Hill Climbing Ability

The City Vanture has a limited ability to climb steep gradients. Its best chance is with a full battery, as it conquered our medium hill climb. That said, I was pedaling out of the seat and applying power to get the bike up the hill.

This bike is best suited to gentle terrain and areas that do not have steep hills. Bikes with 500W to 750W or high-torque motors are better suited to hilly areas.

What Does It Do Best?

As mentioned, the City Vanture performs best in places with relatively flat terrain. It offers style and discreet power to your daily rides.

With a lightweight design, it’s maneuverable and fast, and it is a pleasure to pedal in flat urban areas. Again, it won’t power you up steep inclines, but it provides a decent kick.

Road bikers, in particular, will appreciate the 700c wheels and body-forward riding position. This is an efficient geometry style. If you are looking for an e-bike that doesn’t show it, this could be the one for you.

Who Should Buy This Bike?

The City Vanture is an efficient and sleek package at an affordable price. The lightweight and slim silhouette makes it easy to move around obstacles.

It’s most suitable for city dwellers who enjoy cycling or have used a traditional bike for transport. The bike’s ability to add speed and assistance would be welcome in the city. Additionally, with the belt drive, maintenance requirements are drastically reduced.

Whether for pleasure or commuting, the City Vanture is ideally suited to urban environments. I loved being able to move and ride it in the same way I would a traditional bike.

Reasons to Look Elsewhere

A limited range and hill-climbing ability will deter users who value these attributes. If your current commute includes multiple steep gradients, you will want to look at other options.

The main issues I faced with this bike were the battery level indicator, poor hill-climbing ability, and reduced power after just a 50% discharge. Given that, you should look for other options if you plan to do longer rides in hilly areas.


The Vanpowers City Vanture is a lightweight and maneuverable urban e-bike. It’s affordable, with some great features for this price point, but it loses too much power as the battery drains.

Despite some drawbacks, this bike offers a great way to electrify your urban ride without breaking the bank.


Electric Bike Class: Class 1
Warranty: Up To 6 Years (Based On Part)
Model Year: 2022
Battery Weight: Integrated Into Downtube
Total Weight: 40.20 lb
Motor Brand: Unitek G250R
Motor Type: Brushless Rear Hub
Motor Nominal Output: 36V – 350W
Max Torque: 40Nm
Battery: 36V 7Ah – 252Wh LG Cell Lithium-Ion Downtube Battery
Range Claimed: Up To 50 mi
Range Tested: 24.10 mi
Speed: Up to 25mph – As Shipped 20mph
Throttle: No
Pedal Assist: 5 Level
Controller: 36V Unknown
Charger: 100-240V – 1.8A input | 42V – 2A output
Charge Time: Claimed 2 hours – Actual 3 hours
Display: TFT Color LCD Display
Frame: 21″ 6061 Aluminum Alloy Tenoise-mortise construction
Fork: Rigid Aluminum Alloy Front Fork – W Thru-Axle
Brake Levers: Tektro HD-M285
Brake Calipers: Tektro HD-M285
Brake Rotors: 180mm
Chain: Gates CDX Belt
Crankset: Gates Carbon CDX
Derailleur: NA
Shifter: NA
Cassette: Gates Carbon Drive 18t
Rims: 700c Double Walled Aluminum
Tires: 700 x 28c Kenda
Fenders: Not Included
Lights: Not Included
Grips: Generic Straight Lock-On Rubber
Handlebar: Aluminum With Integrated Stem Display
Kickstand: Single Sided
Pedals: Wellgo Flat Pedals
Max. Load Capacity: 264lb

Assembly image bike on table

Unboxing and Assembly

The City Vanture can be sent to you in a flat-pack box, requiring complete assembly, or, for $50, you can receive it mostly assembled. We received the disassembled version and took on the challenge. Be sure to check out the full video to follow along.

The bike is labeled well and stored in a box with protective material. It comes with complete instructions and the tools needed for the job. I completed the assembly in about an hour. Assembly required simple Allen keys and wrenches and is relatively straightforward despite having over 25 steps.

The assembly would be easy for anyone with experience using tools or working on bikes. Whether or not it’s worth the $50 is up to you. By assembling the bike, you learn how it is built, and if you ever have a problem, you will likely know how to fix it.

