State Bicycle Co. 4130 All-Road

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25.9, 26.0, 26.4, 26.5, 27.3, 27.4, 27.8, 27.9 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the State Bicycle Co. 4130 All-Road. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

18 reasons to buy

  • Riders found the 4130 All-Road’s steel frame comfortable, playful, stiff and compliant.
  • Owners see the 4130 All-Road as a great value for entry into the world of gravel riding.
  • It’s unparallelled and almost obscene to see a 1x11 drivetrain on a bike the price of the 4130 All-Road.
  • By all reports, the 4130 All-Road is a pleasure to ride on-road and off, using either 700c or 650b wheels.
  • The 4130 All-Road is available with 700c, 650b or both of these wheel sizes.
  • On fat 650b tires, the 4130 All-Road is capable on mountain bike trails.
  • Riders reported a responsive and agile ride upon the 4130 All-Road.
  • Owners and reviewers say the State-branded, Sensah-built 1x11 drivetrain shifted well.
  • The 4130 All-Road’s frame and fork are decked out with a multiplicity of eyelets and bosses to attach any number of bags, racks, bottles and tankards.
  • Riders praised the 4130 All-Road’s comfortable upright geometry - on flat bars - and forward geometry - in the drops.
  • The 4130 All-Road is available in both drop-bar and flat-bar variations.
  • The 4130 All-Road is available in a variety of color schemes and themes, including ‘Copper Brown’, ‘Black Canyon’ and a ‘National Park Foundation – Joshua Tree’ special edition.
  • Standardized parts and sizings make the 4130 All-Road endlessly upgradeable.
  • In the interest of stiffness and modernity, the 4130 All-Road uses 12mm thru-axles front and rear.
  • With 18° of flare, reviewers found the 4130 All-Road’s State-branded handlebars comfortable.
  • State’s stock polyurethane saddle proved comfortable for riders of the 4130 All-Road.
  • With either 700c or 650b wheels and tires, the 4130 All-Road rolls smoothly over gravel trails.
  • Some riders feel that the 4130 All-Road is a great climber.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A number of riders felt that the 4130 All-Road’s mechanical brakes were underpowered.
  • More than one 4130 All-Road buyer received their bike with either a bent derailleur or derailleur hanger. State was quick to issue replacement parts.
  • Due to the weight of its steel frame, some reviewers sought lower gearing for the 4130 All-Road.

Bottom line

The 4130 All-Road is State Bicycle Co.’s highly-affordable, chromoly steel, all-rounder gravel/bikepacking/commuter/all-road/do-everything bike. It can be had with 700c, 650b or both sizes of wheels. With fat 2.1” rubber on 650b hoops, it chops through the slop of soupy gravel, loose dirt and mud. With narrower, slicker 700c road tires it can take you on long tours or perform for your daily commute, especially as it is festooned with more bag and rack-attaching eyelets than you could sensibly know what to do with. It is not the lightest bike but a carbon-fiber fork is an upgrade option at checkout. Also, the supplied mechanical brakes tended to underwhelm. Apart from that, buyers and reviewers were dazzled by the 4130 All-Road for its low, low price.

Expert Reviews

100/100 based on 1 rated expert review
The Awarewolfs

State Bicycle Co. 4130 All-Road

State Bicycle Co. ab-so-lutely nailed it on this entry-level All-Road… I’ve been riding the bike stock for some time now and all the components are what I’d expect – quality, entry-level components. But of course, I’ll be switching most of the parts out as time goes on… Would recommend. Highly suggest. Get this bike!

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State Bicycle All-Road Bike Review – $███ Gravel Bike!

I was surprised with how well this bike rode. It has a lot of great stability at speed, it rides really comfortably and it still has some actual relative stiffness… now, this bike is heavy… You are getting a full 11-speed drivetrain for this price-point. Most bikes are going to be specced with a 10-speed or a 9-speed drivetrain.

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Life From A Bicycle

State Bicycle Company All-Road 4130 Closer Look

It’s a lot more responsive and quicker for being a heavier bike… aesthetically, it’s a really good-looking bike… honestly, The bike came 90% put together… I’m, y’know, totally stoked with it.

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State Bicycle Co. 4130 All-Road Review

It’s excellent on thick, chunky, loose gravel. Still fun on roads… The overall ride-feel is actually more nimble than I was expecting… It’s not the best climbing bike but it did feel very confident on the descents… Overall, I’m very satisfied… I do definitely recommend this bike.

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Path Less Pedaled

$███ STATE All-Road Gravel Bike- Any Good?

This bike definitely rides more like a Cadillac and less like a sports car… descending on the bike was an absolute joy… If you like to ride chill or are just going into this as a commuter or solo explorer, this is a great-riding and comfortable bike… you definitely want lower gearing… these are the kind of cable disc brakes that give cable disc brakes a bad name.

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Bike Check: Sean’s State Bicycles 4130 All-Road

How do you like your State? I really like everything about it because I can run 650s and 700s. It’s a great all-round bike… for the price, you really can’t beat it.

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State All-Road Gravel Bike

Wide ratio range and it shifts well… that 42 [tooth chainring] on the front is a good all-rounder. If you’re looking for a gravel bike, give State a look… They did a good job with this bike. I like it.

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Thomas Dutton

State Bicycle Co. All-Road Steel Frame

Took two months to git it. Was it worth tha wait? You had better buhlieve it. I really like this bike, told somebody th’ other day it rode smoother than hot butter… it’s heavy but hey, I still like it… Everything on it so far, I love. I really do. The Promax mechanical disc brakes have got to go… Would I buy it again? Boom! 👍 Would I recommend it for a friend? Boom! 👍.

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Path Less Pedaled

Best Sub $1000 Gravel Bike: State 4130 vs. Poseidon Redwood vs. Nicasio Plus

Pretty close in price but if you are pinching every single penny to get a bike then clearly the State All-Road is the winner… In the weight department the State weighed about 28lb and the Poseidon about a pound less… both bikes look pretty dang good… it makes it really hard to say one bike is categorically better than the other because they’re both actually pretty different bikes. One leans more towards the touring/road spectrum [State] and the other is a little more like a drop-bar mountain bike [Poseidon].

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State 4130 All-Road Gravel Bike

It’s a very nice bike. I have about 500 miles on it… I like the look of the carbon fiber fork. It also makes the ride a lot smoother…

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Men's Journal

First Take: State’s $███ 4130 All-Road Gravel Bike

Affordable and capable… The 4130 All-Road is State’s first gravel bike, sure, but it’s really better described as a jack-of-all-trades. It’s designed to handle any road surface and even light singletrack, so you can use it as a commuter and then load it up with supplies for bikepacking on the weekend.

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