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Release Year
Charge Time
8 Hours
Maximum Range
63 Miles
Top Speed
30 mph
1000 W
160 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48 V 21 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
75 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the QuietKat Jeep Rubicon. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

18 reasons to buy

  • Testers say the Rubicon’s 1000W Bafang motor is incredibly capable, carrying them across rough terrain at speed.
  • At peak, the Bafang M620 motor puts out a whopping 1500W of power and 160 Nm of torque.
  • Test-riders were comfortable seeking air and landing 2-3 ft drop-offs on the Rubicon!
  • 26” × 4.8” CST Roly Poly tires awed reviewers with their traction, suspension & comfort.
  • Reviewers are impressed with the Rubicon’s powerful ability to conquer climbs.
  • The Rubicon is equipped with a big 1008 Wh battery.
  • Testers were pleased to achieve real-world ranges of 28 to 32 miles in Eco mode.
  • Testers are pleased with the stopping power of Tektro Dorado 4-piston hydraulic brakes.
  • With 140mm of travel, QuietKat’s inverted fork provides testers with compliance over chunky terrain.
  • RockShox’ 150 mm Monarch RL rear shock copes with raucous trails, impressing reviewers.
  • Reviewers enjoy shifting with the SRAM X5 drivetrain. One describes it as “pleasant and crisp”.
  • Buyers are blessed with a lifetime warranty on their Rubicon’s frame.
  • The Rubicon hauls 300lb on the bike & it's set up to attach a cargo or game trailer.
  • An owner says that assembling the Rubicon is simple.
  • The Rubicon’s frame accommodates 29” wheels with regular-width MTB tires.
  • Testers like having access to multiple motor modes to customize top speed and battery use.
  • The Rubicon’s cockpit impressed reviewers, with its 700 mm bar, 50 mm stem, and lock-on grips.
  • Reviewers say the DDK Comfort Plus saddle is comfortable but not oversized.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Testers lament that, with a 1000W motor, the Rubicon is prohibited from paved roads and a number of off-road trails.
  • The Rubicon is prohibitively expensive for many aspiring e-MTBers.
  • A tester says the Rubicon is difficult to pedal without assistance.
  • QuietKat says a 63 mi range is attainable. A tester was unable to attain more than 46.1 mi on the lowest assist level and 13.36 mi on maximum assist.
  • One tester feels a shift sensor would aid the durability of the Rubicon’s drivetrain.

Bottom line

With its full-suspension setup and 4.8”-wide tires, the Quietkat Jeep Rubicon looks prepped for the end times. But does it live up to its looks? Testers say the Rubicon’s powerful and finely-tuned assistance allowed them to move this behemoth at speed, through chunky trails, dirt, mud, snow and sand. While no speedster, the Rubicon does maintain a considerable sustained speed on steep climbs. With a 1008Wh battery and 1000W Bafang motor pushing out 160Nm of torque, you might just leave behind the not-insignificant pricepoint and 75 lb heft, out there, on the trail, on your next backcountry expedition or hunting trip.

Expert Reviews

96/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews
BikeRide – Scott C.C

QuietKat Jeep Rubicon E-Bike Review | BikeRide.com

Today we are looking at one of the most powerful and capable fat-tire all-terrain e‑bikes on the market, the QuietKat Jeep Rubicon. This full-suspension monster boasts some aggressively-tuned geometry. QuietKat have fitted the Rubicon with a powerful, unrestricted, 1000W Bafang motor. This motor is rated for 160Nm of torque and can put out up to 1500W at its peak output.

It’s a premium ride that has been designed to take you further, faster, and across rougher terrain than practically any other e‑bike on the market. With the wilderness calling, we are going to push this bike as far up the mountain as we can go, and see what kind of performance we can draw out of this off-road machine.

Rubicon E-Bike Angle

What Is the QuietKat Jeep Rubicon?

QuietKat has a range of hunting and off-road e‑bikes that are designed to perform in wilderness terrain. At the peak of the current line-up they have several full-suspension models. The Jeep Rubicon is the second version of the QuietKat Jeep. The Rubicon builds on its predecessor’s success by adding additional battery power for enhanced range, a refreshed geometry, and plush suspension with easy tuning.

