Rad Power RadMission

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Release Year
Charge Time
5 Hours
Maximum Range
45 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
500 W
50 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 10.5Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
47.5, 48.0 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Rad Power RadMission. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

17 reasons to buy

  • The RadMission can achieve a maximum range of 45 miles on a full charge.
  • The RadMission achieves a street-legal, Class-2 top-speed of 20mph.
  • As a single-speed e-bike, maintenance is simplified on the RadMission.
  • The RadMission is available with a ‘mid-step’ frame for riders from 5’2” to 6’2” and a ‘high-step’ frame for riders from 5’10” to 6’4”.
  • At 48lb, the RadMission can be carried to your apartment, office or car.
  • The RadMission’s 1.95” Kenda Kontact tires are wide and grippy enough for riding in all seasons on rough roads.
  • Using the throttle, the RadMission accelerates swiftly from a standstill.
  • The RadMission’s gearing (50t chainring / 16t cog) allows riders to pedal at speed on flat roads.
  • Mid-step and High-step RadMission options are each available in three color combinations.
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes do a sound job of bringing the RadMission to a stop.
  • A steel fork adds comfort and strength to the RadMission’s front-end.
  • The RadMission features an integrated rear light with braking functionality.
  • There are four strong mount-points for a rack or basket, on the RadMission’s head-tube.
  • The RadMission’s battery is lockable and removable, for off-bike charging and security.
  • A 40-lux headlight is included with the RadMission.
  • The RadMission comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Rad Power offers RadMission buyers a home-delivery and pre-assembly service (at extra cost).

7 reasons not to buy

  • When fully loaded with cargo, the RadMission exhibited some frame-flex.
  • Some reviewers would have liked to see fenders included with their new RadMission.
  • The RadMission’s stock saddle wasn’t the most comfortable for some riders.
  • Some reviewers noted a lag between pedaling and the motor kicking in, on the RadMission.
  • The RadMission’s single gear does limit acceleration, climbing abilities and downhill speeds.
  • Some reviewers were shocked to see that the RadMission doesn’t include a kickstand.
  • A reviewer notes that throttle activation requires RadMission riders to move their hand from a secure position on the handlebars.

Bottom line

The Rad Power RadMission is a stripped-back single-speed electric bike intended for city-dwellers, commuters and casual riders. The RadMission’s componentry is mid-range and reliable. To keep the bike’s price as low as possible, Rad Power does not include fenders, racks or a kickstand. The display is simple and uses LED lights to indicate level of assist. The bike does come with a strong headlight and integrated rear/brake light. Under usual commuting or daily ride conditions, reviewers did not exhaust the RadMission’s range capabilities. The RadMission is a low-cost, no-frills, beginner e-bike available in two frame types for riders of varying heights, flexibilities and abilities.

Expert Reviews

80/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews

Rad Power RadMission 1 Review

The RadMission 1 is a bike for all seasons and any situation, with commuting being the obvious use but it’s great for shopping or days out… This is stripped-down electric biking. We ordered the optional mudguards and kickstand, but accessories that also include racks come at extra cost.

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Review of the Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 E-Bike

The acceleration, assist and ride comfort performed above my expectations for an e-bike at this price level… the RadMission offers a winning combination of performance, features, comfort and weight that will appeal to anyone looking for an affordable, reliable e-bike for commuting, fitness or just running errands around town.

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RadMission E-Bike Review: Rad Power Bikes’ Best (And Most Affordable) Electric Bike Yet?

While it makes a few modest compromises to hit its impressive price point, it scores big wins in most categories, making this an incredibly high bang-for-your-buck e-bike…that is optimized for urban riding… And I dig it. It’s an awesome all-around city e-bike at a great price.

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Electric Bike Review

Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 Review

The lightest, most affordable electric bike from Rad Power Bikes… Surprisingly powerful geared hub motor offers 50Nm of torque. Single-speed drivetrain is quiet, durable, and simple to use… At 47.8lbs, it’s heavier than other single-speed e-bikes I’ve reviewed, but also offers a higher weight rating of 275lbs and has a stronger front basket mount. Geared high with 50 tooth chainring and 16 tooth rear cog, designed for slow steady pedaling…

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Electric Bike Report

Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 Review – 2021

Despite the single-speed gearing, we found ourselves holding speed up hills much better on the RadMission 1 than other budget commuter ebikes we’ve tested. All our team members averaged from 16 -18 miles per hour on the RadMission, which is proof this bike is quick!

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Electric Revolution

Rad Power Bikes RadMission Review and Test

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the RadMission… The speed test, I hit 21mph for just a split second… I’ve done 22 straight miles on this and only stood up maybe three or four times… That’s it for the range test with pedal-assist level 4 and I got over 22 miles… The brakes are pretty fantastic. I stopped less than twenty feet…

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The Tech of Tech

RadMission 1 Budget Metro Bike! (Complete Review)

One of the ironies with the RadMission 1 is while it only took me 18 minutes to assemble the bike, it took me about 90 minutes to put on the fenders and the rear rack… The benefit with the RadMission is that you can skip the fenders, you can skip the rack, you can skip the kickstand and save a few hundred dollars.

