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Lock Type
0.95 lbs
Diameter / Thickness
3 mm
10.5 Inches
4.26 Inches
1.25 Inches
Titanium, Steel

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the TiGr mini. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

11 reasons to buy

  • Experts and owners appreciate the lightweight, portable nature of the TiGr mini.
  • The TiGr mini’s titanium body is highly rust-resistant.
  • Reviewers have nothing but compliments for the TiGr mini’s sleek design.
  • The TiGr mini comes with 2 registrable and replaceable keys.
  • The TiGr mini was given 2-star approval by the ART security certification body.
  • An expert says the TiGr mini appears very robust, which serves as a strong theft deterrent.
  • TiGr includes a mounting bracket with the mini. Reviewers praise it.
  • Testers say the TiGr mini’s locking mechanism has a smooth action.
  • Owners say the TiGr mini’s shape is amenable to locking in different locations and situations.
  • The TiGr mini has a clear plastic coating to protect owners’ frames and paintwork.
  • Owners report excellent customer service from TiGr. They are a small, U.S.-owned company.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The TiGr mini is small. Owners say it can be hard to lock from frame to tire and some stationary objects.
  • This lock can be cut with bolt cutters or a hacksaw.
  • The TiGr mini won’t fit around the tires of fatbikes and some mountain bikes.
  • Some owners say the TiGr mini’s sharp edges can chip paintwork.
  • Experts and buyers point out that the TiGr mini is a pricey option.

Bottom line

The TiGr mini is an attractive and minimalist security solution for short-term lockups of moderately-priced bikes. With a featherweight titanium body, the TiGr mini compromises between weight and security. It can be cut with bolt cutters or a hacksaw but will suffice for most quick shop visits. Experts say its beefy appearance is a solid deterrent. The TiGr mini isn’t the cheapest choice, but it comes with a frame mount and two replaceable, registrable keys.

Expert Reviews

85/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews

TiGr mini Review

We have an appreciation for this lock due to its lightweight, portable design that gives you a little more security than a cable lock. We don’t recommend it to secure your expensive or irreplaceable biking gear.

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The Best Bike Lock

TiGr mini Review: The Lightest Bike Lock Around

The TiGr mini is much lighter than any other bike lock that offers similar levels of security. It’s easy to use. I’d describe it as aesthetically pleasing! It is small, which limits the places and the ways you can lock your bike. It’s not cheap.

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[Test] TiGr Lock mini, the Ultra-Light Titanium Bike Lock [French]

The TiGr mini will allow a significant increase in security, which will deter, or at least delay, the thug. It has the undeniable advantage of being very light.

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TiGr Bike Lock Review

It provides commuters with an easy, lightweight and safe solution to locking up their bike. This fresh, minimalistic approach and the locking system, I really like and I definitely would recommend it.

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Brompton Family Time

TiGr mini U-Lock Demonstrations and Reviews

This lock is light and it’s safe. It has actually has held up good over time.

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Review: TiGr mini Titanium Bike Lock

The machining on this is impeccable, the design work is just outstanding. It’s not durable to a determined attack from a criminal. This is a temporary security solution, not intended to store your high-dollar bicycle for long periods of time outside, unprotected.

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TiGr Titanium Bike Lock Picked

Some better tolerances than I’m used to seeing from the cheaper Chinese disc detainer cores. It did put up a little bit of a fight but not all that much.

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M.W. Trimble

As Fierce as a TiGer but as Lightweight as a Feather

I realize this lock was not made to be used with feet. So 95% of people shouldn’t have any difficulty. If you have big hands and/or fat fingers, arthritis and/or difficulty using your hands for the finer motions you may struggle with the lock, as I do, but you can use it.

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Gear Junkie

Titanium Bike Lock: Ultra-Light ‘TiGr mini’ Review

Ultimately, all bike locks are simply a deterrent. If you value light weight and simplicity in design, this lock will provide moderate security and won’t weigh you down. I was able to cut halfway through the bow with a standard hacksaw in a few minutes.

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Bike Lock Wiki

TiGr mini Review | The Best Lightweight Bike Lock?

The TiGr mini is a featherweight titanium bike lock that offers an incredible security-to-weight ratio. I would personally say that it is suitable for mid-security lock-ups.

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Momentum Mag

TiGr mini Lightweight Bike Lock Review

Once you understand how it fits around your bike and different types of bike racks, the TiGr mini is very easy to use. After months of use I have had no issues with theft or obvious attempts at breaking the lock.

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Kent's Bike Blog

Review: TiGr mini Bike Lock

Bottom line: it’s a good, secure, lightweight lock. For a road bike or something like my 20” Bike Friday, it’s just about the perfect size.

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TiGr Titanium mini Lock

The mini can’t get my frame and wheel but this is the biggest lock I’d be willing to carry on the trail. The peace of mind in a high-theft market makes a post-ride pint a lot more enjoyable. In that sense, it’s worth the 439g and $███ to me.

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The Best Bike Lock: TiGr mini

This has our favorite frame mount of all the locks we’ve tried, but the big dealbreaker is that it easily succumbs to cutting with bolt cutters.

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SLO Cyclist

Our Favorite Cycling Gear of 2015: TiGr Lock mini

Simply stated, we were impressed with the TiGr mini. With a much lighter heft than other U-locks and a flexible bow design, it’s versatile and easy to carry. We especially like the coating that covers the entire bow to keep your frame scratch-free.

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TiGr mini U-Lock Review Review

The TiGr mini, as described, is elegant and highly secure. The price tag seems high, but the timeless aesthetic and made-in-USA quality makes it worth it for me. You’ll likely never have to replace it for the rest of your life.

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Bike Smarts

TiGr mini Reviewed: The Best Ultra-Lightweight U-Lock Alternative?

The TiGr’s ease of use, light weight, and small size make it way more practical for quick stops than a heavy-duty steel number. With their impractical weight and clunky storage, they aren’t going to work for everyone.

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