QuietKat Rubicon

Upon first sight, the Rubicon’s build quality and component choice make it stand out. My first ride revealed that this is down to more than appearances. The bike packs plenty of power, while the suspension offers a plush a

Today we are looking at one of the most powerful and capable fat-tire all-terrain e‑bikes on the market, the QuietKat Jeep Rubicon. This full-suspension monster boasts some aggressively-tuned geometry. QuietKat have fitted the Rubicon with a powerful, unrestricted, 1000W Bafang motor. This motor is rated for 160Nm of torque and can put out up to 1500W at its peak output.

It’s a premium ride that has been designed to take you further, faster, and across rougher terrain than practically any other e‑bike on the market. With the wilderness calling, we are going to push this bike as far up the mountain as we can go, and see what kind of performance we can draw out of this off-road machine.

Rubicon E-Bike Angle

What Is the QuietKat Jeep Rubicon?

QuietKat has a range of hunting and off-road e‑bikes that are designed to perform in wilderness terrain. At the peak of the current line-up they have several full-suspension models. The Jeep Rubicon is the second version of the QuietKat Jeep. The Rubicon builds on its predecessor’s success by adding additional battery power for enhanced range, a refreshed geometry, and plush suspension with easy tuning.

QuietKat Rubicon

Upon first sight, the Rubicon’s build quality and component choice make it stand out. My first ride revealed that this is down to more than appearances. The bike packs plenty of power, while the suspension offers a plush and comfortable ride.

The Rubicon inherits some design cues from the mountain bike world, evident in features like; the 9-speed SRAM drivetrain, rear air suspension from RockShox, and Tektro 4-piston hydraulic brakes with massive 203mm rotors.

The huge CST Roly Poly 26” × 4.8” tires and inverted suspension fork bring a more moto-inspired feel. When the bike is unpowered, it feels similar to a very light dirtbike. On applying power, the Rubicon turns into a fat-tire enduro rig that’s capable of grinding up steep hills and flying through a variety of terrains.

Front Fork

The Rubicon will power you far into the backcountry – and back out again. It’s easy to see that this bike is designed to do some serious exploring. With lots of capability and a great build, the Rubicon seems up for any adventure.

QuietKat offers a ton of accessories and the bike features some great mounting points, making it easy to transform the Rubicon to suit a variety of roles. Whether you’re hunting, fishing, or clocking some miles overland (while exploring a variety of terrain), the Rubicon will truly go anywhere you point it.

Side Straight


Endless Power With Perfect Control

The 1000W Bafang ‘Ultra-Drive’ mid-drive motor is a true powerhouse. The M620 is never lacking. When the pedals are pumping, it always feels like this motor wants to give you more. The torque sensor is responsive, and the three power settings give you an ample range of assist levels for different riding environments.

When using proper tire pressure, I found that the motor was always able to carefully apply power and push me and the bike over slippery terrain. Rock gardens, steep/rough climbs and slippery roots all disappeared below the huge tires and faded into the background.

On the open road, the bike takes off, climbing with ease. It allows you to gain elevation, even with a heavy load. The motor is powerful with plenty of torque, and I could see this bike pulling a trailer, easily. QuietKat sells a game trailer for the Rubicon.

Riding Rubicon Uphill

No matter the situation, whether applying maximum power to reach cruising speed, or grinding through steep and slippery sections, the motor was confident and well-controlled. The 21Ah | 1008Wh battery powered the unit well. This battery reaches the ranges claimed by the brand.

All in all, the Rubicon is never lacking when it comes to power and torque. It is one of the fastest and most powerful motors (and bikes) we have tested.

QuietKat Downhill

Ride Quality and Capability

The Rubicon is a great-looking bike, and the ride is even better. It feels very similar to other Enduro and aggressive Trail bikes. Riders who are familiar with modern mountain bikes will feel right at home behind the Rubicon’s bars.

Now don’t get me wrong, those huge tires are a little different, and the bike is 75 lb, so it’s a fair amount of weight to move around. It’s no Downhill or enduro bike, and on the tight singletrack you can feel it. This is not its intended environment and it shows. Despite this, the ride is very pleasant overall.

