Ride1UP Core-5

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Release Year
Charge Time
3, 6 Hours
Maximum Range
45 Miles
Top Speed
28 mph
750 W
60 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48 V 12.8 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
49, 51.9 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Ride1UP Core-5. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

16 reasons to buy

  • At this affordable price, the Ride1Up Core-5 strikes reviewers as a good value.
  • The Core-5 is a Class 3 e-bike offering pedal-assist to a maximum speed of 28 mph.
  • The Core-5’s throttle can boost riders up to 20 mph.
  • In range tests, the Core-5 bested similarly-priced e-bikes.
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes are capable and easy to maintain, on the Core-5.
  • The Core-5 is available in 'Slate Blue' and 'Midnight Gray' colorways.
  • Testers are impressed by the power output and acceleration exhibited by the Core-5's Shengyi geared hub motor, which produces an ample 60 Nm of torque.
  • The Core-5 places riders in a favorably upright position, resulting in relaxed handling.
  • The bike's battery is sleekly integrated and easily removable.
  • At 2.2” wide, experts report that Kenda Kwick tires are comfy, smooth and swift.
  • Testers find the Core-5’s display to be easy-to-read, easy-to-use and comprehensive.
  • Ride1Up says the XR frame fits riders 5'6" to 6'4", while the ST frame suits heights of 5'0" to 6'1".
  • The step-through Core-5 ST is easily accessible, for older and/or less-flexible riders.
  • The Core-5 can carry a total payload of up to 300 lb.
  • Reviewers are comfortable astride the Core-5's Selle Royale Freeway saddle.
  • There are mounts for a water bottle cage and rack on the Core-5.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers are underwhelmed by the Core-5’s ability to get going from a dead stop on a hill.
  • For Core-5 owners, assembly may be more involved than on similar e-bikes, requiring attachment of the crank and headset.
  • Reviewers griped over the Core-5’s lack of a rear light, fenders, or rack.
  • Testers note the Core-5’s motor can be noisy when put under pressure.
  • One 5’11” tester doesn’t recommend the Core-5 XR for riders taller than 6’0”.

Bottom line

The Core-5 from Ride1Up is a stealthy e-bike for riders aimed at commuting, recreation, and weekend rail-trail jaunts. Its integrated battery is easily removable (for security and charging) but also makes for a sleek appearance. Experts agree that the bike is affordable and attractive. The Core-5's sturdy aluminum frame allows it to carry a total payload of up to 300 lb. Owners are pleased that the bike has both pedal assist (to 28 mph) and a throttle (up to 20 mph). Some testers feel the Core-5 struggles from a dead stop on steep inclines. The Core-5 now has an upgraded 12.8Ah battery. It’s difficult to ascertain whether the Shengyi motor is a nominal 500W or 750W.

Expert Reviews

83/100 based on 7 rated expert reviews

Ride1Up Core-5 Electric Bicycle Review

The Ride1Up Core-5 is an amazing bike. It looks like a bike, it’s not overly heavy, it’s smooth and comfortable to ride, and it’s cheap. In short, it’s a good buy.

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Electric Bike Report

Ride1Up Core-5 Review, 2022

Everything from the sharp angles on the top tube, to the low-profile battery integration, screams sophistication. Being 49 lb, fully rigid, and having fast-rolling tires, all add up to one speedy experience that we couldn’t get enough of.

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Modern Castle

Ride1Up Core-5 Review

The bike is comfortable, the controls are easy to understand, and it handles well as you ride.

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Ride1Up Core-5 Review

The Ride1Up Core-5 impressed our testers and easily bested the competition in our test of affordable e-bikes. Our only gripe is that it is light on included features, but regardless, we think it’s the best we’ve tested in this price range.

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Ride1Up Core-5 Review: A Subtle and Stylish Electric Bike

The available power and throttle are ideal when mixing with cars. The Core-5 would be perfect for handling a commute or a shopping trip. It’s a smooth, comfortable, ride.

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Ride1Up Core-5 Review

The Ride1Up Core-5 is a thick bike. It handles bumpy roads well. It has a decent gear range to get up from a standstill easily. The Core-5 is a direct-to-consumer product, and it entails a good deal of assembly.

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Tom's Guide

Ride1Up Core-5 E-Bike Review

The Core-5 from Ride1Up is solid proof that an e-bike doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy to be good. Unlike many other e-bikes even in this entry-level price range, the Core-5 does not include any integrated front or rear lights.

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Ebike Escape

Ride1Up Core-5 Review – Simple, Fast and Affordable

There is a lot to like about the Core-5 and I came away impressed. Ride1Up did not skimp on the motor. This is on the lighter side of electric bikes.

