Micargi Mustang

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58.0, 50 lbs
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We have read all expert and user reviews on this bike. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

8 reasons to buy

  • One lowrider aficionado said that riding the Mustang felt smooth and effortless.
  • It was felt that the moon-bar handlebars suited the Mustang’s geometry.
  • Riders liked the plush, sprung saddle.
  • Owners described the frame as ‘sturdy enough‘.
  • The Mustang was lauded for its clean good-looks and beautiful paintwork.
  • Riders found the stock grips to be comfortable.
  • Lowrider fans dug the wheels with their 68-spoke rims.
  • The whitewall tires were attractive.

5 reasons not to buy

  • In general, componentry was seen as low quality. Specific criticism was ladled out for the fork, grips, fender struts and cranks.
  • A few consumers felt that the Mustang was overpriced.
  • Damage was rife. Bent forks and fenders were fairly common, as was scratching. One owner received a bike with a bent fork, bent cranks, bent fenders and various scratches. Other damage included broken grips and paint chips.
  • Owners commented that decals were really stickers – and that they looked terrible.
  • Instructions were generic and not specifically helpful for the Mustang.

Bottom line

Looking around, you might find that most folk interested in the Mustang are custom lowrider enthusiasts or folk with an eye to completing a motorised / ebike project. As such, they aren’t so bothered with the stock parts on the bike, because they intend to swap them out for upgrades. This is just as well, because the Mustang doesn’t sport high-quality kit. Lowriders might value style over function, but that doesn’t mean a bike like this can’t be reliable and reassuring. One for the DIY tinkerers.

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703 Cruizn

My New Cruiser

Level 1 expert

This one makes it so effortless to ride.

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