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14 reasons to buy

  • The Fat Ripper shows-off plush handling and executes wheelies with ease.
  • The Fat Ripper turns heads. Owners described its look as dope and said it exuded more sex-appeal than a 2019 Maybach luxury car.
  • Detailing is praised by reviewers. This includes matching saddle and tire colorways. The top-cap reads “Fat Rippin” and rims sport cutouts in the shape of the SE logo. The color-coded stem-protector was appreciated for its old-school appeal.
  • The ride is reported to be smooth and plush, with one expert saying that it’s more comfortable than most fatbikes.
  • More than one owner said that, price-wise, the Fat Ripper is worth every penny.
  • Componentry was seen as high quality. The cranks and bottom-bracket are improved over previous years’ models, proving to be quieter and more durable.
  • Owners said the saddle was comfortable when doing tricks.
  • Avid BB5 brakes were tight, with a front-brake that wasn’t present on 2018 models.
  • The chubby rims are strong and light, with SE-logo cutouts to shed weight.
  • ODI Mushroom Grips were regarded as comfortable.
  • Versatility is a feature of the Fat Ripper. It’s a trick bike that can be easy-going on beach, bar and shop runs.
  • It isn’t a novelty bike. The Fat Ripper handles real BMX abuse; staircases, curbs, wheelies, dirt-jumps, skate-parks and drops.
  • Clearly this is a beefy rig, but one expert pointed out that it is lighter than most cruisers.
  • Owners who recommended the Fat Ripper called it ‘big, dumb fun’.

3 reasons not to buy

  • One expert rider said his left heel contacted the rear brake caliper when using pegs for tricks.
  • The saddle was described as slippery, which isn’t ideal for a bike used for wheelies.
  • At least on the yellow model, paint rubbed off the frame easily.

Bottom line

The Fat Ripper is a ridiculous development in big fun cycling. It is the first of its kind, as a FatBMX. Although it does possess unique appeal, SE Bikes hasn’t used this as a reason to skimp on quality. Componentry is high-quality and there is no restraint on detail and flourishes. Videos show that the Fat Ripper performs as a real trick-bike. However, if you’re just after a unique, low-maintenance cruiser - one expert noted that the plush comfort of this rig would serve you well. It definitely exhibits a higher spec and lower weight than most singlespeed street bikes.

Expert Reviews

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Seths Bike Hacks
Level 3 expert

Behold! The Fat Ripper BMX

Level 3 expert

The fat tires turn bumps into pavement into straight-up ramps… The Fat Ripper is unapologetically flamboyant… It weighs less than most cruisers and is more comfortable than most fatbikes… it is the ultimate smile delivery device.

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Oneway Corey
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Review of my 2018 Fat Ripper

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Fat Ripper Bike Check

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