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We have read all expert and user reviews on the Rocky Mountain Altitude. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

12 reasons to buy

  • The Altitude is available in six builds, three carbon (C50, C70, C90) and three aluminum (A30, A50, A70).
  • Rocky Mountain offers the Altitude with 29” or 27.5” wheels.
  • All models can be made mixed-wheel-ready using the Rocky Mountain MX Link (purchased separately).
  • The RIDE-9 chip and two chainstay positions offer 18 different geometry configurations.
  • Reviewers enjoy how, with the appropriate tuning, the Altitude feels and performs like a shorter travel bike.
  • Testers praise the balance of “trail bike responsiveness” and enduro stability, saying it is “excellent” in rough terrain.
  • Testers appreciate the generous integrated frame protection.
  • The “excellent climbing traction” on steep, technical trails impresses experts.
  • A tester relishes how “snappy” the 27.5” Altitude is in corners.
  • Experts love the versatility, saying the bike “works well as an enduro race bike,” but “pro-level skills aren't required to have a good time…”
  • Reviewers enjoy the “incredibly composed” ride that inspires confidence when tackling very steep terrain and “handling bigger hits.”
  • According to experts, the Altitude climbs well for an enduro bike and is “surprisingly lightweight for its capabilities.”

4 reasons not to buy

  • One reviewer finds the grips to be “firm and rough,” noting that the edges may cause discomfort.
  • Some experts complain that the geometry adjustments lean toward the “steeper end of the scale” and would like the option to make it even slacker.
  • Testers consider the carbon Altitude builds expensive, questioning the value “compared to bikes with similar or better parts.”
  • Experts gripe that the seat tube on the medium frame doesn’t offer enough insertion depth and that its dropper only has 150mm of travel.

Bottom line

The Rocky Mountain Altitude is a versatile enduro bike. The RIDE-9 chip, mullet compatibility, 27.5” and 29” wheel choice, and six build options mean there is something to suit the needs of most enduro riders. Experts praise the bike’s ability to handle the toughest downhill sections while being a relatively efficient and nimble climber. Complaints from testers and owners are minor. Overall, the Altitude’s strength is its adjustability and that it performs well as an enduro bike yet, when tuned correctly, can mimic a playful trail bike. However, this versatility comes with a hefty price tag, and some reviewers feel the components of the carbon builds could be better given its price.
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Expert Reviews

83/100 based on 5 rated expert reviews

2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 90 Rally Edition

On singletrack and technical trails, the climbing traction was excellent. When standing and sprinting on the trail, the Altitude responds with excitement, as if morphed into a shorter travel bike.

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Field Test: Rocky Mountain Altitude

The Altitude will clearly work well as an enduro race bike, but there’s more to it than that. It’s a bike that can go up and down without demanding too much from its rider–pro-level skills aren’t required to have a good time on this machine.

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Review: 2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude C70

The 2021 Altitude C70 is an incredibly composed machine that climbs efficiently for a 160mm bike and dances and sends over terrain you’d regularly choose to walk.

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Rocky Mountain Altitude Test [German]

In high-speed segments you can leave the brake open, but the tolerance range for errors feels noticeably narrower compared to other enduro race bikes.

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Rocky Mountain Altitude 90 Rally Edition 29”: A Machine for Going Downhill at Full Speed [French]

We never had the impression of being in danger or even the feeling of being at the limit, but when we analyzed the data from our rides, we can only appreciate the performance of this machine on the descending sections.

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Jeff Kendall-Weed

Rocky Mountain Altitude: A Review I Didn’t Want to Publish

I simply didn’t want to stop riding the Altitude… I’m so addicted to the long wheelbase, balanced carbon layup, and sprightly suspension that I’m looking for any excuse…

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Freehub Magazine

2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 70

With its thoughtful spec and bottomless suspension, it’s hard to imagine there’s a trail out there that’s too rowdy for this bike.

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MTB McPhee

My New Enduro Bike is Almost Perfect | Rocky Mountain Altitude Bike Check

It’s a good race bike and allowed me to consolidate two bikes and I like pedaling around all day, plus it’s still pretty good in the big hits and the harder terrain that I ride.

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Gnarly Bear MTB

How Does the Rocky Mountain Altitude Ride? Review & Opinion

Regardless, this thing felt like a proper race bike. It was extremely stable over chunks and drops, felt good on jumps, and cornered like a beast.

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MTB yumyum

2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 50 Test Ride & Video Review

… the benefits of that wheel size [27.5”] is this bike feels so zippy and so snappy, it doesn’t feel like a 160mmtravel bike….

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Trail Reviews

Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 90 Rally Edition Review

If you want to spend hours dialing your bike in to plow through chunky terrain better, it’s a good choice. While it’s not the most playful and requires sufficient rider input the bike does have stability and weight on its side.

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2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude

Rocky has gone a bit wild with bike customization. The Altitude uses its RIDE-9 system that offers nine unique geometry settings, allowing you to tune this bike to fit almost any riding style.

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2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude

… the Altitude does an unusually good job of blending most of that top-end capability with a whole lot more versatility, and that should make it a really good option for a whole lot of people.

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ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

Rocky Mountain Altitude C90 Rally Edition 2021 – In Our Big Enduro Bike Comparison Test 2022

On the trail, it impressed with excellent all-round qualities and super intuitive handling in all situations.

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Expert Review: Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 50 Mountain Bike

The front wheel stays glued to the ground on steep climbs while it feels like you are on a playful rocketship on the way back down.

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Long-Term Review: Rocky Mountain’s 2021 Altitude Carbon 70 29 Is a Long-Travel Quiver Killer

I can assure you the RIDE-9 chip’s tuning range should allow the Altitude to get comfortable on any trail network that justifies a long travel bike…

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