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Release Year
Charge Time
6, 10 Hours
Maximum Range
50 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
500 W
50 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48 V 15 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
67.0, 69.5 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Flyer M880. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

16 reasons to buy

  • The M880 offers versatility to commuters, recreational riders, and those hauling cargo and children.
  • Reviewers say the M880 is a good value, offering sound components at an affordable price.
  • The M880 is a Class 2 bike. An independent throttle accelerates without pedaling.
  • With a 300 lb payload, the M880 can carry plenty of cargo and/or kids.
  • Reviewers confirm the M880 can cover 30 -61 mi on a full battery charge.
  • The M880’s upright ride position is comfortable and provides visibility for urban riding.
  • With a highly adjustable stem and 3 sizes available, M880 riders from 4’10” to 6’6” can achieve a precise fit.
  • 3.0” CST Big Boat tires provide good traction and “stable, predictable” handling.
  • Testers report the M880’s motor delivers smooth & measured electric assistance.
  • The M880’s battery is securely lockable & removable for off-bike charging.
  • Owners appreciate the M880’s beefy styling and integrated rack.
  • Integrated front and rear lights are included with the M880.
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes work alongside a motor cut-off feature, to stop this heavy bike adequately.
  • The M880 is equipped with a Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain.
  • The M880’s display shows a 5-bar battery level, PAS level, distance, speed & lighting status.
  • Reviewers found assembly to be straightforward, with Flyer’s provided tools.

8 reasons not to buy

  • Testers say the M880 struggles on steep and successive climbs.
  • A delay in assistance hobbles the M880’s ability to take off and keep up with traffic.
  • At 67 lb, Flyer’s M880 is impractical to carry up stairs or in elevators.
  • Mechanical disc brakes underwhelmed some testers.
  • Some reviewers say the M880’s battery housing may be susceptible to water entry.
  • Reviewers say this headlight isn’t bright enough for use in unlit areas.
  • Testers confirm the Flyer M880 does not travel well off-road.
  • Testers note the M880’s battery readout can be unreliable at lower levels.

Bottom line

Flyer’s M880 delivers versatility as a hauler of kids and cargo, as a recreational rider and as a commuter. It’s a Class 2 e-bike offering pedal-free throttle up to 20 mph. 3.0” tires ensure stability and comfort on paved and level surfaces. Reviewers were impressed with the M880’s on-road performance on moderate terrain. Testers confirm that this suspension-free rig is not at home on the rough stuff or steep inclines. It is affordable and it is versatile. It isn’t lightweight and it won’t win any races. A sound daily rider that makes some compromises to achieve a good value.

Expert Reviews

88/100 based on 3 rated expert reviews
BikeRide – Scott C.C

Radio Flyer M880 Electric Cargo Bike Review |


Today we are looking at the Flyer M880, a midtail, fat-tire, electric cargo bike. This modern offering comes to us from the classic brand Radio Flyer.

Front Right Angle

This affordable cargo/commuter e-bike brings excellent value at an attractive price point. Radio Flyer have stuck to their roots with this design. Solid craftsmanship and attention to detail result in a balanced offering for the first e-bike from this company.

While the M880 may leave some commuters seeking higher speeds and more torque, it is an excellent option for parents and families choosing their first e-bike. Uses for the M880 include; recreational riding, cargo hauling, commuting, and the capacity to bring your child along in a compatible Thule seat.

With a robust build and thoughtful choices for components and accessories, the Flyer M880 covers all the bases for a cargo/commuter while still looking great on the road. Overall, this is an impressive first e-bike with only a few drawbacks.

Let’s discuss the M880’s ‘Pros and Cons’ while taking an in-depth look at the bike


Today we are looking at the Flyer M880, a midtail, fat-tire, electric cargo bike. This modern offering comes to us from the classic brand Radio Flyer.

Front Right Angle

This affordable cargo/commuter e-bike brings excellent value at an attractive price point. Radio Flyer have stuck to their roots with this design. Solid craftsmanship and attention to detail result in a balanced offering for the first e-bike from this company.

While the M880 may leave some commuters seeking higher speeds and more torque, it is an excellent option for parents and families choosing their first e-bike. Uses for the M880 include; recreational riding, cargo hauling, commuting, and the capacity to bring your child along in a compatible Thule seat.

With a robust build and thoughtful choices for components and accessories, the Flyer M880 covers all the bases for a cargo/commuter while still looking great on the road. Overall, this is an impressive first e-bike with only a few drawbacks.

Let’s discuss the M880’s ‘Pros and Cons’ while taking an in-depth look at the bike’s specifications.

Rear Left Angle


  • Quality build.
  • Good components for the price range.
  • The bike performs its purpose well and will benefit those primarily looking to transport children and cargo.
  • The battery life and range are excellent. You will be able to cover long journeys without suffering range anxiety.
  • With its upright riding stance, the M880 is comfortable to pedal and maneuver. Beginners will find it intuitive to use.


  • This 500-watt motor may struggle to climb steep hills or tackle multiple inclines in succession.
  • The motor engages slowly. This leads to a delay in power when taking off and keeping pace with traffic, or when making a sudden pass.
  • The M880 is not rated for riding in wet conditions. The battery housing appears to allow water to enter, possibly contacting battery connections.
  • The attached headlight, while well-integrated, is not bright enough for true night riding.