The weight distribution of the bike allows you to pop the front tire and drop the bike over obstacles. The suspension easily handles bumps, dips, and even ditches. Our test bike also came with a dropper post, a great feature allowing you to really get the seat out of the way for steep descents and make the most out of the geometry.

POV riding

Even with the seat up, the bike is impressive under power. Ripping along the trail, you can easily carve side to side, jumping over rocks and roots while moving at incredible speed over rough terrain. With the combined benefit of its geometry and powerful motor, the Rubicon still feels like a modern mountain bike, despite the heavy frame and big tires.

When it comes to crawling up steep hills, this bike is a gem. It performs like a Jeep product should. Air down the tires, keep it in low gear, and the Rubicon will grind up steep technical climbs all day!

I love the ride over most terrain, with only the tightest singletrack beginning to push my patience. I feel confident saying the Jeep Rubicon is the most powerful and capable fat-tire e‑bike I have ridden.

Rear Triangle

Components and Details

Sometimes it’s the little things, and with the Rubicon, these details make its high price tag feels justified. You get a well-made bike with high-quality components. These components have a one-year warranty, while the frame has a lifetime warranty. Quality is evident in the Rubicon’s welds, paint, and details (such as a rubber chainstay protector and cable rub guards).

The frame has well-thought-out attachment points for optional accessories like racks and a trailer. The design of the whole unit feels robust and capable. The bike has a modern and aggressive geometry, made to withstand some serious abuse. Just take a look at the rear suspension and triangle.

The quality continues, with great components like RockShox’ Monarch RL shock with 150mm travel and QuietKat’s 140mm inverted front suspension fork. Both feature air pressure adjustment, in addition to rebound and dampening adjustment. The suspension fork has a nice set of fork protectors featuring QuietKat branding.

Four-piston Tektro Dorado brakes with large 203mm rotors are something we would see on a downhill racing bike, along with the SRAM 9-speed drivetrain. Even the small things, like the bike’s grips and saddle, are very comfortable. Both are well-designed, in terms of function and aesthetics.

Our test model also has a PNW dropper post and a nice set of pedals, although it does not appear this is the typical stock setup.

Rubicon Front tire and Handlebars


When it comes to the cons of the Jeep Rubicon, we had a tough time. Truly, the bike is well built, and it excels at the task set for it. It is a purpose-built ride with a specific use. I believe that, performance-wise, the bike is the most robust and powerful unit we have used.

The principal item I found lacking was a shift sensor. The motor is very powerful. As a mid-drive, it’s linked directly to the drivetrain. If you start out on a hill in a small gear, you will put a ton of stress on the chain. Shifting while applying power is also a no-go, as the drivetrain pops and crunches when power is applied while shifting. Those accustomed to shifting while climbing will have some understanding of this sensation.

You can get reliable shifts by employing proper shifting technique and using the motor cut-off switch built into the brake levers. Still, it could be beneficial to integrate a shift sensor to ensure newer riders are not wrecking the Rubicon’s drivetrain.

Drivetrain from angle

The only other real drawbacks to the Rubicon are; its weight, overall cost, and the legally restrictive 1000W motor (which is not allowed on-road). But these facts are hard to get around when we’re talking about a fat-tire full-suspension e‑bike that’s designed for a demanding off-road task (like hunting).

The bike is 75lb, and the 26” × 4.8” tires add lots of traction but also a lot of weight and bulk. Now, I need to mention that QuietKat has thought ahead and made the Rubicon adaptable to accept a more common 29” wheelset. This gives you some awesome adjustability and kinda turns this con on its head.

Front Wheel

We weren’t able to try the bike with a more standard tire, but the bike’s bulk and 4.8” tires only became a problem on the tightest singletrack. When faced with tight corners and off-camber roots, the bike could pitch violently without a suitably-low tire pressure. It could force you to travel too slowly to maneuver the bike effectively.

On the trail, the bike performs best under constant power. Traveling at a constant speed, whether climbing or headed downhill, helps to ensure the weight of the bike is easy to manage. The Rubicon went through every trail I attempted, and after getting the hang of how it moves, you can really push the bike through some intense terrain.

