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Release Year
Charge Time
8 Hours
Maximum Range
45, 60 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
750 W
95 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48 V 20 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
84.5 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Ride1UP Rift. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • The Rift’s package includes integrated lighting, fenders and a kickstand.
  • Testers say the Rift climbs steep hills easily.
  • Reviewers describe the Rift’s frame and “overall construction” as solid.
  • Testers say the Rift is comfortable to ride.
  • Reviewers believe the Rift is a great value at a “modest” price.
  • The Rift is available with an easy-access, step-through frame.
  • Powerful 4-piston hydraulic brakes impress testers, especially at this price.
  • The Rift’s integrated rear rack carries up to 150 lb or a passenger up to 130 lb, with an aftermarket kit.
  • An unbranded suspension fork offers 120 mm of travel for rough road comfort.
  • Reviewers say required assembly is minimal and easy.
  • One reviewer says the Rift’s display is clear, well-organized and easy to read.
  • The Rift ST fits riders 5’1” to 6’2”, while the XR fits riders 5’6” to 6’4”
  • The power and number of the Rift’s assist levels can be customized.
  • A reviewer is pleased to see that Ride1Up spec the rift with a cassette.
  • The Rift meets UL safety certification standards for its electrical components.

10 reasons not to buy

  • Testers confirm the 84.5 lb Rift is too heavy to carry or to ride unpowered.
  • With no torque sensor, Rift testers report a noticeable delay in pedal assist engagement and cut-off.
  • Testers suggest replacing the Rift's lights for brighter options when night-riding.
  • Reviewers say the Rift’s 2.2” display is small and “...a bit difficult to read...”
  • One reviewer cites cargo limits placed by the lack of front-end mounts.
  • Testers emphasize: the Rift can only carry passengers weighing 130 lb or less.
  • The Rift’s handlebar height is not adjustable. XR and ST models are only available in one size each.
  • A reviewer describes the KNUS saddle as “basic” and ripe for replacement.
  • One buyer received no pedals or charger and a damaged bolt.
  • One reviewer says the available color options are “not particularly thrilling”.

Bottom line

The Ride1Up Rift is a fat bike equipped with road-ready accessories including; front and rear fenders, an integrated rack, and front and rear lighting. By reports, the Rift is comfortable and powerful enough to climb steep hills easily. With an additional kit, Rift riders can carry a passenger up to 130 lb. Some reviewers say the integrated lights are dim and should be replaced. At 84.5 lb, it is very heavy and wouldn’t suit apartment dwellers with a staircase. The Rift is seen as affordable and comparable to similar bikes in this price range.

Expert Reviews

95/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews

Ride1Up Rift Review:
New Fat Tire Adventure Electric Bike From a Leading Budget Brand

A highly capable e-bike ready for both on-road and off-road adventures. Is it perfect? Of course not. Admittedly, many of the Ride1Up Rift XR’s features match those of other e-bikes in its class.

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Ebike Escape

Ride1Up Rift Review:
Conquer Any Terrain With This Beastly and Fast Fat Tire E-Bike

The Rift has been able to set itself apart. It has higher-level specs than we would have expected for the price point. Main differentiators are the ability to travel at 28 mph with ease, the 4-piston brakes and the sturdy rear rack. We suggest upgrading the lighting if you plan to do much after-dark riding.

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Popular Science

The Best Electric Bikes of 2023 | Best Overall: Ride1Up Rift

A stupendously smooth ride… It strikes the right balance between easy assembly, ease of use, comfort, and overall design. It’s a heavy electric bicycle. The motor will kick on after a few seconds. We were able to get up steep hills with ease.

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E-Biking Today

Ride1Up Rift Electric Fat Bike Review (The Ultimate Adventure)

The Ride1Up Rift is just as comfortable riding on the road as off-road. At this price, it’s comparable to other full-size fat tire electric bikes. Riding up steep hills is quick and easy. It’s quite a heavy electric bike… The display can be a bit difficult to read. I love the step-thru for the ease of getting on and off.

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eBikepedia | Freshly Charged

New Ride1Up Rift Electric Bicycle Review – Fat Tire E-Bike
With Plus One Capability

If you’re looking for fat-tire e-bike that has the versatility to add a passenger, this is your best option… The Rift is a well-designed bike but it isn’t perfect. There is an odd delay…that I have not felt before in another e-bike. You should expect to the motor to keep pushing you forward 5-10 feet after you stop pedaling.

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Soldier Knows Best

Ride1Up Rift Review – All-Terrain & City Ready

This is a big boy right here. It’s not a super-super-heavy e-bike. That 95 Nm of
torque is really, really good and useful. The hydraulic disc brakes did a really good job. I have to say the biggest competition for this bike is probably going to be coming from Ride1Up themselves and this is their REVV 1 electric bike.

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Electrified Reviews

2023 Ride1Up Rift

In summary, the Ride1Up Rift is a versatile, powerful, and stylish e-bike that offers an exceptional riding experience for urban and off-road adventurers alike. With its powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and top-notch components, the Rift is a great value.

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Ride1Up Goes Big With New Cargo-Capable ‘Rift’ Fat Tire E-bike

This is a lot of bike for the money… Ride1Up is not going for a slim and light approach…at a stout 85 pounds, it is a good fit for bigger (6’1”) riders… I’d like to see Ride1Up bump up the power of the front headlight, as it was barely adequate in my dark streets test. Brakes are a bright point.

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Gear Test: Ride1Up Rift Fat Tire All-Terrain E-Bike
– First Ride Impressions

This is an e-bike for adventure enthusiasts who want to tear down forest trails or race across stretches of desert during their weekend excursions. It is a hefty e-bike. Its heft is a side effect of its sturdy construction and off-pavement abilities.

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