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Electric Bike Journal

The Ride1Up Core-5 Electric Bike Review. Great Entry-Level Affordable

There’s more of a build process with this bike. The fork and the handlebars need to be installed, and for the less mechanically skilled that might be a little above their pay grade.

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Electrified Reviews

Ride1Up Core-5 Review: Value Buy E-Bike That Has It All

A huge value, and you are getting a lot of bike for that price.

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Ride1Up Core-5 ST Electric Bike Unboxing & Full Review

Our first impressions are that the Ride1Up Core-5 is a fine, affordable e-bike that works well, has good components and performs as good as, or maybe even better than some bigger brands. It looks simple and clean.

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We Tried It

Ride1Up Core-5 Review – The Best E-Bike for the Money

It’s beautiful, has great build quality and components and is just a flat out fun bike to ride. The only downsides are that it’s not for serious mountain bikers and that it doesn’t come with standard features like fenders.

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Soldier Knows Best

A Really Good Budget E-Bike | Ride1Up Core-5 Review

The 750-watt motor has enough power to get you up most hills without you having to like, stand up and pedal, and stuff.

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Ride1Up Core-5 Electric Bike Review – The Pros and Cons

This is a fun bike to ride; it’s comfortable, it’s exciting, and I’ve really been enjoying it. There really is no problem climbing hills on this bike. The welds aren’t the prettiest. I find this bike to be very comfortable.

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7 Things I Hate About the Ride1Up Core-5 Electric Bike:

1. It’s pretty heavy
2. These grips tend to rotate
3. It’s noisy
4. The paint scratches easily
5. The seat post
6. The range: 22 miles on PAS 3
7. The Core-5 does not recharge quickly

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Ride1Up Core-5 E-Bike Review: Quality & Speed on a Budget!

Going out on the Core-5 and actually riding it has been a lot of fun, thanks to the zippy acceleration and light weight. It has felt solid, stable, and reliable, even at high speeds. The beauty of this bike is in its simplicity.

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Ride1Up Core-5 Stealth E-Bike Review and Specs

Probably the most important thing is the Shengyi 500-watt motor. I think it’s an 800-watt peak.

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Ride1Up Core-5 Review: Electric Bike Gets You This

Just to show the kind of value that you’re getting… If you compare this to the Pace 500 from Aventon, you’re literally getting a lot of the same things in terms of range, speed, and some of the feature sets for $___ less.

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Golden Motor

Ride1Up Core-5 Review – The Best Entry Level Electric Bike?

I don’t like the fact that it’s limited to Class 3. I’d like to go fast, so this is not the bike for me but for someone that’s looking for an entry-level bike to commute and that’s road-legal, this is an excellent bike for them.

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Ride1Up Core-5 – Inexpensive, But Very Nice

It does not come with fenders, does not come with a rear rack, there’s no bell on the handlebars, there’s no front suspension, there’s no headlight, no tail-light. It has everything you need, nothing you don’t.

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Adventure Daily

Is This Really the Best Value E-Bike? Or Another Chinese Clone…

This thing is nimble. Thankfully these disc brakes do a decent job. I’ve got sent a lot of stuff from China before but this has to be the better-looking of the bunch. This thing is pretty sweet.

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Brian Unboxed

Ride1Up Core-5 E-Bike: Watch This Before Buying! (Full Review)

The bike feels solid and tight. It doesn’t come with a lot of accessories. The ride was comfortable, the seat is a little bit on the firm side. It handled well on the roads. Power was not an issue.

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I Got a New Commuter Bike! – 2022 Ride1Up Core-5 Electric Bike

The fact that this bike comes with an internal headset at this price point is actually pretty shocking because a lot of bikes I’ve reviewed on my channel have external headsets which means those bearings are exposed to the elements.

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Bicycle Guider

Ride1Up Core-5 Review (Class 3 / 750w / 10.4Ah)

I’ve ridden a number of other electric bicycles that have 750-watt motors and the Core-5 definitely has substantial power compared to those.

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Ride1Up Core-5 Review✨Most Affordable E-Bike for Money

I’m still in love with the color of this bike. It just stands out so much. It’s one of my favorite colors. I’m so glad they let me pick out the color of the bike.

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Tinkering Turtle

Ride1Up Core-5 – Ride and Review

The seat comes up plenty high for a 6’3” person but I think if you were going to ride it a lot you’d want to extend the riser up a little higher to get the handle bars in a more comfortable riding position.

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Wolftick Videos

Ride1Up Core-5 Realtime Review

Yes, we have the throttle on the left side which isn’t a huge deal. It kind of feels natural. We have the ergonomic grips: they look ugly but they feel damn good. Everything negative turns itself right into a positive.