Side View Bike

Frame and Geometry

The City Vanture frame uses mortise and tenon joints for its construction. Vanpowers claims this reduces the number of frames that are rejected in the construction process and offers superior durability. It also means they can deliver the bike in a smaller package for you to assemble at home.

The assembly would be straightforward for those with advanced knowledge about bikes. When assembled, it’s solid and feels as secure as a traditional welded frame.

While testing the bike, I didn’t encounter any issues with the construction style or its ability to withstand the abuse of riding. The bike is light and performs well in its intended environment, so the design gets a thumbs up.

Motor Image


The 350W rear hub motor lacks the power and torque to climb hills efficiently, given the inclusion of a single-speed drivetrain.

The tuning means the beginning of your rides will be peppy, but the City Vanture disappoints over distances as the motor quickly loses the initial kick as the battery voltage drops. On flat ground and mellow hills, it operates just fine, but when you hit a serious incline, you will quickly discover the bike’s limits.

Short Hill Climb Details

Short Hill Climb:

  • Time: 03:30
  • Distance: 0.96 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 85 ft.
  • Max grade: 6%
  • Avg. Speed:  16.6mph

Med Hill Climb Details

Medium Hill Climb:

  • Time: 03:40
  • Distance: 0.63mi
  • Elevation Gain:  226 ft.
  • Max grade: 16%
  • Avg Speed:  10.4mph

Cockpit and Controls

Minimalist is the word that arises when looking at the cockpit of the City Vanture. The brake levers, straight lock-on grips, and three-button control pad are simple and functional.

The color display is also minimalist. It’s small yet readable and integrated into the stem. It has an odometer, trip info, and current assist level, with a simple five-bar battery in the top corner. You can cycle through three trip information screens with the ‘M’ button and move through assist levels with the up and down buttons. The bike also has some advanced settings.

Battery in Frame


The City Vanture has a relatively small 7Ah (252Wh) battery with LG cells. This battery is concealed in the downtube and installed on the bike semi-permanently. Removal would require disassembling the entire bike, which is time-consuming.

Vanpowers claims the bike can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge. Our range test showed slightly less than half that (24 miles) on max assist for 24 miles. Given the bike only travels approximately 18mph with the assist set to level five, I don’t foresee many owners willingly riding the bike in the low assist levels (1 or 2) to stretch out that range to the claimed 50 miles.

I also experienced range anxiety due to the battery level indicator. Overall, the battery was underpowered, and unless you intend to add the optional second battery, this bike is dedicated to commutes of around 20 to 25 miles round trip.

Range Test Image

Range Test:

  • Distance: 24.10 mi
  • Time:  1:33
  • Elevation: 722  ft.

Charger, Battery Removal, Keys

The charger has a 2A output, which fills the battery from empty in around three hours. The short charge time is due to the small battery size rather than a rapid charger.

Unlike most e-bikes that offer a way to remove the battery for charging away from the bike, the City Vanture requires plugging the charger into the bike’s external charging port, meaning it must be brought inside for charging. Although disappointing, this is key to the stealthy design.


The key benefits of a belt drive system like the Gates Carbon belt drivetrain used here are reduced maintenance, no noise, and no grease.

The drivetrain is a single-speed, with a geared rear hub motor and cadence sensor. The City Vanture operates well within the speed limit of 20mph on flat ground. It’s also quick to accelerate and pleasant underfoot.


The Tektro M-285 hydraulic disc brakes equipped on the bike are reliable. The bike stops quickly with the help of 180mm rotors, which is important for urban roads where conditions change rapidly.

The bike was slower to stop in our braking tests, but this probably has more to do with the reduced tire footprint than the heavy fat tire bikes we usually test.

Overall, the brakes on our test unit worked well and complimented the bike’s performance.

Braking Distance Results


Wheels and Tires

The City Vanture features 700c aluminum alloy rims and 28mm Kenda tires. This setup will be familiar to anyone accustomed to road bikes.

Narrow, high-pressure tires like these are pleasant to ride on pavement and hard-packed gravel and capable of high speeds. However, maintaining traction is more difficult than with the wide, plus-size tires we often see on e-bikes.

