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26.9, 29 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Marin Four Corners. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

11 reasons to buy

  • The Marin Four Corners is a solid all-around bike. Reviewers noted it performs well commuting, touring, and fully loaded on bikepacking trips.
  • For a drop bar bike, it has a nice, upright seating position due to the tall headtube. Riders say long rides are comfortable.
  • The heavy steel frame soaks up road vibrations and small debris even without suspension.
  • After testing the bike on loose, gravel descents, experts were pleased that the steel frame kept the bike grounded and balanced.
  • Everything on this bike is built to last. Experts noted that the Four Corners can take a beating for years and still come out smiling.
  • Reviewers were happy with how the Shimano Sora drivetrain shifts under power and doesn’t skip gears.
  • Stock Tektro mechanical disc brakes provide predictable stopping power for this heavy hybrid.
  • The Four Corners has plenty of mounts for water bottles, panniers, fenders, and racks. It can carry a maximum weight of 355lb.
  • Reviewers noted that the stock Marin MTB saddle is comfortable even on long rides of 85 miles.
  • Extra small and small frames come with stock Utilitour double-walled 650B wheels; medium, large, and extra-large frames sport the 700C size.
  • Experts noted that the 40c GPVee tires offer impressive performance in the dirt with plenty of comfort and grip for long road rides.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Weighing in just under 30lb, the Four Corners is not light. Many reviewers thought the steel frame was heavy compared to road, touring, gravel, and mountain bike standards.
  • The road speed won’t satisfy a cyclist looking for a racy feeling.
  • A few testers thought the Shimano Sora shifting was clunky under power.
  • In 2021, the bottom bracket on the Four Corners was recalled due to the possibility of it breaking during use.

Bottom line

The Marin Four Corners is made for riders who want their bike to be a jack-of-all-trades. It's a solid, dependable machine that won’t break the bank and is unlikely to break down. You can be confident that the steel frame can handle your commute, your weekend bikepacking trip, and some light gravel off-roading. On the downside, the Four Corners is heavier than many other bikes in this class, and you’ll feel that on inclines. This bike is ideal for beginner riders or cyclists who only want to own one bike for all their needs.

Expert Reviews

70/100 based on 1 rated expert review

Marin Four Corners Review

A versatile and comfortable off-road tourer that’s a fine ride, but a bit on the portly side.

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Geared For Adventure

Marin Four Corners – Gravel Bike Made For Touring | Long Term Review

The Marin Four Corners is a bike ideal for long-distance touring. The geometry allows you to haul anything you’ll need on a long adventure.

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Yan Grinshtein

Marin Four Corners

After seven months and 2,500 miles, I can say that the Marin Four Corners is a solid commuter and carries weight well. I only wish the bike came with a rack pre-installed.

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Khalif Studio

Test Marin Four Corners 2022

The Marin Four Corners is a steel bike specialized for touring or bikepacking. I really enjoyed the ride but will be upgrading the groupset.

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Ghost Riders MTB

Marin Four Corners Test Ride – Kota Kemuning to Jenjarom

A solid all-around hybrid that performs well on the road, on simple off-road trails, and on gravel. Be prepared for a little shaking on gravel since the bike has no suspension.

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Dave Noakes - Ride Everything

Budget Gravel Build / Review

The bike looks wicked and the steel frame is really tough. It’s not my choice for off-road riding, but it’s great for gravel roads and bikepacking.

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A Bicycle's Point of View

Marin Four Corners: Honest Review

In a post-apocalyptic world where the Tour de France is held in Mad Max-type conditions, this bike would reign supreme. For every other scenario, this bike seems a little bit of an overkill.

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Review: Marin Four Corners

The Marin Four Corners is a budget bike ideal for touring or commuting. If you are content with swift as opposed to fast, you will not be disappointed.

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Bike Hacks

Review: Marin Four Corners – Large Tire Clearance and Touring Capability

For the city dweller, the bike fills the niche for everyday commuting needs. For the adventure seeker, the large tire clearance and touring capability encourage exploring on gravel and dirt.

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Vcen Survival and Outdoors Explorer

Marin Four Corners Touring Bike Review

The Marin Four Corners looks good and is great for touring. It’s a good bicycle and not very expensive.

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Vcen Survival and Outdoors Explorer

Marin Four Corners Off-Road Test at BOH Plantation

Surprisingly, the Four Corners did well on steep hills, sandy roads, and muddy sections. Weighed down, it’s a little hard to get uphill, but I was happy.

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Fanani Efin

Marin Four Corners | Gravel Trial [Indonesian]

This bike is for touring or city riding, not for competition.

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Jiss George

Marin Four Corners | User Review| Attapadi Pass [Malay]

Riding in Bikes with Titos

My Wife’s Gravel Bike Dreams | Marin Four Corners [Filipino]

Comfortable bike to ride around the city; the steel frame handles potholes well!

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Travel Bike ID

Gravel Bike Marin Four Corners Best Touring Bike [Indonesian]

The Four Corners is a great all-around touring bike that rides well on gravel lanes and city asphalt.

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Marin Four Corners Gravel Bike – 700x42C Tires replaced with 700x32C [Chinese]

I replaced the stock 700 x 42c tires with 700 x 32c and it made my riding experience so much better on the roads.

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Marin Four Corners Shimano Sora Chromoly | Gravel Touring Bike Malaysia [Malay]

I really liked this bike. It’s high quality and many people use it for gravel and off-road riding.

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Musafir Malaysia

Marin Four Corners 2021 Review After 2500km [Malay]

I completed a cycling tour around peninsular Malaysia on the Marin Four Corners. It was a great companion on my journey and held up really well.

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Gian Tamayo MTB

BikePorn Ep. 7: 2021 Marin Four Corners | Hopetech [Filipino]

This bike is great to ride around the village even on cobblestones.

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Martin Praja

Marin Bikes Four Corners 2021 Review [Indonesian]

This is a good touring bike. It won’t chase speed like a road bike, but it can handle rocks and potholes well.

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The Dark Side of Bikepacking | Marin Four Corners [Polish]

I enjoy this bike and use it mainly for bikepacking on long trips.

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Marin Four Corners – How the Steel Gravel Rides [Polish]

This steel bike is comfortable but heavy. Getting uphill on steep gravel inclines is a little challenging.

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