Points of Note Regarding the Flyer M880

Our testers believe that potential buyers of the M880 should take these considerations into account. These factors result from purposeful design choices and compromises based on bike type, style, and category. For this reason, they are not viewed as ‘Cons’ against the bike.

  • Cargo bikes are heavy. This bike weighs almost 70 lb and can be cumbersome. It would not be easy to transport within an elevator or to carry up the stairs of your home/office.
  • The moped-style kickstand requires the back of the bike to be lifted. While it is very stable, this may be difficult for smaller individuals.
  • Class 2 e-bikes are limited to 20 mph. If you have a long commute, you may want to look at Class 3 e-bikes for their higher speed and larger motor.
  • The M880 is designed for use on smooth surfaces, including pavement and gravel paths (that are level and maintained). This bike has a rigid, heavy-duty frame with no suspension. It is not designed for travel on off-road surfaces and does not perform well over bumps, rocks, or roots.

What Is the M880 Midtail Cargo Bike?

The Flyer M880 is a midtail, fat-tire, electric cargo bike. With a robust integrated rear rack, it is slightly heavier than a commuter-specific e-bike. With 3.0” tires and 75+ pounds of front and rear rack storage, the bike is ready to work.

Side Left Straight-1

What Does It Do Best?

The M880 is a commuter/cargo bike that focuses on functionality and safety. This bike is best suited to:

  • Riders looking to carry kids and cargo.
  • General commuters.
  • Leisure riders.

The supplied moped-style kickstand holds the bike securely, allowing for easy loading. The M880 comes with integrated front and rear lights. Custom accessories, such as cargo racks and child seats, are available as aftermarket purchases. The bike’s step-through design makes it a breeze to ride with these accessories.

Who Should Buy This Bike?

The M880 is a strong choice for new e-bike riders looking for an urban/suburban cargo/commuter. It is a capable cargo hauler with kid-friendly accessories. The M880 will benefit users who are looking to take recreational rides, haul cargo and commute on one bike. It suits an owner who has access to a secure, ground-level location where they can store their bike.

Reasons to Look Elsewhere?

People should avoid this bike if:

  • They would like to travel faster than 20 mph.
  • Are focused on commuting.
  • Are looking for ample torque to keep up with traffic.

Commuters with very steep hills, bumpy off-road terrain, or a need to travel in rainy weather will also want to look at other options.


In our opinion, the Flyer M880 performs very closely to how it is advertised. It performs its duties well. Purchasers will be satisfied with the build quality and components. Don’t purchase this bike with expectations of high performance and speed. That’s not the role this e-bike seeks to fulfill. When it comes to cargo-hauling, pleasure-riding, and commuting in safety, the M880 feels like a solid choice. This is an affordable, city-focused, Class 2 cargo/commuter e-bike.

Rear Slight Angle


Electric Bike Class: Class 2

Warranty: 1-Year warranty. 15-day free trial.

Model Year: 2021

Total Weight: 69.5 lb

Battery Weight: 9.8 lb

Motor Brand: Unbranded.

Motor Type: Hub motor (geared, rear wheel).

Motor Nominal Output: 500 watts

Torque: 50 Nm

Battery: 48V 15Ah (687Wh) UL Tested Lithium-Ion Samsung 50E 21700 Cells.

Range: 30 to 50+ miles.


  • Front: LED headlight.
  • Rear: Integrated tail light with brake light.

Speed: Up to 20 mph

Pedal Assist: 5-level pedal assist with cadence sensor.

Display: LCD display showing speedometer, battery charge level, pedal assist level, odometer, and light indicator.

Charge Time: 6-10 hours for a full charge.

Throttle: Half-twist throttle.

Motor: 500W brushless hub motor.

Controller: 48V 500W

Charger: 54.6V, 2A smart charger operates on 100-240V AC outlets.

Brake Calipers: Tektro Aries MD-M300.

Brake Levers: Aluminum alloy levers with motor cut-off switch and integrated bell.

Brake Rotor: Tektro 180 mm front and rear.

Chain: KMC Z7 CrMo steel.

Frame: 6061 Aluminum.

Crankset: 44T, 170 mm forged alloy, dual-sided aluminum guard.

Derailleur: Shimano TY300 7-speed derailleur.

Fenders: Durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic.

Fork: Rigid steel.

Tires: CST Big Boat 26″ x 3.0″ with puncture resistant liners (front and rear).

Freewheel: Shimano TZ500 7-speed freewheel.

Grips: Ergonomic, Durable, TPE rubber.

Handlebar: Aluminum, 680 mm wide, 48 mm rise.

Headset: Semi-integrated, 1-1/8″ straight steerer tube.

Kickstand: Steel, dual-leg, spring-loaded.

Pedals: Integrated reflectors, CrMo axle, standard 9/16″ x 20 TPI threading.

Rims: Steel rims, 26″.

Saddle: Selle Royal Freeway.

Shifter: Shimano SL-TX50-7R shifter.

