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9 reasons to buy

  • The Circuit's aluminum frame was appreciably lightweight.
  • A decent proportion of owners found assembly of the Circuit straight-forward.
  • Owners called the Circuit “quite good looking” and noted its ‘nice’ paint job.
  • Many owners considered the Circuit’s build-quality to be solid.
  • Despite being available in cheaper branding, the Circuit was seen as good value.
  • A 5’2” rider felt the women’s Circuit fit, as did a 6’4”, 215lb rider on the men’s.
  • Buyers found their Circuits were packaged well.
  • Shimano Tourney drivetrains shifted well.
  • While no featherweight, the Circuit was light enough to carry up stairs.

10 reasons not to buy

  • A saddle and stem were missing for one buyer.
  • Disc brake pads were metallic and could be very noisy.
  • A 5’6” rider felt standover on the men’s circuit was too high.
  • One new specimen arrived with a bent disc and a kinked cable.
  • Instructions were generic and difficult to follow for some owners.
  • Tubes were thin and only inflated to 50psi. Tires inflated to 80psi.
  • A majority of buyers replaced the Circuit’s uncomfortably firm saddle.
  • Rim tape was reportedly thin and allowed spokes to puncture the tubes.
  • Some owners would have preferred a cassette rear hub, over a freewheel.
  • An unsealed, ungreased bottom bracket was grinding and unusable after a month.

Bottom line

In a certain light, the Circuit seems to be good value. However, as one reviewer noted, you can get a base-model Trek for a similar price. The Trek FX 1 will outshine the Circuit in the medium to long term. While the Circuit uses a Shimano Tourney groupset, the FX uses the higher-level Altus. The FX uses longer-lasting sealed bearings on the bottom bracket and hubs, while the Circuit doesn’t. Most importantly, for a slightly higher price, the Trek will come tuned and assembled by professionals at your local bike shop. If you do go for the Circuit and choose to contend with the ongoing costs, you can buy this exact bike rebranded as the Schwinn Kempo, at a significantly lower price.

Expert Reviews

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Glen D. Austin

2019 Schwinn Circuit Review

Here’s the thing. After spending $299 per bike, we could have purchased a Trek FX-1 for about $450, already assembled and adjusted. …at 30+ mi per week, the Circuit’s bearings will be completely worn out in a year.

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