Reelight SL150 C

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Light Type
Bike Type
6, 3 Lumens
7.30 oz
Water Resistance Level
IP Rating

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Reelight SL150 C. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

6 reasons to buy

  • The SL150 C light set is completely battery-free, delighting owners and the planet.
  • Owners love that 150 C lights are always attached to their bike and ready to go.
  • Reelight 150 C lights are friction-free. They do not produce any drag while riding.
  • Owners say the 150 C’s mounting brackets make the lights difficult to steal.
  • Owners say installation is simple, requiring only a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • The Reelight 150 C is compatible with quick-release skewers, with the correct adaptor.

6 reasons not to buy

  • The SL150 C light set is not compatible with bikes that use disc brakes. An adapter is required to make them compatible with quick-release skewers.
  • Users complain that 150 C lights are dim. They emit 6 and 3 lumens, respectively.
  • Owners say Reelight 150 C lights turn off a few seconds after they stop pedaling.
  • Buyers remark that the price of the 150 C set is surprisingly steep.
  • Owners say these 150 C lights lack side illumination and visibility.
  • Some owners found their bike’s tolerances were too tight to fit the Reelight 150 C.

Bottom line

The Reelight 150 C is a front and rear set of hub-mounted, magnetic induction lights. They don't require batteries and you don't need to recharge them. They remain installed on your bike. Reelight 150 C lights are attached to your hubs and contain a dynamo coil. A magnet is attached to your spokes. This magnet passes by the coil to power your lights. Unlike other dynamo-driven lights, the Reelight 150 C set produces no friction. They emit a modest light, intended only to maintain visibility in already-lit sub/urban areas. Being hub-mounted, they sit at a low position above the ground. They are difficult to steal. Some buyers say the asking price is higher than they expected. Lighting diminishes quickly once pedaling comes to a stop.

Expert Reviews

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Andrew Edler

Reelight SL150

Reelight SL150 bike lights without batteries or dynamo. Power generation by induction via magnets screwed onto the spokes.

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