Alchemy Arktos

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Release Year
Wheel Size
Numbers of gears
30.4, 29 lbs
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on Alchemy Arktos. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

12 reasons to buy

  • The Arktos is a ‘Trail’ bike, and as such it has been commended for its ability to be used as an ‘all-round’ mountain-bike, performing well on downhill, cross-country and on ‘bigger-air’ trails.
  • The biggest surprise for amateurs and experts, comes in this bike’s performance as a climber. It’s efficiency uphills is lauded.
  • Componentry has not been faulted for the Arktos. Even at the lowest spec, the Shimano DX setup was trouble-free.
  • ‘Snappy’ is a term that came up again and again, when riders described the sharp responsiveness felt on technical descents and through turns.
  • Four sizes, Small to Extra Large, provide a suitable fit for all riders of all sizes from all genders.
  • The customized SINE rear suspension was almost always characterized as being easy to use and rarely required adjustment.
  • Shifting and braking were described as flawless and did not require adjustment.
  • The dropper seat-post was appreciated for its smooth action.
  • It has been described as ‘beautiful’ and received compliments for being stripped-back and uncluttered. The ability to order from 18 logo colors and 15 frame colors was seen as a boon.
  • Minion brand tires come as standard, and delivered a grippy ride.
  • Internal cable-routing kept the frame neat and riders happy.
  • It wouldn’t be a surprise to know that the full-carbon frame was loved for being lightweight.

6 reasons not to buy

  • The biggest concern for experts was that the Arktos had a relatively short reach, which found customers opting for a size up from their norm.
  • There are no chainguard tabs at all, limiting front-derailleur options.
  • Most riders experienced sufficient chain-slap, but the Arktos doesn’t feature a chainstay protector.
  • Clearances were so small in some areas, that a couple of experts were concerned that grit or mud could become trapped in poor conditions.
  • Riders over 85kg may find the shock setup less forgiving.
  • The Arktos ain’t cheap. As a performance machine, it was generally agreed by reviewers that you do get value for what you pay for. But it wont be within every mountain-biker’s reach.

Bottom line

If compromise is not your thing, then the Alchemy Arktos is probably right up your alley. In it’s lowest-cost configuration, it’s priced at half of some other expert mountain-bikes. That said, it is not aimed at a budget. Componentry was rarely faulted by any reviewer and user videos serve as testimonials to the high-speed euphoria delivered by this bike. If you are after something with a longer, more-modern geometry you may want to look elsewhere. But if you are after a beautifully-presented, precision-engineered machine – you will most-likely be delighted by the Arktos.

Expert Reviews

93/100 based on 1 expert reviews
Dirt Merchant Bikes

INTERBIKE 2016: Alchemy Arktos Review (160mm rear travel)

Level 1 expert

I had an absolutely fantastic time riding the Arktos both uphill and downhill and that fun to ride feeling is ultimately what a great bike is all about.

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Bike Magazine

Alchemy Arktos ST Review – 2019 Bible of Bike Tests

Level 4 expert

Same frame, less travel – a lazy way to add another SKU, right? Wrong. Everything good gets better with Alchemy’s down-traveled Arktos 29 ST.

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Bike Magazine

First Ride: Alchemy Arktos

Level 4 expert

Review: Alchemy Arktos

Level 4 expert

The Alchemy Arktos promises to be a high-end long travel trail bike that can track over and gobble up any imperfection it comes across. And it does all of that with aplomb.

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Mountain Bike Action

Alchemy Arktos: Colorado Chemistry Hits The Mountain

Level 1 expert

Alchemy brings its handmade carbon expertise to the aggressive suspension world with the help of one of the most well-known suspension wizards in the mountain bike community. The result is an aggressive enduro bike that handles exceptionally well…

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