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17.0 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Nimbus Nightfox. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

15 reasons to buy

  • Ride-quality on the Nightfox was regarded as smooth, solid and comfortable. Owners found it highly suitable for long-distance rides. An expert relayed the Nightfox’s tendency to ‘track straight’, with minimal side-to-side wobble.
  • The adjustable fork on the Nightfox is a unique attribute that accomodates riders shorter than 5 foot and taller than 6 foot. It is probably the only 36 inch unicycle that children can ride. Reportedly, the adjustable tubes slide smoothly and fit the steel frame snugly. If larger wheel-sizes are released, the adjustable frame will accommodate them.
  • Unicyclists found that, with the correct-length cranks, this was a fast rig. Especially for those new to 36”.
  • A lot of owners dug the Nightfox’s neon green paintjob.
  • The Shadow T-Handle provided endurance riders with added comfort on longer outings.
  • With alloy parts and a lightweight tube, the Nightfox is a featherweight at 17 pounds.
  • Some owners and experts used the Nightfox for endurance-riding, off-road trails and trials riding. It was judged as sturdy and durable, logging over 400 miles in a summer, for one expert.
  • Some owners found that step-up free-mounting was easier than expected on the Nightfox.
  • Owners reported that the Nimbus Gel seat was comfortable. One expert was impressed that there was no seat twist, due to the 4-bolt mounting system on the Nightfox.
  • Pedals are Nimbus’ own-brand. They are studded plastic, offering grip but allowing enough movement to adjust position.
  • The inner-tube is Foss brand; reducing weight while maintaining strength and also being recyclable.
  • A Nimbus ‘Dominator’ double-walled 36” rim was tough and straight.
  • The Nightrider 36”x2.25” tire was great for both road and gravel use. It’s width contributed to comfort.
  • The large wheel size meant that the Nightfox tackled bumps easily and was less tiring to ride than smaller unicycles.
  • Due to an innovative frame design and alternate saddle-mounting position, the new Nightfox eliminates the problem of unwanted leg contact.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The saddle is mounted directly to the frame on the Nightfox. This means that it is not interchangeable with saddles that use a seatpost and tube.
  • By one account, the standard 138mm length cranks were considered undersized for hills or faster riding.

Bottom line

Praise far outweighs criticism for the Nimbus Nightfox. For many unicyclists, this was their first ride with a 36 inch wheel. Owners found it comfortable and smooth, with an impressive roll-over on rough surfaces and off-road. The Shadow T-bar handle impressed on endurance rides. Quality and construction were tight and resilient, but the most appreciated feature of the Nightfox was the adjustable fork. This is groundbreaking, in that children and shorter adults can ride a big-wheel uni for the first time.

Expert Reviews

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Unigeezer - (Terry Peterson)

Nimbus Nightfox 36er Unicycle Ride & Review

My only concern was that there might be some unwanted twist or flex in the frame since, as a taller rider, I need to have the telescoping legs almost fully extended. But to my surprise it was solid and smooth and handled as well as any traditional 36er I’ve ever ridden.

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Unigeezer - (Terry Peterson)

Nimbus Nightfox Redux

On the original Nightfox frame the saddle is made to fit directly over and in line with the frame. For some people, this would cause contact with the back of their legs. Nimbus decided to make a change by moving the saddle forward.

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Unigeezer - (Terry Peterson)

Nimbus Nightfox 36er Unicycle – The Unboxing

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