Finally, the 1000W motor we have with us today, is not street-legal. This motor restricts the bike to off-road areas where motorized vehicles are permitted. In general, any place you would go to ride a dirtbike or ATV is the type of terrain you will find a QuietKat Rubicon.


When it comes to price, it’s not hard to see the Rubicon is one of the more expensive e‑bikes out there, but it’s also in a class of its own when it comes to capability. Plus, if you are out for the Jeep name, it might please you to know that the Rubicon is a limited edition.

The aforementioned cons could apply if you’re not planning to use the Rubicon for its off-road capability while hunting or during high-powered exploration. Those looking for a more traditional bike may be disappointed, but I believe those looking for the ultimate exploring and hunting rig will be more than satisfied.

Rubicon Angle

What Does It Do Best?

It’s simple. The Rubicon rips over rough terrain with ease, climbing mountain roads and conquering slippery climbs. The bike is the perfect backcountry companion. It offers excellent motor control for confidence on tough, slippery climbs and lots of stopping power for the way back down. Lovers of the outdoors looking to explore, hunt and push the limits, will find the Rubicon is a great partner.

Even when the seasons change, the battery shows good cold resistance and performs well in freezing weather conditions. The tires push it through mud, snow or sand while the motor provides lots of power for the steepest hills. In general, if you have the desire to go somewhere off-road, the Rubicon can take you there.

Snow riding

Who Should Buy This Bike?

The bike would be the perfect fit for hunters and adventure enthusiasts who already ride a mountain bike because the geometry and ride are so easy to love. The power is smoothly applied and exhilarating, with a very comfortable platform, whether seated or riding in a more aggressive stance.

Anyone looking for a large, powerful, off-road e‑bike will be easily satisfied with the Jeep Rubicon. It lives up to its name and will perform all day in off-road terrain.

QuietKat snow 2

Reasons to Look Elsewhere?

The only reason to look elsewhere is if you do not need something like the Jeep Rubicon e‑bike. Some users may not need full suspension, even though it contributes to the bike’s unmatched comfort. Others may find the unrestricted 1000W motor overkill, if you do not carry heavy loads or travel in hilly areas.

The only other thing to consider, is that the unrestricted 1000W motor does not allow you to ride on the road. The law treats this bike more like a dirtbike or off-road vehicle, and you would ride it in a similar location. The QuietKat Jeep is offered in a restricted 750W version, if you plan to take your rig on-road.

Rear Angle


The QuietKat Jeep Rubicon is too much fun to ride! When it comes to power and unmatched versatility, the bike delivers. Whether punching uphill (and feeling the 1500W of peak power output) or zooming back down over bumps and dips at 30mph, the Rubicon is a blast to ride in all conditions. Its ability to grind and climb over steep, slippery terrain is confidence-inspiring. It always makes us want to make that next turn and see what we can find!

Those looking for the ultimate companion on their next backcountry trip will find the Rubicon more than capable. If you are looking for the most powerful and capable off-road e‑bike, the QuietKat Jeep Rubicon might just be it!

Front Angle


Electric Bike Class: Unrestricted
Warranty – Frame: Lifetime
Warranty – Components: One Year
Model Year: 2022
Total Weight: 75 lb
Motor Brand: Bafang M620
Motor Type: Mid-Drive
Motor Nominal Output: 1000W
Max Torque: 160Nm
Battery: 48V 21AH (1008Wh)
Range Claimed: 32-63 miles
Range Tested: 28.37 miles
Top Speed: Unrestricted
Throttle: Thumb Trigger
Pedal Assist: 3 Levels – Eco | Trail | Boost
Controller: Bafang
Charger: Input: 120V | Output: 54.6V 2A
Charge Time: 8+ hours
Display: Customizable LED
Frame: Aluminum
Fork: QuietKat Inverted Suspension Fork | 140mm travel
Rear Suspension: RockShox Monarch RL | 150mm travel
Brake Levers: Tektro Dorado
Brake Calipers: Tektro Dorado E23
Brake Rotors: Tektro 203mm
Chain: KMC
Crankset: 40t | 170mm | Aluminum
Derailleur: SRAM X5
Shifter: SRAM X5
Cassette: 11-40t
Rims: 26” Double-wall | Aluminum | Spoke-hole reinforcement
Hubs: Quanta
Tires: 26” × 4.8” CST Roly Poly
Fenders: NA
Lights: NA
Grips: QuietKat | Straight lock-on
Handlebar: Riser
Stem Length: 50 mm
Kickstand: Standard | Single-sided
Pedals: Platform
Maximum Load Capacity: 300 lb

