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16 reasons to buy

  • The PL 26 is at home on BMX tracks but also large enough for cruising, commuting, off-road trails and family rides.
  • Fit and finish were lauded; retro logos, saddle and and cranks complete the vintage look.
  • The PL 26 was comfortable for adults over six feet tall and self-described ‘fat guys’. Dads and big kids over 50 felt comfortable on this rig.
  • It isn’t a featherweight, but many riders were impressed with how light this bike was.
  • Handling was described as agile. The ride quality was smooth. Big guys were able to easily huck and hop.
  • Owners particularly liked the red colorway and the quality of the paintwork.
  • The PL 26 comes equipped with chain tensioners, unlike many new BMXs.
  • Geometry was deemed ‘perfect’, delivering real BMX performance and comfort on longer cruises.
  • Buyers felt that the PL 26 was well-priced.
  • The 3-piece dual-pinch Redline Flight cranks received praise for their quality.
  • Some consumers mentioned that welds on the PL 26 were clean.
  • Riders loved that the PL 26 sported a full chromoly frame in this price range.
  • More than one owner felt that stock components needed no replacement.
  • The PL 26’s build quality was seen as strong and sturdy.
  • A rear flip-flop hub allows for two ratios: racing and cruising - or even a fixed-gear-freestyle setup.
  • Assembly was reportedly easy, taking around thirty minutes.

9 reasons not to buy

  • Earlier models were sometimes criticized for poor welds. This seems to be resolved in the recent releases.
  • Some owners saw the PL 26 as a little overweight.
  • Damage on delivered bikes included a smashed head-tube and bent bearing cup. Dings and scratches were present on new PL 26s – and could be deep. A brake line arrived kinked and bent.
  • Cranks fell off on one owner’s first ride and after four months for another. In both situations the axle was not long enough on the left side.
  • Packaging was seen as regularly lacking, consisting of some thin paper and allowing metal to touch metal.
  • Some critics said that decals were applied sloppily.
  • One owner’s chainring wore out-of-round and couldn’t be tightened adequately.
  • More than one rider had to tighten every spoke. Others received wobbly, out-of-round wheels.
  • The Kashimax plastic racing saddle was too hard for casual riding. Owners usually swapped it out.

Bottom line

It was common to hear lifetime BMXers say that the PL 26 let them ‘relive their youth’ or made them ‘feel like a kid again’. This twenty-six inch BMX offers a comfortable option for parents riding with their kids, while maintaining professional geometry on BMX tracks and dirt jumps. It was generally seen as a solid bike with reliable components, at a decent price. However, as one owner said, this was a ‘quality bike plagued by packaging problems’. This resulted in some less than glowing reviews by disappointed buyers. If Redline and suppliers have now addressed this issue – or if you’re lucky enough to get a good specimen, then you are in receipt of a throwback classic for the adult huckster.

Expert Reviews

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Sean Secondo

Informal Tour of the 2017 Redline PL-26 Review

Level 1 expert

I had three bikes; a dirt jump bike, a cruiser bike and a road bike. I sold off three ‘cause I wanted just one bike and this is the bike I’m going to use overall for everything.

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Bumsteads Bicycles

2020 Redline PL-26 Classic BMX Cruiser Review

Level 1 expert

If you’re looking for a bike to get out there and cruise around the neighborhood, jump off a few curbs, cruise the boardwalk at the beach… and you want something classic, old-school look in a new bike, I would look at the Redline PL 26.

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Redline Bikes

Level 1 expert

If you want that full-sized BMX feel, this is the one for you – built with a full chromoly frame and machined BB.

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