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26.50 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Marin Alcatraz. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • The Alcatraz gained and landed big-air with poise.
  • Alcatraz’s short wheelbase lent itself to spin tricks.
  • The aluminum frame was strong. Strong enough to send and eat it.
  • The ‘Miami Vice’, Gloss Magenta/Cyan/Hi-Vis color-scheme awed owners.
  • Low-cost Tektro HDM275 hydraulic discs were lauded for their performance.
  • The lightweight Alcatraz was easy for a 5’5”, 126lb rider to throw around.
  • Vee XCV tires performed well on pump tracks.
  • X-fusion’s 100mm fork featured both compression and rebound settings.
  • Reliable components were specced all-round.
  • Set-up was often straightforward and easy.
  • Dirt-jumpers said the Alcatraz rolled smooth.
  • The bike came with all required tools, including a multitool and pedal wrench.
  • Packaging was said to be sturdy and ample.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Sometimes spokes on a new Alcatraz needed tightening.
  • One new bottom bracket was noisy. Another needed grease.
  • A buyer said the wheels on their new Alcatraz needed truing.
  • The X-Fusion fork wasn’t designed to be ridden with compression locked out.
  • One owner’s new bike had a warped rotor, scratched pedals and a scuffed frame.

Bottom line

More than one Alcatraz owner said this bike was “the best dirt jump bike they’ve ever owned”. Another said they “fell in love with it”. Even owners who had quibbles with minor damage (or the need for extended assembly), were highly satisfied with their Alcatraz. One dirt-jumper said that the biggest disappointment on their new bike was inconsistently tight spokes on an untrue wheel. It appeared, as he said, to have been “assembled by a drunk elf”. Another rider’s damping cartridge blew out on the X-fusion fork on their fifth ride. However, they were riding it with the compression locked out. All-in-all, this is a well-loved and nigh-indestructible, slopestyle dirt-jumper designed by big-air maverick Matt Jones. It looks eighties-great as well.

Expert Reviews

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Rob Rides EMTB

Marin Alcatraz Bike Review

Having a short chainstay and wheelbase makes the Marin Alcatraz two things:
1. “flickable” in the air and over jibs.
2. “rippable” through transition and corners.
Stability + Rippablity = Awesomeness

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The Story Behind the Marin Alcatraz | Matt Jones Interview

Aluminium was the only option… due to the need for stiffness and a light weight… which is instantly noticeable on pump tracks, tight berms and steep trails…. this frame is incredibly stable at high speed and on big jumps.

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Let’s Check Matt Jones’ Mountain Bike

For me, a short bike allows me to 720 small jumps… that helps to spin… This is the style of bike that works for slopestyle now, it doesn’t work for riding to the pub… it’s not your one bike for everything.

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Mark Matthews

All My 2019 Marin Bikes and How They Ride

Tricks like tailwhips come around really easily and real nice and it’s honestly my favorite dirt jump bike I’ve ever owned.

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Behind the Bike: Matt Jones

I’ve taken all the best attributes from the bikes I have ridden over the years and factored them into one frame… It’s extremely short… this has opened some options for some new tricks for contests.

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