important: Nuts and bolts on your bike should always be tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.

How to Replace a Freehub Body

Demonstrates how to remove and install a cassette freehub body. Requires a hub overhaul.

If your cassette cluster is loose or gets stiff you may need to replace your freehub body. To do this you’ll need a 10mm allen key, and you’ll have to first remove your cassette, axle and bearings as demonstrated in previous tutorials.

Freehub Removal

Once your cassette and bearings are removed, slide the 10mm allen key into the center of the hub, and loosen it by turning counter-clockwise. If the freehub is very tight and difficult to loosen you can get more leverage by mounting the allen key in a vice clamp and sliding the wheel down onto it. Then you can loosen the freehub by turning the wheel counter-clockwise.

Once the freehub body is removed, clean the hub surface and bolt and grease all the way around the bolt’s threads before re-installing.

Freehub Installation

Gently thread the new freehub body onto the hub splines and thread the bolt back into the hub. Using the allen key, torque the bolt to approximately 45Nm, or about 400 inch pounds.

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