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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Sandwichbike WF1. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

8 reasons to buy

  • The ride experience on the Sandwichbike was characterized as being comfortable and forgiving, due to the natural properties of the wooden frame. Owners said it offered a fun, relaxed daily ride.
  • The Sandwichbike is built around a DIY concept. Assembly is easy and quick. The bike comes with all required tools, video instructions and a comprehensive manual.
  • It is a unique bicycle design. Owners called it striking and noted that it drew a lot of attention.
  • Riders reported that the Sandwichbike was manouevrable, responsive and reactive.
  • Schwalbe Big Apple 26” tires were durable, resilient and comfortable.
  • Customizability is a hallmark of this bike. Using specialized printing techniques; custom designs, artwork or branding can be transferred to the plywood frame.
  • The Sandwichbike attempts sustainability in manufacturing processes. Plywood is locally sourced from sustainable Beechwood harvesting, with manufacture on-site. Parts of the bike are recyclable.
  • The framework is constructed from weather-coated plywood and aluminum cylinders. This material contributes to a stiff yet forgiving ride.

2 reasons not to buy

  • At 37 pounds, the Sandwichbike’s weight puts it in the same class as a beach cruiser.
  • Although the Sandwichbike’s distribution system omits the middleman, price is still relatively high, due to small production numbers and a boutique design.

Bottom line

Some have described the Sandwichbike as the most European bicycle they have ever seen. While the design is a major consideration of this bike, it is also intended to innovate in terms of DIY assembly and sustainable construction. None of this comes especially cheap. One expert compared it to a ‘California Cruiser’, in that it is heavy, comfortable and relaxed. It would easily serve buyers who are looking for an alternative to the standard beach bike. It also suits those looking to promote a wood-centered or design-oriented business, via Sandwichbike’s personalization options.

Expert Reviews

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Dinan Troode


I expected a great looking bike but I fell in love with it because of the ride… The Sandwichbike is a unique bicycle that is delivered in a box and customers have to assemble it on their own. I not only like the bike, I like the whole concept…

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Allan Henneberg


The trip where three friends ride the bike all the way from the Netherlands to Denmark. 800 km over 4 1/2 days to check that the bike can hold.

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Le Mobiliste

Un vélo en bois à monter soi-même ! (A wooden bike to build yourself!)

In terms of comfort, the wood actually serves you well, in that it is both rigid and responsive.

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Ada Karabiyik

Ahşap Bisiklet – Sandwich Bike

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