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11 reasons to buy

  • Testers agreed the Rise’s modern and lightweight geometry is perfect for fast and aggressive trails. It rides less like an e-bike and more like an analog bike.
  • The custom Shimano EP8 RS motor limits torque to 60Nm to create an efficient ride with a longer range.
  • Experts noted the EP8 RS motor responds best to a high cadence of 75-90 RPM to encourage active riding uphill.
  • Three assist modes (Eco, Trail, and Boost) pair with two power profiles. Most reviewers opted for a combination of Trail mode with Profile 2 to accommodate steep terrain.
  • Carbon models of the Rise come with a 360Wh integrated battery; alloy models have a 540Wh battery. An optional 252Wh range extender is available for both.
  • Maxxis Dissector and Rekon 2.4-2.6-inch tires provide a solid grip.
  • Stock 29" wheel options are covered by Race Face and Mavic.
  • Reviewers noted the Rise has a low center of gravity, allowing it to be agile, playful, and corner better than heavier e-bikes.
  • With 140mm travel in the rear and the option of 140mm or 150mm in the front, the full suspension can handle a variety of terrain.
  • Experts loved the stopping power of the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.
  • The Orbea Rise is available in four sizes - small, medium, large, and extra-large - with seven builds to choose from.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Several reviewers thought the stock Fizik Taiga S-alloy saddle wasn’t comfortable or suited to an eMTB.
  • Some experts thought the stock Maxxis tires didn’t have enough grip for loose or muddy conditions.
  • The colors on the LED display are hard to distinguish in sunny conditions, and the battery level indicator doesn't change to red until it hits 20%. Reviewers recommend upgrading to the digital display.
  • The integrated battery isn’t removable, making it difficult to travel or leave the bike outside.

Bottom line

The Orbea Rise is an impressive, lightweight e-MTB that looks more like an analog bike. Testers say it rides like one too. Reviewers were impressed that it could tackle challenging climbs, even with less torque in the motor. But the real fun starts on the descents. The Rise is agile and light enough that active riders can jump, handle technical switchbacks, and bomb down fast trails. Reviewers only wished the battery was removable for easier charging. The Rise’s excellent all-around performance makes it a great bike for riders looking to add extra power to their tricks and climbs.
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Release Year
Charge Time
4.5 Hours
Maximum Range
46 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
360 W, 540 W
60 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36V and 10Ah, 36V and 15Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
40.5, 46, 35.7 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Expert Reviews

90/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews

Long-Term Review – Orbea Rise Super-Light Electric Mountain Bike

Tipping the scales at just over 40-pounds for our test bike, the Orbea Rise may be the perfect blend of mountain bike performance and electric bike power.

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Orbea Rise H10 Review

Stripped-back electric bike that doesn’t sacrifice any of the fun factor.

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Orbea Rise M-Team in Review – In Our Big 2022 eMTB Group Test

Orbea enters the race with the lightweight Rise M-Team which is tuned for uncompromised trail performance and maximum fun with its small 360 Wh battery and torque-limited Shimano EP8 motor, securing ‘Best Buy’ in our big 2022 eMTB group test!

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Electric Bike Review

Orbea Rise H30 Review

The Orbea Rise features the Shimano EP8-RS Rider Synergy mid-drive motor that’s custom-tuned for efficiency, offering 60Nm of peak torque and 250 watts nominal output.

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Nigel Davis

Orbea Rise H30 Review

The EP8 RS motor is powerful enough to keep up with your friends riding full-fat e-bikes.

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2022 Orbea Rise H30 Review

The Orbea Rise H30 is more powerful than most superlight bikes. It’s a fun all-around bike that bridges the gap between a superlight and a full-power eMTB.

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The Loam Wolf

Orbea Rise H10 Review

A lightweight trail eMTB to maximize your trail time, the Orbea Rise H10 has an alloy frame, Fox Factory Kashima suspension, Shimano XT drivetrain, and Shimano EP8 RS.

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Uphill Phil

Orbea Rise M-Team 2022 – Review – Is It Lightweight?

The Orbea Rise is super agile, light, and rides like a regular mountain bike.

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Parking Lot Pro

Orbea Rise H15 Series – Warning!!! This Episode is for Nerds Only!!!

The geometry and impressive specs of the Orbea Rise will allow you to ride almost any trail you want. I felt in control even in boost mode and it fit my riding style perfectly.

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Old Northern eMTBer

Orbea Rise H15 | First Ride Out Review | Forest of Dean

I couldn’t be happier with the Orbea Rise H15 after putting it through some paces in the Forest of Dean. It’s cracking fun and rides beautifully.

