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Lock Type
3.92 lb
Diameter / Thickness
24 mm
6.81 Inches
11.60 Inches
1.70 Inches
Hardened Steel, Pressurized Chemical Deterrent

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the SkunkLock SKUNKLOCK V2. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • The SKUNKLOCK contains a vile, vomit-inducing chemical compressed within its shackle. This will release directly toward a thief who attempts to cut it.
  • Prominent warnings of a noxious chemical and scent act as a strong theft deterrent.
  • Owners describe successfully thwarted attempts at cutting their SKUNKLOCK.
  • The SKUNKLOCK is multiple-use. Replacement shackles are available after being cut by a thief.
  • At 24 mm wide, most bolt cutters can’t fit around the SkunkLock’s shackle.
  • Reviewers and owners say the SKUNKLOCK’s brawn acts as a theft deterrent.
  • Testers say the SKUNKLOCK provides ample room to lock their bike’s frame & tire to stationary objects.
  • The SKUNKLOCK’s shackle is double-bolted for extra security.
  • Testers and owners say the SKUNKLOCK is easy to use & quick to open and close.
  • The SKUNKLOCK comes with 3x keys and a code that allows owners to order replacements.
  • The SKUNKLOCK’s disc cylinder uses false gates to resist drilling and picking attempts.
  • Experts say the SKUNKLOCK is lighter than U-Locks of similar dimensions.
  • Owners say SkunkLock replaces faulty parts swiftly.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Users and testers note the 4 lb weight of this lock. No frame mount is supplied.
  • The 24 mm-diameter shackle has 4 mm hardened steel walls.
  • A few owners said their locks’ end-caps broke.
  • Skunklock only supply the SKUNKLOCK with a 30-day limited warranty.
  • An owner’s lock burst after traveling between areas of radically different air pressure and temperature. Another’s leaked after 5 months of use. SKUNKLOCK issued replacements.

Bottom line

Experts approve the SKUNKLOCK, saying it addresses conventional security concerns while accommodating an innovative extra element. Inside the SKUNKLOCK’s hollow shackle is a compressed noxious gas composed of “food-grade and non-lethal chemicals” found in Parmesan cheese, rancid butter, and apparently, vomit. Owners are happy with the extra weight, as a trade-off for its ‘smell-deterrence’ and beefiness. Some folk do express concern about the legal repercussions of using this lock.

Expert Reviews

83/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews
The Best Bike Lock

SKUNKLOCK: The Bike Lock That Bites Back!

An angle grinder can defeat any bike lock. Any thief that manages to break through the shackle of the SKUNKLOCK will be met with a cloud of noxious, vomit-inducing gas, that’s likely to drive them far away from your bike. My experience with it was very positive.

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Bike Lock Wiki

SKUNKLOCK Review – The Beginning of the End for Bike Thieves?

The SKUNKLOCK feels and looks like a high-end bike lock. Its features also make it one of the most secure locks on the market! The horrific smell will force thieves to leave the area and can also induce vomiting. An excellent choice.

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This Bike Lock Fights Back… But Is It Legal? (SKUNKLOCK)

I really like the idea. The question becomes whether hitting someone in the face with a high-pressure spray of noxious chemicals while they’re operating dangerous power tools is likely to cause harm. Let’s see if we can pick this… [40 seconds later]… We got this open.

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The Henry Ford

Bike Lock That Releases Skunk Smell

It’s like I pressed my face into a diaper. If you’re a bike thief watching this, trust me when I tell you, if I get sprayed with this I am running the other way. That bike is not worth it.

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User Ratings

89/100 based on 79 ratings
  • 5 star
  • 4 star
  • 3 star
  • 2 star
  • 1 star

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SkunkLock SKUNKLOCK V2 in comparison to averages


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