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We have read all expert and user reviews on the Santa Cruz Megatower. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

26 reasons to buy

  • The Megatower is coil shock compatible. A coil shock gives riders a more playful and poppy ride.
  • The VPP suspension setup provides excellent mid-stroke support to riders.
  • Big hits are handled easily, with the supportive and supple VPP suspension setup.
  • The Megatower has a low center of gravity that gives riders excellent control through corners and turns.
  • The bike has clearance for 2.6” tires.
  • Geometry adjustments in the chainstay and shock allow riders the ability to adjust the Megatower to meet the needs of the terrain they traverse and their riding style.
  • The Megatower is available in numerous build options with two different carbon frames. The CC version of the frame is lighter, stronger and more expensive.
  • The frame and bearings on the bike have a lifetime warranty. Builds with Santa Cruz’s Reserve wheels also get a lifetime warranty on their wheels.
  • The firm setup of the Megatower requires riders to have an active and engaged riding style on the bike.
  • Experts were surprised to find the bike was comfortable for long climbs in the saddle.
  • Testers rarely found a need to use the shock’s lockout on climbs.
  • The Megatower can utilize a fork up to 180mm and a triple crown fork. This allows riders to better utilize the bike as a downhill bike.
  • The bike has a short seat tube, allowing riders to run a longer dropper post.
  • Internal cabling is clean and quiet on the Santa Cruz Megatower.
  • The centered riding position and slack headtube angle allow riders to easily maneuver the bike through chunky terrain.
  • A ribbed chainstay protector dampens the sound from chain slap on the Megatower.
  • The downtube of the bike has a protector, keeping it from becoming damaged by rocks on the trail.
  • Santa Cruz produces this mountain bike in sizes small through XXL, allowing a wide range of riders to experience this bike.
  • The shock fender protects the shock from being damaged on rides.
  • Santa Cruz specs the Megatower with Maxxis Assagai tires with a durable EXO casing. These are ideal for exploring rough and rowdy terrain.
  • Experts found the bike responded well on flat and flowy terrain when they pumped through rollers and actively guided the Megatower.
  • With 29” wheels, riders will find the Santa Cruz Megatower can easily maintain speeds through obstacles.
  • The bike’s lower-link VPP suspension placement allows room for a water bottle.
  • Testers were pleased to find that, even with a longer wheelbase, the Megatower felt nimble and stable on tight and twisting trails.
  • Large 200mm rotors paired with powerful Shimano or SRAM brakes provide excellent stopping power to riders of the Megatower.
  • A steep seat tube angle helps riders maintain traction on steep terrain.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Most experts agree the Megatower is expensive.
  • The bike is not available with an aluminum frame.
  • Experts found the bike required them to ride actively.

Bottom line

The Megatower is a capable enduro bike that comes alive on the descents. The bike has great mid-stroke support for climbing, with its lower link VPP suspension. The steep seat tube angle and Maxxis Assagai tires help riders maintain traction, even on steep technical climbs. This 29er requires riders to ride actively, but when they do they will be pleased to find how lively the bike can be. The Megatower is coil shock compatible. The bike is expensive but comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and bearings.

Expert Reviews

69/100 based on 2 expert reviews

What Does Vital Think? The New Santa Cruz MEGAtower

The new design adds progression and consistency in the suspension feel while maintaining great pedaling performance. It addresses the sometimes slow-feeling, laggy response that characterized older Santa Cruz models when pushing into the travel, plus it makes the bike compatible with both air and coil shocks – something many enduro racers seek.

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Santa Cruz Megatower C R review

I got on well with the geometry (and the fact that there’s five sizes to choose from) and appreciate that there’s some useful adjustment on offer, but the rear suspension lacks some of the sensitivity and bump swallowing capabilities compared to similar bikes in this category.

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Tested: Santa Cruz Megatower

Santa Cruz has entered the playing field with an option right where it needs to be—it’s modern in every aspect, through and through—but it’s rideable without feeling scaled back, and without any question that it won’t limit anyone. Blindly round a fast corner to find the trail decimated with erosive ruts and so long as you can hang on and loosely suck things up, you’ll batter your way through, explosion evaded.

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Bike Test Santa Cruz Megatower

It’s a 29er but you can get happy on it.

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[Tested] Santa Cruz Megatower

The Megatower is a bike bred for steep trails and terrain, racing, or if you only care to own only one bike, but also desire to hit the bike park now and again.

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