Side View

Frame and Geometry

The frame and geometry contribute heavily to making the Rubicon a fun ride. This full-suspension frame is well-thought-out and designed to withstand the abuse of hauling loads off-road. The linkage is impressive, welds and paint are of good quality.

The front fork offers 140mm of inverted suspension travel. The inverted suspension fork is supposed to create a stiffer front end, increasing cornering and braking ability. On a heavy and sizable bike, features designed to minimize frame flex and ensure rider control are essential.

The rear RockShox air suspension gives 150mm of travel, with lockout and rebound adjustment. The suspension setup is plush and pleasant. It eats up anything you throw at the Rubicon. The bike will even get in the air, and the suspension is ready when it comes back down. The Rubicon performs well across varied terrain and is very comfortable to ride, which is a testament to its considered design.

Another great feature of this frame is the attachment points on the rear for the trailer and rack. They are robust and well-designed to allow the suspension to operate. I would love to throw a trailer on this bike and see how it pulls!



The Bafang M620 is a powerhouse! It puts out 1000W of sustained power and 160Nm of torque. That’s enough to take any load to the top of the hill. The motor uses dual-sensor technology to give the user a smooth application of power. In use, the M620 is very powerful and pleasant to control. It offers the right amount of assistance to climb slippery surfaces. I found it to be the perfect companion on the trail.

With most e‑bikes you can find the top speed, but the Rubicon wanted to keep going. The harder you pushed the pedals, the more power the motor applied, until you truly could not push any harder! I believe it would be difficult to find anyone complaining about the raw power of this motor. Combined with the 9-speed SRAM drivetrain, you can really climb some steep terrain.


  • Assist Level: Boost
  • 0-20 mph: 4.0 seconds
  • 0-28 mph: 6.5 seconds

QuitKat Pov

Short Hill Climb:

  • Time: 39 seconds
  • Distance: 0.15 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 85 feet
  • Max grade: 18%
  • Avg Speed: 15 mph

Hill Climb Results Short

Hill Climb Results Long

Long Hill Climb:

  • Time: 1 minute 19 seconds
  • Distance: 0.3 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 210 feet
  • Max grade: 18%
  • Avg Speed: 13.4 mph

Control Pad

Cockpit and Control

The Rubicon has a nicely designed cockpit and its controls are easy to use. You have a nice set of lock-on grips that are comfy and secure. A simple five-button touchpad controls the unit. Information is shown on a large, customizable display that also features a USB port.

The brake levers are aluminum with reach adjust. Our test model features a dropper switch. A set of classic riser bars and a 50 mm stem makes for a pleasant and familiar cockpit for those accustomed to modern mountain bikes.

Brake Lever and Grip

The unit is turned on by clicking and holding the power button. A click and hold will also turn off the unit. The + and buttons will cycle ride mode through three Power Assist levels; Eco, Trail and Boost. Pressing and holding the button will activate walk mode, releasing the button turns it off. A single press of the information button will cycle through data, with a variety of options like trip length, maximum or average speed, and even estimated range and calorie burn.



The 48V 21Ah (1008Wh) battery is well matched to the motor and the performance is on par with the ranges stated by the brand. This battery can power the bike for 30 miles at maximum assist level. Even while climbing steep and aggressive terrain in low temperatures, the bike will easily get you out there and back again.

Range Test:

  • Distance: 28.37 miles
  • Time  2 hours 37 minutes
  • Elevation: 2,952  feet

Range Test Results


Charger, Battery Removal, Keys

The charger plugs into standard 110V outlets and has an output of 2A|54.6V. the battery will charge fully in approximately eight hours.

