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25.5, 28.88 lb
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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Ibis Ripley. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

19 reasons to buy

  • The Ripley is one of the lightest trail bikes available to consumers.
  • The bike's carbon frame has a 7-year warranty.
  • The DW-Link suspension provides an efficient pedaling platform, excellent mid-stroke support and big-hit compliance for riders on the Ibis Ripley.
  • The Ibis Ripley is lightweight and has a steep seat tube angle positioning the rider efficiently for climbing.
  • Experts found the bike was agile and very responsive to rider input, with the steep seat tube angle, slack head tube angle, long wheelbase, 44mm reduced offset and short chainstay.
  • The Ibis Ripley climbs well, even when the shock is in the open position. Experts found that energy was not wasted through suspension bob.
  • The 44mm reduced offset fork keeps the bike from feeling unruly through tight uphill switchbacks or slow technical sections.
  • The geometry of the bike is not too slack or steep. Experts note the bike is well-balanced and allows riders to ride over a great variety of terrain.
  • Experts agree the bike accelerates quickly on flats and moderate climbs.
  • The bike has clearance for tires up to 2.6” wide.
  • The 2.6” Schwalbe Hans Damf and Nobby Nics on 29” wheels create excellent traction and rollover for riders. The stock tire and wheel combination allows riders to corner predictably and maneuver over roots and rocks with ease.
  • Riders can run a longer dropper post on the Ripley as the suspension setup allows for an uninterrupted seat tube.
  • The suspension utilizes IGUS bushings, which help reduce the weight of the bike. They also require less maintenance.
  • The bike has a polycarbonate downtube protector and molded swingarm protectors to protect the frame from debris and obstacles on the trail.
  • The Ibis Ripley has molded tubing for internally routing cables. This gives the bike a neat appearance.
  • The threaded bottom bracket is quiet and easy to maintain on the Ripley.
  • There is room for a water bottle in the lower triangle of the bike.
  • Custom bags can easily be used in the bike’s frame to transform the bike into a capable bikepacking mountain bike.
  • The Bike Yoke dropper post on the Ibis Ripley is self-bleeding. This makes it easy for riders to reset the dropper post on trail, if necessary.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Experts noted that they could easily be bucked around on rocky descents, riding the Ripley.
  • The sizing of the bike runs small, according to numerous experts.

Bottom line

The Ibis Ripley is a short travel trail bike. It utilizes 29” wheels and DW-Link suspension to provide riders with a comfortable ride over almost any trail. The bike excels on climbs and is stable on most descents. Experts noted they could be tossed around at times on the downhill. The bike has room for a water bottle or two bags in the frame, allowing the Ripley to take on longer day rides or bikepacking adventures. The bike is available in sizes small to XL, but experts agreed the sizes run small.

Expert Reviews

83/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews
Mountain Biking Australia

Bike Build + Review: Ibis Ripley Mark 4

The bottom line for me is that every ride on the Ripley leaves me grinning like an idiot and wanting to keep going longer (and faster). I think I made an excellent choice.

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Ibis Ripley GX Eagle 2019 Review

If you’re looking for a short travel trail bike, we don’t think it gets much better than the new Ibis Ripley.

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Bike Magazine

Ibis Ripley XRT

The new Ripley’s suspension design and geo numbers near the Ripmo’s, but it still very much holds its own identity.

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The Loam Wolf

Ibis Ripley V4 Mountain Bike Review

The Ibis Ripley is a light, playful trail bike that can be shredded on with ruthlessness, yet it will reward the silkiest of legshavers with a climbing performance that’ll make you dust off your spandies-gear.

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MTB yumyum

2020 Ibis Ripley Long Term Review


My short trail bike I want to feel really light and really zippy. And this bike does that.

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Travel the Narrow Trail

Ibis Ripley Gen 4 2020: Best Trail Bike Ever

It’s a great bike. It really is. It climbs superbly well.

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Island Bike Life

2020 Ibis Ripley Review

This bike isn’t meant to be a crazy downhill rig. It really is made to ride trail and give you a smile ear to ear.

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2020 Ibis Ripley Test Ride and Review: The King of Short Travel 29ers!

This bike is spot-on. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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MikeRides MTB

The Ibis Ripley V4 Review

The Ripley really nailed the pedaling platform and mid-stroke support using the new DW-Link version 5.

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Mo and Hannah Awesome MTB

Should You Buy the New Ibis Ripley? (Ripmo Replacement?)


I instantly felt at home in the bike.

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Ibis Ripely V4 – Best in Class 2020

The Ripley is much more than just a great pedaling bike and can be morphed to cater for a wide range of riders’ preferences.

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Review: Ibis Ripley

Ibis’ drastic changes to the Ripley’s geometry were needed if they wanted to stay on-point, but its’ still a fast-moving, nimble trail bike that best rewards smoothness and skill over blind courage.

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Ibis Ripley Review, V4

Ibis did a great job at blending a good suspension design with wide trail 29er tires and an aggressively smart geometry to make a bike suited for a little bit of everything.

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2020 Ibis Ripley – Long Term Review

This bike would be the perfect second bike for my 20-something self that rode a DH bike all the time.

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Review: XTR Equipped Ibis Ripley V4 May Be the Perfect Mix of Short Travel & Fun

The Ripley is certainly still an XC/Trail bike at its core, but it’s one that blurs the lines between short travel categories and makes a compelling argument for it being the ‘one’.

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The New Ibis Ripley is a Lively Shred Sled

Outside of enduro terrain, the Ripley is a fleet climber, fast as hell on most singletrack, and a snappy little thing, changing direction quick as a dragonfly.

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Mountain Bike Action

MBA Bike Test: Ibis Ripley V4

The bottom line is that the Ripley is a trail bike very well suited for the majority of trails out there.

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Review: The Updated and Refined Ibis Ripley 29er Trail Bike is Lighter, Even More Capable

Ibis has delivered a balanced and high-performance trail bike with the updated Ripley. This bike is capable and fun as hell on the descents, yet in a refreshing twist, is fun to climb on as well.

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Ride Demo Days

Review: The Ibis Ripley

I got to ride the new Ibis Ripley at Eagle this summer, and it was absolutely unreal.

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