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Release Year
Charge Time
4, 5 Hours
Maximum Range
45 Miles
Top Speed
20, 28 mph
750 W
85 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 14Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
72 lb
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Snapcycle R1. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

19 reasons to buy

  • The R1 comes across as an affordable option for a 750W fatbike with accessories.
  • Maximum range on the R1 is 45 miles with pedal-assist or 30 miles via throttle only.
  • The R1 boasts a claimed 1200 watts of peak power.
  • With resin pads and automatic caliper centering, the R1’s Tektro mechanical brakes offer smooth action. The 2022 version has hydraulic brakes.
  • The R1 handles broken pavement and dirt, using an 80mm Mozo shock with preload adjustment and lockout.
  • Owners and experts admire the R1’s elegant, low-key appearance.
  • The R1 is available in both standard and step-thru models.
  • R1 owners can choose between riding with 5 or 9 levels of pedal assist.
  • The R1’s 4” CST tires and 80mm of suspension travel make for a comfortable ride.
  • Reviewers describe the Snapcycle R1 as a ‘solid’ bike.
  • The R1 can carry a total payload of up to 275lb.
  • The Snapcycle R1 is designed to fit riders from 5’3” to 6’4” in height.
  • The R1’s 672 Wh battery charges in 5 hours.
  • One expert says the Snapcycle R1 is a powerful climber.
  • The Snapcycle R1 comes with fenders and a rack included.
  • A thermal protection system prolongs the overall life of the R1’s Samsung battery.
  • The R1 comes with an integrated headlight that’s operable from the bike’s display controls.
  • A non-integrated, battery-operated tail-light is supplied with the R1.
  • The R1’s battery cover and cable port use sturdy rubber covers.

7 reasons not to buy

  • More than one reviewer felt that the R1 is slow to climb hills.
  • A tester says the R1 is slow to accelerate.
  • R1 reviewers cited a noticeable delay in engagement and disengagement of pedal assist.
  • The 2021 R1 is a heavy e-bike but is only fitted with mechanical disc brakes.
  • Two reviewers received their R1 with a bent derailleur guard.
  • The R1’s CST tires are not particularly knobby and lack cornering tread.
  • The Snapcycle R1 is only fitted with a 6-speed cassette.

Bottom line

The Snapcycle R1 is an e-fatbike that can be configured to meet Class 2 or Class 3 standards. The R1 uses a 750W motor that can achieve a reputed peak output of 1200 watts. Reviewers lauded the R1’s design, as well as the rare inclusion of a thermal protection system, that should prolong the bike’s battery life. One reviewer reached a top speed of 29mph while pedaling hard. Real-world range seems to sit between 22 and 30 miles on a relatively flat ride. The R1’s 6-speed cassette is unusual and offers less range than competing models. Other cost-saving component choices include the Mozo fork and mechanical disc brakes. The more expensive 2022 version has hydraulic disc brakes. The bike can handle bumpy dirt roads but not real mountain bike trails. The R1 is a good-looking and well-built bike that compromises on grunt and componentry choices, to keep the price affordable.

Expert Reviews

88/100 based on 1 rated expert review
Electric Revolution

Snapcycle R1 Electric Fat Bike

It’s more than just a good-looking bike. I thought it held up to the competition and is one of the better bikes for this price.

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Snapcycle R1 Review – Fast, Powerful Ebike

It’s a very powerful motor and it performed really well, even when we were putting it through some extreme circumstances… This bike is probably best suited to somebody who does a medium-sized commute and they’ve got some nice bike trails…

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Snapcycle R1 – Live Electric Bike Review

It is a lot of fun. It does handle nicely… Good frame design, good layout overall, could use a little more power but other than that, I’m pleased with the bike.

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The Tech of Tech

Powerful Fat Tire Ebike! (Snapcycle R1 $█.█k)

Very few e-bikes use thermal management of any kind so you should expect more battery service life from the R1 than from most e-bikes in this price category… This ride is glorious. For a hardtail, this is a very nice ride… I think this is a great option in its price category.

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Jeremiah Mcintosh

One Powerful Fat Tire E-Bike! ~ Snapcycle R1 Electric Bike. Highly Detailed Overview and First Ride.

In my opinion this thing is a pretty nice bike. Lots of power, super-fast.

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Snapcycle R1 – Full Ride Test – Electric Bike Review

It handles itself really well even though we’re out here doing some things that it’s not really designed to do.

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Snapcycle S1 and R1 Review

So with the R1 it’s got a 275lb capacity and even though it’s the bigger bike, the S1 has a 300lb payload capacity. The S1 is 66lb and the R1 is about 72lb.

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Snapcycle Review

I just felt it was very comfortable to ride and very stable… What I would like to see would be better brakes, if possible, a little more power, if possible. Maybe a 7 or 8-speed shifter but I also know it’s not going to be [this price] if they do those things.

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