The benefits of speed and maneuverability are easy to feel immediately and more than enough to compensate for the few restrictions. The bike and its wheels are intended for pavement, and I can see them struggling to maintain traction in wet conditions, but we did not have the chance to test that out.



The bike features the standard single-sided kickstand, which operates without issue.

Kickstand image

Contact Points

The contact points on the City Vanture are minimalist but well chosen.



Simple lock-on grips are a welcome addition, as they don’t slip on the bars as you ride. Although they are a budget component, they offer decent grip, and I prefer them to contoured leather grips.



Our black City Vanture came with the matching black Selle Royal saddle. It is a simple and comfortable seat for short to mid-length trips. It gave no trouble or discomfort on our range test and is a good match for the bike.



The City Vanture ships with a simple set of Wellgo platform pedals. They offer reasonable traction but less than pedals with pegs. Again, these pedals are a budget item that could be swapped for more traction.


Vanpowers City Vanture: You Won’t Believe This Is an E-Bike

The City Vanture is a beautifully designed e-bike… Its excellent range combined with its lightweight frame makes it ideal for city commuting… Assembling it yourself can be an exciting process… but it will require a lot of time, effort, and likely some confusion.

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Vanpowers City Vanture: Unboxing + Full Review

The single gear is a little bit tough, especially when you’re going up hills…

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How-To Geek

Vanpowers City Vanture E-Bike Review: Great for Commuters on Smooth Roads

Overall, the Vanpowers City Vanture e-bike provides a fairly well-balanced riding experience for commuters… If you’re between 5’8″ and 6′ and in the market for an e-bike to tackle smooth city roads, this e-bike would be a smart, cost-effective option.

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Vanpowers Bike City Vanture – Versatile E-Bike for the Real Mileage Eaters! [Dutch]

The bike itself is really very good. It rides great, and the riding distances match what Vanpowers gives. Yes, some things could be sturdier, like the cabling and lighting…

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Vanpowers City Vanture Review – The E-Bike You Can Build Yourself

The modular design, limited low-end torque from the motor, and a relatively higher price tag compared to other single-speed belt-drive e-bikes are all factors that you should evaluate before making up your mind.

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Electrified Reviews

Vanpowers City [Vanture] Review: Belt Drive Fixie-Style Electric Bike

Overall, the Vanpowers City Vanture is a fantastic value buy at the Indiegogo price, as long as you don’t mind putting in a little elbow grease to get it put together.

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Vanpowers City Vanture E-Bike Review – It Doesn’t Even Look Like an E-Bike!

So if you don’t have steep climbs, you ride mostly in the city, it’s going to be perfect for that…

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Martijn Wester

This E-Bike You Have to Assemble Yourself | Vanpowers City Vanture Review

So overall, the City Vanture from Vanpowers is a versatile and practical high-end electrical bicycle that is great for longer commutes because of its high speed…

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Mark Pulling

Vanpowers City Vanture E-Bike Review

All in all, very nice bike to ride, good fun, zippy, quite a good range on it, well priced. 

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New E-Bike! | Vanpowers City Vanture E-Bike

I am genuinely impressed with it. I didn’t think I would be, but I love how stylish it looks and how simple it is. I love how discreet it is as well…

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Step away from the screens

Affordable E-Bike Real World Range Test | Vanpower City Vanture | Budget E-Bike UK

The Vanpowers City Vanture gets a thumbs-up from me. It’s a shame they don’t do a version with luggage racks and stuff like that…

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Vanpowers Bike | City Vanture | Lightweight E-Bike

Nice little road bike, very smooth, no rattles, great looks…

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Vanpowers City Vanture E-Bike: Your New Best Friend for City Commuting?

I think this is pretty good value all around… if you’re looking for a well-designed, high-performing e-bike, the City Vanture is a great option for urban commuters…

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Vanpowers City Vanture E-Road Bike Filmed in Zions

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the [City] Vanture…

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This is a bike that I would recommend for someone who wants no maintenance, who wants to be able to just get on the bike with no learning curve…

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This would be a good choice for those seeking a bike for an urban setting, as it has a performance, in my opinion, to handle the city-type environment…

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The City Vanture would be great for city riding, commuting, or college campuses!

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When pedaling, the motor itself is weak… it doesn’t even have to be much, but you can see that we’re struggling…

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