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Ride1Up Core-5 E-Bike: Full Review

One of the nice things about buying a Ride1Up e-bike is that it comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. They also give you a 30-day trial so you can basically buy this bike and ride it for 30 days and return it.

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Electric Bike E-Bike. Ride1Up Core-5 Best Budget Cheap Electric Commuter Bike Review 28MPH

Although this bike doesn’t have any suspension, it is not uncomfortable by any means. I don’t know if that’s because of the size of the tires maybe, because the tires are really big or something?

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Now Let's Review

Ride1Up Core-5 Review – Huge Bang for Your Buck!

The battery! Oh, it’s so nice and it’s painted. I think it’s all-metal too. Oh my god, it is! You could really, “Back off punk!”, yeah seriously. Someone tries to steal your bike, you just beat him down with the battery. I love that.

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The Frickin' Shredder

How Good Could an $____ E-Bike Be?

You know, you’re getting what you pay for, you know? I mean, I liken it to like a Rad Mission which is upwards of these, only like $1100-$1200 but, you know, it’s got more power than the Rad Mission.

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Ride1Up Core-5 Review $___ E-Bike That Can Pop Wheelies

This was supposed to be a bike review but I just got carried away, doing wheelies.

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Boardwalk Bullies

Ride1Up Core-5 Class 3 Commuter Style Electric Bicycle – Full Review

You really can’t ask for anything better for this price range. There aren’t many, if any entry-level Class 3 electric bikes, especially with this kind of equipment. The bike is sturdy. It’s pretty nice, pretty light.

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Chris Crossed

Ride1Up Core-5 – The Perfect Road E-Bike?

Just an effortlessly smooth ride on this thing, perfect for paved trails like this. Very lightweight, very agile.

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Ride1Up E-Bike 50 Mile Review

This thing stops on a dime and it rides like a normal mountain bike.

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E-Bike for Only $___! – Ride1Up Core-5 (Best Budget Electric Commuter Bike?)

The 48-volt battery is made up of LG cells, which is pretty good considering it’s an inexpensive and affordable, entry-level e-bike.

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The Mobile Traveler

Ride1Up E-Bike the Core-5. This Is a Great Commuter Bike. Review

It’s inexpensive, yet it rides like the Cadillac of all bikes, even though there’s no cushions, there’s no shocks. You saw the bumps I took. It handles great on the road, it handles great in the dirt, on the rocks.

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Big Rock Outdoors

The Ride1Up Core-5 Is a Fun, Well-Made and Affordable E-Bike

This is actually my wife’s bicycle and I was sure to order the step-through model which doesn’t have that top frame bar. You don’t have that frame getting in your way and getting on and off the bike is a lot more friendly.

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Steve Close

Ride1Up Core-5, 1000 Mile Update

I changed out the front brake pads at 900 miles. If I’m taking this out for a ride, I just pray I don’t hurt anybody, I don’t hurt myself. How can it hurt to have the gods on your side?

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Beyond The Tent

The Best Beginner E-Bike: Ride1Up Core-5 Review

It’s a hybrid, right? It’s good for your everyday biking and for cruising around the state parks on the trails with your family, but nothing too crazy with these tires. It’s a perfect family e-bike.

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Fresh and Felicia

Ride1Up Core-5: Affordable Power Features

Yo, I’m not gonna lie. It’s like, 49 lb. I’m like, “There’s no way this thing could hit 28 mph with 5 levels of pedal assist!” Does it do 28 mph? Look for yourself. I’m gonna say, “No. This thing actually does 29 mph!”

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Raj Ghimire

Ride1Up Core-5 – E-Bike City Ride

With what I’ve done, I can already hit 27 mph, throttle only.

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Whiskey Manual

Ride1Up Core-5 Review. Real-Life Review After Bar

If you advertise as 30 to 50 miles, why is it going at 20? That’s their specs. You know, it’s not made in China, right? Why is the quality so bad? This LCD is not even backlighted, OK. That’s how cheap it is.

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The Ride1Up Core-5 Commuter E-Bike Is An Insane Value

Overall, the Ride1Up Core-5 offers an impressive set of features at a ridiculously low price point. The name-brand components aren’t premium, but they will serve the needs of students and weekend warriors.

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Ride1Up E-Bikes Continue to Impress

Since the price of gas has spiked up, I’ve been relying more on the Core-5 the past week – just to get around my area and run errands. It’s gotten me from point to point without any hassles or issues.

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One Cut Reviews

90 Days With the Ride1Up Core-5 XR

So, after 90 days, what is our conclusion? The Ride1Up Core-5 XR is one of the most comfortable and easily recommendable e-bikes for someone looking for an alternative way to get around.

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Dragon Fruit Lover

🚲 Ride1Up Core-5 Review Series – Speed Test One [Chinese]

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