Specialized Globe Haul ST

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Release Year
Maximum Range
60 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
700 W
90 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 16Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
77 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Specialized Globe Haul ST. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

17 reasons to buy

  • The Haul is small... but capable.
    At just over 5ft long it’s easy for city-dwellers to store.
  • This mighty mote can haul a 419lb payload. Testers see it as a very real replacement for short car trips.
  • The Globe Haul ST comes with a rear rack, full fenders and a staunch front rack mount. It's made to carry a slew of proprietary racks and rigid panniers.
  • Owners can attach a proprietary passenger seat with a payload of one human, up to 88 lb.
  • It’s versatile: working for short trips loaded up, commuting, work, family jaunts & adventure.
  • This is a Class 3 e-bike that can reach a maximum of 28 mph.
  • The motor activates quickly, but due to the use of a torque sensor, there’s none of that on/off lurch that’s common to many hub-motor bikes.
  • Specialized claims this big 772Wh battery supplies up to 60 mi of range on one charge. A tester did 35 mi, using only ⅔ of the battery.
  • Should you want to have a bath with the Globe battery, rest assured it’s IPX7 rated (meaning it can be submersed for 30mins in 3ft of water).
  • The Globe Haul ST is offered at an affordable price.
    One tester deemed it, “an incredible value.”
  • With triple eyelets on its steel fork, the Haul is ready to strap on cargo for… bikepacking?
  • A highly adjustable stem and extra-long telescopic seatpost ensure the Haul will fit riders from 4’5” to 6’4”!
  • The Haul’s aesthetic is supercute. Every reviewer emphasizes how fun this little rig is, calling it “smile-inducing”.
  • Specialized’s hydraulic disc brakes feature 203 mm rotors and are “extremely powerful”, according to one tester.
  • Rotund 3.5” Carless Whisper tires provide compliance and comfort over a variety of terrain.
  • Reviewers say there’s plenty of range in microSHIFT’s 11-36t 9-speed drivetrain.
  • Specialized offer a lifetime warranty on the Haul’s frame and 2-years on electrics.

6 reasons not to buy

  • There’s no suspension. Tire pressure must be tuned-in to avoid a harsh ride.
  • The Globe Haul is a husky boy. This is 77 lb of raw e-bike, ungarnished.
  • A throttle is not included‽ It’s aftermarket.
  • A tester says the proprietary panniers can rattle on rough roads.
  • Due to the Haul being one-size-fits-all, some compromises are made on geometry for taller riders.
  • A reviewer said they felt the Haul’s seating position sits a little far back than is optimal.

Bottom line

‘ST’ stands for ‘Short Tail’. But don’t get the Globe Haul ST wrong. There’s no height complex here. Just a highly versatile, short-tail cargo bike with integrated options to attach proprietary racks, panniers and a passenger seat. It’s made to haul anything you can think of, up to 419 lb. This includes another human on the back rack. It has micro-fat 3.5” tires on 20” wheels to keep the bike small, agile and with a low center of gravity. To top it off, it’s affordable (yes, this is a Specialized…) It features a telescopic seatpost to accommodate riders from 4’5” to 6’4”. Testers do say that this leads to some geometry compromise at the top end. Additionally, it weighs 77 lb, so I hope your apartment building has an elevator. It’s well-built, supercute, priced right and ultra-versatile. Only time can test the Haul’s durability, but it’s versatility is undeniable; for work, shopping or family duties.

Expert Reviews

92/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews
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E-MTB Review

Specialized Globe Haul ST Cargo Bike – Test and Review

Quality all the way around. It’s fun, it’s smile-inducing! This is a solution that many people have been looking for. Instead of using the car, use this little thing. I can tell they invested a lot of time in man-hours and talent on this thing.

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This review has been given a score. Read more here

Specialized’s Small but Mighty Globe Haul ST Cargo E-Bike

The Specialized Globe Haul ST packs 419 lb of cargo capacity into a surprisingly compact frame. With powerful brakes, dialed geometry, and well-thought-out features, it’s ready to tackle commuting, grocery getting, neighborhood errands, or getting a kid to daycare.

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Specialized Globe Haul ST Review

We highly recommend the Haul ST if you’re looking for a user-friendly cargo bike that can do the heavy lifting of replacing some car trips with a small footprint. The bike offers great ride quality, tremendous range, and versatility; it’s also fun to ride. If you need to haul more than one passenger the Haul will not be the right bike for you.

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Specialized Globe Haul ST

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