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28.2, 34 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Ibis Ripmo. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

17 reasons to buy

  • The Ibis Ripmo’s frame is available in aluminum and carbon. The aluminum build of the Ripmo is referred to as the Ripmo AF.
  • The bike’s frame comes with a seven-year warranty.
  • The Ripmo is available in sizes small through XL. Ibis has sizes of the Ripmo for individuals 5’ through 6’6” available.
  • Experts were impressed with the stock DVO shock and fork on the Ripmo.
  • DW-link suspension is superb, according to experts, especially on the descents.
  • The Ibis Ripmo is comfortable and efficient at transferring power when pedaling in a seated position.
  • The bike has a great climbing platform. Most experts found they rarely had to use the climb mode on the shock and that the front wheel did not wander.
  • The bike is easy to handle at low speeds. The long wheelbase provides riders with excellent control and stability.
  • The long wheelbase, long reach and short seat tube length allow riders to get low and descend stably on downhills.
  • The rider is positioned centrally in a comfortable riding position due to the steep seat tube angle on the bike.
  • The Maxxis Assagai tires provide riders with excellent traction over sandy trails and loose dirt.
  • The bike is coil shock compatible.
  • Ibis offers riders a lifetime warranty on the igus bushings found on the DW-link suspension.
  • Experts found the WTB Silverado seat and Lizard Skin grips on the bike are comfortable.
  • There is space for a water bottle on the Ibis Ripmo.
  • The threaded bottom bracket on the Ripmo is easy to maintain.
  • According to experts, the Ripmo is versatile. It is capable of taking on everything from all day rides in the backcountry to a mix of enduro rides.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Experts found the brakes were not as responsive on the lower end builds of the Ripmo. They suggested upgrading this component.
  • Pedal strikes are not uncommon on the Ibis Ripmo.

Bottom line

The Ibis Ripmo is available in carbon and aluminum (as the Ripmo AF). The bike is available in sizes small through XL. The bike shines on climbs and on descents. Experts found the bike easy to control even at low speeds on the descents. Wide Maxxis Assagai tires provide excellent traction for riders on both rocky and sandy terrain. This bike is not cheap, but experts had very little to complain about when reviewing the Ibis Ripmo.

Expert Reviews

83/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews

Ibis Ripmo V2 XT 2020 Review

The Ibis Ripmo was updated for 2020, and the V2 is indeed an improvement over the original. The primary changes, including a degree slacker head tube angle, a longer wheelbase, and a more progressive suspension curve may seem subtle, but the result is an even more well-rounded ride with enhanced composure on descents and improved stability at speed.

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Ibis Ripmo AF NX Eagle Review

Ibis broke their own (carbon) mold when they introduced the affordable aluminum-framed Ripmo AF.

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Bike Magazine

Bible Review: Ibis Ripmo GX

The first attribute testers noticed is the Ripmo’s lightning-quick acceleration. It tears off the line like a 100-meter-dash Olympian when the gun fires, and proceeds to move nothing like you’d expect from a long-travel 29er, proving that the category’s Cadillac days are over.

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First Ride: The New Ibis Ripmo V2 is Carbon AF

The Ripmo V2 addresses the two main requests I had when I reviewed the original back in 2018. The slacker head angle and increased progression are exactly what I thought it needed to push it a little deeper into that all-mountain / enduro category.

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Ride Review: New Ibis Ripmo AF Tames Tennessee’s Trails, From Singletrack to Enduro

After three days of riding the bike, both Watts and I drove home impressed. It’s nice to see development efforts put into lower priced bikes.

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Dusty Betty

It Can Rip But Can It Climb? – Ripmo AF On Ground Control Trail – Women’s Mountain Biking

It did really really awesome. And I climbed stuff that I had never climbed before, despite the fact that this bike is five pounds heavier than what I’ve been on.

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Bike Magazine

Bike Review: Ibis Ripmo AF NX

It’s been almost 20 years since Ibis made a non-carbon bike and this rowdy, raw, metal Ibis waved the budget bike flag at this year’s Bible, did so unapologetically and with punk-rock style.

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MTB yumyum

2020 Ibis Ripmo Test Ride & Review

The bike was incredible. It’s just so zippy and playful.

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Mo and Hannah Awesome MTB

Was It Worth It? (Ibis Ripmo AF Review)

I felt like overall it climbed really well. It descended insanely well.

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Regular Dad Reviews the Ibis Ripmo AF

It’s a really fun bike.

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The Ibis Ripmo AF Bike Review and First Ride in Pisgah National Forest on Turkey Pet Trails

It’s just an incredible bike.

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2020 Ibis Ripmo V2 – Demo Ride & Review – Sedona MTB Festival – Grand Central – 4k

This is a one quiver bike.

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The Loam Ranger

Ripmo 2 First Ride: One Thing That Shocked Me

The suspension platform is freakin’ incredible.

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Travel the Narrow Trail

2020 Ibis Ripmo V2 Review: Bike Check

It is so fast and quick and agile, that you got to be on your toes if you’re going to get this thing up to speed.

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The Middle Aged Masher

Long Term Comments on the Ibis Ripmo AF …. Likes and Dislikes

This is a bike that I’m going to keep for a while.

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Punk Uncle Show

Ibis Ripmo AF Long Term Review & Buyer’s Guide – The Best Bike For Any Budget?

A lot of bang for your buck. A top-specced bike for biking.

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Straight Line MTB

Ripmo AF Long Term Review

For $____ Ibis did a remarkable job of speccing this bike and I don’t know how they did it because some of the other brands can’t even pull off decent spec and this pulled off an amazing spec.

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Mick and Craneys MTB Adventures

Ibis Ripmo AF Review: My Thoughts After Two Months

Just love it. It’s just an amazing bike.

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Ibis Ripmo AF Review

Overall, The Ripmo AF is nearly as good as the carbon version at some things, and better at others. Best of all, it’s more affordable.

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Ibis Ripmo on Test – The Undisputed King of the Trail Bike Segment

The Ripmo features the typical lines and DW-link suspension that Ibis are known for, providing 145 mm travel.

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Charging Through Sedona on the Ibis Ripmo V2 [Test Ride Review]

The Ibis Ripmo V2 impressed me in a number of ways during my short time with the bike. The traction over anything loose is as good as it gets, and the efficient and sprite DW-Link rear suspension makes the Ripmo ready for long, all-mountain slogs in the saddle.

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Bike Magazine

First Impressions: 2020 Ibis Ripmo V2

I’ve ridden a ton of bikes over the years and I can honestly say that the Ripmo is one of the best bikes I’ve ever been on.

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First Ride: Ibis Ripmo Version 2.0

So there you have it, the 2020 Ripmo is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. If the Ripmo were an early hominid, its opposable thumb would have a slight increase in dexterity—all the better to grasp the dropper post lever with.

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