The battery can be removed from the bike for charging, or charged via the charging port at the bottom of the downtube. The battery does require the key for removal as well as installation. The battery locks and unlocks with a turn and press of the key, and the battery is released fully by turning the knob located just above the battery port.



The drivetrain is a 9-speed SRAM X5, featuring a 40t crankset and an 11-40t cassette. The shifting is very pleasant and crisp, and the gearing leaves plenty of room for high-speed descents or slow grinding climbs. You never feel at a loss for gearing or power with the Rubicon. The setup is both pleasant to use as well as highly functional.

Front Brake


Tektro Dorado four-piston hydraulic brakes combine with 203mm rotors to offer exceptional stopping power and sensitivity. The bike is fast to stop and has great brake modulation, allowing you to feel very comfortable and confident on descents. It’s pleasant to see that the Tektro brakes use mineral oil, as this makes for an easier bleeding process than DOT liquid.

I was impressed with the braking ability on the QuietKat Rubicon and see no way to improve on this awesome setup.

Braking Distance Results:

20mph brake test

20 mph:

 13 feet

28mph brake test

25 mph:

 26 feet

Front Tire

Wheels, Tires

The 26” × 4.8” CST Roly Poly tires offer a ton of cushioning at the right pressure. They are some of the largest tires I have seen on an e‑bike. When using the proper pressure, the tires are easily able to eat up some bumps and offer great traction. The bike was able to climb some steep and slippery terrain with ease, primarily due to these beefy off-road tires. I found them to be a pleasant companion in varied terrain. Even in thick snow, the bike instilled confidence and was fun to ride.

The 26” rims are aluminum and feature reinforced spoke holes. With these large 4.8” tires, the overall diameter of the rim and tire is similar to that of a 29” mountain bike.

The fat tires work well; in loose dirt, sand, and – yes – even snow. I was especially impressed with this bike’s ability in deep snow and mud. With enough torque and traction to go all day, the QuietKat Rubicon will get you where you need to go.

Brake Lever


Activation of the Rubicon’s brake levers will cut power to the motor. This is a nice feature that allows you to disconnect the motor as soon as the brakes are applied. I found it helpful when I wanted to shift. It’s essential for such a powerful motor.

Finally, for safety, we have the ability to set a custom speed limit for the bike in its controller settings. We can also choose to have the bike operate as a Class 1, 2 or 3 e‑bike (or in unrestricted mode).



The Rubicon features the type of standard, single-sided kickstand that we see on most e‑bikes. It’s perfectly functional and a practical item on a heavy 75 lb bike like this!


Contact Points

The contact points on the Jeep Rubicon are top quality, at least on the test model we have here. They are a nice set of straight, lock-on grips, branded with QuietKat’s logo and matching the bike nicely. They feel great in the hand and look just as great on the bike.


Next up, we have a nice comfy saddle: the DDK Comfort Plus. It’s pleasant to sit on and not oversized. I like what they have going on, right out of the box, with the Rubicon seat. We also have a dropper seatpost on our bike, which was an awesome feature to really get the most out of the bike in all situations.


We have a set of nice, grippy, flat pedals. They seem to be upgraded from what you would likely see on the stock model, which would probably be a set of Wellgo platform pedals (or similar).



QuietKat offers a pretty epic set of accessories to go with all the bikes they sell. Just looking at the Rubicon, you have the option of three awesome add-on packages. You can easily set this thing up for hunting, fishing, or overlanding. I mean, look at those game and cargo trailers, the bags, racks, and even a full solar panel setup! The bike is really designed to go anywhere and the accessories are just the cherry on top. If you are looking to take this bike off the beaten path, QuietKat has your back, but these accessories do come at a premium price.

This review has been given a score. Read more here
Electric Bike Report

QuietKat Rubicon Review, 2023

The QuietKat Rubicon is a great off-road e-bike… designed for riders who want to use it for hunting, fishing or carrying bulky items into the wilderness… a great fit for active riders… pedaling was difficult without the PAS assistance. Its 1000-watt motor means you can only ride this legally in areas where ATVs and dirt motorcycles are permitted.

Visit full review

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