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Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Giordano Viaggio. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

10 reasons to buy

  • Reports came in of the Viaggio sporting a solid, stiff and comfortable aluminum frame.
  • Although usually the most subjective component, seats were comfy for more than one owner.
  • The Shimano 8-speed shifters performed OK, despite front derailleur problems.
  • The forgiving 32c tires were seen as sufficient and smoothed out this bike’s ride. They were probably the least changed part on the Viaggio.
  • The biggest attraction of the Giordano Viaggio is how incredibly cheap it is. A frequent remark was that, ‘you get what you pay for’.
  • Owners commented on this bike’s appealing paint job.
  • It was very common to hear that this bike is good value, as long as buyers ‘knew what they were getting into’, and that they were prepared to make changes.
  • Some buyers found this bike fairly easy to assemble.
  • For some owners, the Viaggio arrived well-packed.
  • Upgraders and hobbyists found the Viaggio served well as a base frame.

18 reasons not to buy

  • Even the highest-rated reviews of the Viaggio recommended immediate replacement of the brakes, which most owners said had inadequate stopping-power and made them feel unsafe.
  • The bottom-bracket arrived greaseless and dry from the factory.
  • Many owners had difficulty tuning or using the front derailleur and were unable to change through chainrings. Mechanics said this was due to drivetrain components being mismatched.
  • Wheels often arrived out of true.
  • Hub cones came grossly overtightened, as confirmed by a professional mechanic.
  • The chain provided was too long, as asserted by bicycle mechanics.
  • A number of buyers received re-taped packages that they suspected were hasty repacks of returns.
  • The Viaggio is only available in one frame size.
  • Most riders reported that the chain tensioner was disruptively noisy.
  • Low-quality, old-school cup-and-cone bearings compromised quality and complicated maintenance.
  • Some owners found the decals to be ugly and were upset that they could not be removed.
  • Cyclist found that the frame flexed dangerously under the weight of two mid-sized riders.
  • Buyers sometimes received open packages and, understandably, parts were missing.
  • Instructions provided were for a single-seater bike.
  • The Viaggio was heavy, even for a tandem.
  • Acceleration was reported as being sluggish.
  • The braking surface of rims was frequently uneven, which interrupted the effectiveness of stopping by pads.
  • Most owners had to remove metal shavings from the inside of rims and replace poor-quality rim-tape, in order to avoid punctures.

Bottom line

As it arrives from the factory, the build of the Giordano Viaggio made most owners feel unsafe. A majority of five-star reviews suggested immediate replacement of both brakes. Others entered into a more thorough reconfiguration, suggesting replacement of many – if not most – components. A number of buyers said that they opted for the Viaggio knowing exactly what they were in for and approached this bike as an upgrade project from the outset. The result was an affordable two-seater that still slipped in under the standard price-point of one of the priciest classes of bike: the tandem.

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