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The Frickin' Shredder

RadMission Electric Bike Low Price: Review and Ride (Street, Dirt, Grass)

I’m a fan for the price. I think it’s pretty cool-lookin. You get a bigger battery…

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Radpower RadMission Review. True Affordable Electric Bike for Commuting

To keep the price low, Rad has made some Radical decisions… the bike lacks some parts like fenders which is not uncommon but the bike lacks a kickstand, which is very uncommon… it is a good motor but nothing mind-blowing or impressive… the actual torque on this bike seems to be closer to 25Nm… I prefer to have a moderately-powered e-bike which is safe compared to a powerful e-bike that isn’t safe.

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Bicycle Guider

RadMission 1 by Rad Power Bikes (Review)

I can tell you that it takes corners really well, in the dirt… so 19.7mph, that’s about the best I can get…

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Daily Cycleworks

Rad Power Bikes Rad Mission 1

I don’t think there’s much competing with it for this price-point… Bang-up success, Rad Power bikes.

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Romans Travels

Rad Mission One Review & First Impressions

It’s probably the best bang-for-buck e-bike that you can buy in 2020 or 2021, right now… but in the category of comfort I would probably give it a 1 out of 10… a dropper seatpost is needed… I’m really impressed with the braking…

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The RadMission Is an Affordable & Fun Entry-Level Ebike

It’s a throwback to simpler times. To beach cruisers and 5 cent candy. Not more clicking gears. Just pedal and go… After spending some time on the RadMission, it is a clear leader for smaller riders and riders living in areas without significant elevation changes.

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Meet Rad Power’s Sleek, Affordable New E-Bike: The RadMission

The new RadMission 1 plays things lower key, although its slim profile and “normcore” vibe mask a secret: This lighter, tighter two-wheeler is a warhorse, too… It’s understated. It knows itself… the Mission is the chill bass player. It gets the job done beautifully without being up in your business about it.

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Cycle Volta

Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 Review

An affordable, simple, and stylish singlespeed with youthful appeal… I thoroughly enjoyed riding the RadMission 1, with only a few relatively minor complaints. I would prefer a thumb-activated throttle that would allow a rider to maintain their hand position on the grips… The hub accelerates quickly from a dead stop.

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Business Insider

Review: The RadMission 1 Convinced Me That Electric Bikes Are the Best Way to Get Around a City

Overall, the RadMission’s riding experience is solid… The RadMission gets the job done with no complaints… It’s overall a great buy, even if it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of pricier bikes… It wasn’t much more challenging to manoeuvre around my apartment than a normal bike…

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The RadMission 1 Is a [Low-Priced] E-Bike That Delivers the Basics

It’s not the most exciting e-bike but Rad Power Bikes has nailed most of the fundamentals. The aluminum frame is built to last and the rear-hub motor performs admirably… The RadMission 1 is covered in unattractive cables… it’s a messy and unrefined look… Stylish? Not really. But it’s comfortable and dependable, like an old chore coat. And when you’re on a budget, that’s far more important.

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Chicago Tribune

Rad Bikes Review: Is This Electric Bike Worth It?

When testing the RadMission 1, we found the bike could go much faster than a regular bike. It could also travel at normal speeds with less effort. While it wasn’t quite as powerful or adaptable as other electric bikes — it’s pretty much a no-frills model — we were impressed with how well it tackled the hills in San Francisco… It’s affordable, durable, makes a great commuting option and requires less maintenance than models with multiple gears.

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RadMission 1 Electric Bike Review

I have been riding the bike three or four times per week for over a year and have not had a single functional issue yet… The bike fits perfectly in my small apartment hallway and it doesn’t get in the way… The RadMission 1 is so much fun to ride and it is a great way to convince yourself to go outside and exercise. Yes.

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Rob Schmitt

Rad Power Bikes RadMission E-Bike Test Ride Review [German]

Small hills are no issue, even with a single gear… The gear ratio is very, very low so acceleration is bad. I will change the gear ratio… After about 650ft climbing uphill and 18 miles riding I used about 40 to 50% battery… Google Maps said it would take 53 minutes. I was here in 34.

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Review: Rad Power Bikes RadMission Electric Metro Bike [Dutch]

There is so much power in this bike that you can clearly feel that you are reaching 15 mph…. You want to go further, faster and you feel that the bike and you can handle it. The law alone does not allow it… If we see a RadMission 2 with suspension and higher throttle support next year, I’d still prefer that bike, even if it was slightly more expensive.

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