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Cobra Kyle

The Holy Grail of Ebikes – Orbea Rise H30

An excellent trail bike that just happens to have a motor.

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Matty Active

First Lightweight e-MTB Experience | Orbea Rise M20 Full-Ride Review

The Orbea Rise M20 looks great and powers up hills and rocks like a beast. I love that it doesn’t really look like an e-bike.

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Flow Mountain Bike

Orbea Rise Review | Orbea Takes a Gamble on the Lightweight e-MTB Segment

Instead of relying on a big battery and heaps of power, the Orbea Rise takes a unique approach to produce a striking and very lightweight e-MTB.

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Best Day Ever MTB

Super Light E-Bike. Orbea Rise Review.

I got to review the Orbea Rise e-bike with the Shimano EP8 RS motor. The 60Nm torque was great on the uphills and I enjoyed the ride overall.

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Pilot Turns MTB Girl

Orbea Rise 2021 – Super light E-Bike

The Orbea Rise was so much fun to ride on fast, tight trails. I enjoyed it so much, I was reluctant to give it back!

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Rob Rides EMTB

Orbea Rise Review: The Ultimate Lightweight eMTB

The Orbea Rise is an outstanding lightweight e-bike that is almost as powerful as a full-fat e-bike. There’s really not much out there than can match it.

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Bike Adventures

Hill Climb Test, Orbea Rise vs Merida e-One-Sixty | My First Ride on the Orbea Rise M10 EP8 RS

The Orbea Rise is playful, agile, and has good pop on the downhills. It was a fun ride on this slalom hill.

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The Bike Dads

Orbea Rise Review: This eMTB Changes Everything

The bike is absolutely fantastic and is an industry game changer. Everyone else needs to catch up when it comes to e-mountain bikes.

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Phil Crombie MTB

Orbea Rise Ebike – Explained, Ridden, Reviewed

This is a pretty sick ride. It’s smooth, efficient, and feels more like a regular bike.

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Pimp My Rise – 3 Month 160/160mm Mullet Orbea Rise Review

Unlike a lot of e-bikes, you can turn the motor off on the Rise and you won’t feel any drag. It’s great to do this on flats or downhills to help extend your time on the trails.

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I Do Blues

Orbea Rise Review: Lightweight High-Performance eMTB

The Orbea Rise is an e-bike that definitely wowed me. Its light weight and strong performance on the trail made it a great ride.

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Electric Mountain Bike Network

All New 2021 Orbea Rise – 35.3 LB Lightweight E-Bike! | EMBN’s First Look

The Orbea Rise is a lightweight eMTB that is highly agile on fast trails. It’s a great option for analog mountain bike riders looking to add more power to their ride.

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The Loam Wolf

Orbea Rise M-Team Long-Term Review

The Rise is a fast-handling eMTB with a stiffer suspension that will translate feedback and energy to the rider. You’ll have an engaged experience on the trails.

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Orbea Rise M10 Review: Just Happens to Have a Motor

With the amazing Orbea Rise M10 diet electric mountain bike, Orbea has taken the low-fat e-MTB principle and run with it. Editors’ Choice 2021.

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ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

Orbea Rise M-Team in Review – The Best E-Mountain Bike of 2021?

The Orbea Rise M-Team is not only one of the best eMTBs currently available on the market, but it also performs better than most analog mountain bikes in our big group test.

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Orbea Rise eMTB Long-Term Review

The Orbea Rise is easily one of the most interesting and hotly anticipated bikes of 2021. Blurring the lines between analog zen bliss and high-octane electrified power, Orbea’s lightweight e-machine promises to deliver the best of both worlds.

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First Ride: Ben’s Orbea Rise M-Team E-Bike Review

With feathery-light weight and modern trail geometry, could the new Rise from Orbea be an e-bike for people who don’t like e-bikes? Ben thinks so.

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Orbea Rise, Review: The Most Realistic Mountain E-Bike Appears When Orbea Allows Itself to Map the Shimano Engine

Orbea has achieved something unprecedented in the sector: being able to modify a Shimano series motor for its new electric bike. The result is the Shimano EP8 RS (Rider Synergy), a great achievement for the Spanish manufacturer.

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MTB Tracks 64

Orbea Rise Mountain Bike Field Test [French]

A mountain bike designed to broaden the trail experience and make every moment more intense.

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First Ride: Orbea Rise – Record-Weight e-MTB-Champ With Shimano EP8 [German]

The new Orbea Rise might just be one of the most exciting e-mountain bikes for the upcoming season.

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