Kent Thruster 700c

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30.50 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Kent Thruster 700c. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

9 reasons to buy

  • There’s no doubt that the Thruster dangles a temptingly low price before you.
  • Several Thrusters gave their owners a smooth ride.
  • Some riders said the frame was compact, quick and maneuverable.
  • A segment of the customer base found assembly to be easy.
  • Likewise, multiple owners felt that it was simple to maintain their Thruster.
  • Without giving details, a portion of riders said the Thruster was reliable.
  • Overweight riders found the hi-ten frame was strong enough to support them.
  • A modicum of owners depicted the Thruster’s aesthetic as ‘stylish’.
  • Red, white and black was the most well-liked color-combo available.

22 reasons not to buy

  • It was very common for both wheels to arrive wobbly and untrue.
  • Brake pads were highly criticized for being plasticky and ineffective.
  • Braking surfaces were painted, limiting braking ability.
  • Cheap plastic parts made brakes difficult to assemble and tune.
  • At 30lbs, Thrusters are about 10lbs heavier than the average fixed gear bike.
  • The Thruster often came with no flip-flop hub, meaning that it is not a fixie.
  • A bottom bracket stripped out as it appeared to be installed over wet paint.
  • Plastic-coated crank-arms sometimes came loose or bent after a few days use.
  • After hitting a pothole, fork dropout welds broke, causing an accident.
  • A fixed-gear cog slipped when a rider was skid-stopping, causing leg injuries.
  • Plastic pedals bent and broke easily.
  • It was available in one size only, suiting riders from 5’8” to 6’, at best.
  • Bearings on new bikes often needed to be packed with grease.
  • The 40/18 gear ratio suited hills but easily spun out on flats.
  • Assembly was not easy. It took an expert 8 hours to make the Thruster safe.
  • Fragile tires only inflated to 50psi and were not suited to commuting.
  • At least two Thrusters arrived without a seat clamp.
  • Owners decried the discomfort of the stock saddle.
  • The bike does not have bottle bosses, even though they’re shown on sale sites.
  • ‘Toeverlap’ was present, as is natural for short-wheelbase fixie and track bikes.
  • One expert reviewer found their bike was only wrapped in thin paper.
  • One buyer received a “psychotic circus nightmare” color scheme with mismatched tires, wheels, handlebars and fork in orange, red and yellow.

Bottom line

Although one 5 star reviewer said it was “a very plain bike that rocks my world”, another said that “It's just not a 5 star product as so many people have described.” This bike is not worth the low price. Many buyers justify purchasing such a cheap bike using a couple of common criteria: The first is that it seems economical to buy the cheapest fixie available and then to replace all the parts. The second is that it is economical to buy dirt-cheap bikes and just throw them away when they wear out. The truth is that you will spend the same amount on a higher-quality, moderately priced bike if you replace all the faulty parts. The second point is refuted by the fact that you can hurt or kill yourself on a very inferior bicycle. Also, it is incredibly environmentally unfriendly to treat bicycles as disposable. One DIY owner tells us that “you need to be a mechanic to buy this bike online.” Another expert says that these bikes act as a barrier to enjoying cycling. This bike often arrives in unrideable shape with unusable brakes and wobbly wheels. It weighs about 10lbs more than your average fixie and to top it off, is no longer provided with a fixed gear cog. Avoid.

Expert Reviews

0/100 based on 0 rated expert reviews
Zach Gallardo

I Rode 100 m̶i̶ km On A $100 Walmart Fixie, So You Don’t Have To

I’m about 2mi out, the chain fell off… the tires are nice and cushiony… There’s only one size… The fit for me is quite cramped… I am simply not having fun any more… It’s surprisingly adequate… it’s slow, it’s heavy, it’s long-term reliability is questionable.

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Walmart Kent Thruster 700c Cheap $100 Fixie Bicycle Review

Questionable tires… brakes are a little funky… handlebars are a little tight, steering feels narrow… seat’s a little iffy… I’m pretty happy… It’s a pretty decent ride… I receive a small commission.

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Walmart Fixie 700c Honest Review

You would probably be better off buying a used bike if you’re really into biking. If you need something to get around campus, to ride to the corner store, this is right up that alley… The components are pretty crappy.

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Rolling Rocks

Walmart Bike Review: Dope or Nope?

I personally would not upgrade the bottom bracket unless it blew out. Some people are going to complain about that until the end of time… Upgrades: Bottom Bracket, Threadless Adapter, Better bars, Saddle.

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The McFixie: Or, the Kent Thruster Review

…rear brake was bent… Braking surfaces are painted, severely limiting braking efforts… rear wheel is slightly out of round… drivetrain is squiffy… pedals are plastic yet shown as metal… Chain ring can not be changed… It’s freaking heavy… Don’t expect to get what’s pictured on the website.

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User Ratings

78/100 based on 449 ratings
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