Spokes: 12-gauge stainless steel, black.

Stem: 100 mm, adjustable stem angle up to 60°.

Max Rider Capacity: 220 lb

Payload Capacity: 300 lb

Front Storage Capacity: 25 lb

Rear Rack Capacity: 80 lb

Battery Life: 50+ miles.


Front Right Angle

The M880’s frame is well-built and feels robust. Clean welds and lines give this bike a nice, utilitarian aesthetic. The integrated rack is very sturdy and blends into the frame. A compact battery design maintains this clean and simple look. There is no frame flex, despite the step-through frame style. Mounting and dismounting are simple, even with cargo on the rear. The frame is available in three sizes. The bike also features a highly adjustable stem. In combination with saddle height and angle, riders’ can tune the M880 to match their own preferences.  

Rear Wheel and Rack R Side


The 500-watt, 50 Nm unbranded motor effortlessly speeds you to 20 mph on level ground. It offers a welcome boost on mild-to-moderate hills. The motor is capable of tackling steeper inclines with the help of your legs, but beware of tackling multiple hills in a row during a long commute! It loses speed quickly up hills and can become overwhelmed. The programming favors range over torque, so don’t expect to be racing up hill after hill. Performance is flawless on moderate terrain, with an impressive range-per-charge, capable of handling the majority of commutes with ease. Overall, it would be difficult to see a rider left wanting with its capacity.

This Class 2 e-bike runs at 20 mph, easily. However, when coming down from higher speeds, the motor can be slow to engage, waiting until 17-18 mph to apply power again. We noted that this delay in response seems to be purposeful, to ensure there is no jerkiness when applying power. The motor is reasonably loud under load, nothing too annoying, but it’s clear this is a powered unit. 


Cockpit and Control

The cockpit is clean and well-configured, with well-organized wiring and integrated lights (controlled from the display). When adding a mounted basket, Flyer supplies additional hardware components for mounting the front light. Operation of the bike is intuitive. The M880’s display is large enough to see while riding. It offers function without a ton of extras. When powered, the screen display indicates the odometer, speed, and five-bar battery level. Toggling the three buttons allows you to view the lifetime odometer, trip distance, and battery level (in volts). You can also adjust the bike’s five pedal assist levels, activate lighting and access walk mode.


The half-twist throttle is fun and easy to use, while offering a good way to get this heavy bike started without pedaling. The Shimano shifter is very intuitive and offers visual indicators for the gears, both from the shifting window and the position of the shifter.


Braking is comfortable. You can fit several fingers on the brake levers to assist with applying power to the mechanical brakes.

Charger and Battery


The Flyer is supplied with a 48V 15Ah (687Wh) battery using UL-tested, Lithium-Ion, Samsung 50E 21700 cells. This battery offers impressive range, even in the highest assist level. Distances of 30 miles are attainable, as Flyer claims. To ensure you always make it home (even when going long distances), the computer is programmed to preserve battery life as it drains. Due to this feature, you may have slightly less power available at lower battery levels.

Charger, Battery and Removal, Keys


The bike comes with a neat Flyer-branded two-amp charger and cable.

Charge port

The charging port is located conveniently on the top of the battery (near the cockpit). This is a great feature, as it keeps it away from the cranks and makes the port easy to access. The battery is easily removed with a key, by inserting and turning it in the slot above the battery housing, on the right side of the downtube. This keyhole is located in a position that is accessible, without being obtrusive.

battery and key

The battery locks and unlocks with a satisfying click and is easy to remove and install. The battery is easily removed for charging, which helps to reduce the bike’s overall weight when transporting it indoors. The battery takes 6 to 10 hours to fully charge, due to its large capacity!

Attention to detail is evident in the overall appearance, ease of use and comfortable design of these features.


Shifting is easy, with compliments to Shimano for the Tourney shifter, rear derailleur and 7-speed cassette. Up front, you have a 44-tooth, 170 mm, forged-alloy crankset with a dual-sided aluminum guard.


Shifting is clean and gearing matches the capability of the motor, with its top speed of 20 mph. At higher speeds, you do lose the ability to pedal and are left just rolling along for the ride. The lowest gear tackles larger hills with minimal effort. 

Drivetrain 1

All in all, the bike is well outfitted and suited to its intended purpose. The choice of name-brand drivetrain components is a great bonus.

Brakes and Motor Switch

Brakes m2

Braking is taken care of with a set of Tektro Aries MD-M300 mechanical calipers and 180 mm rotors, as a nice assist. By opting to go with the Tektro brand, Flyer have shown an investment in reliability. The aluminum levers are comfortable to use. However, they do not feature a reach adjustment. The included motor cut-off on the brakes is a great safety feature. These brakes have good stopping power and feel reliable, though they become noisy under certain conditions (which can be disconcerting). A hydraulic disc brake would be a nice upgrade. These are present on some other bikes in a similar price range.  


Wheels, Tires and Fenders

The bike’s 3.0” CST Big Boat tires are large and offer a comfortable ride on the road. Cornering is decent and the ride is comfortable with the cushioning provided by these tires. The included puncture protection is also a nice touch to keep your riding problem-free.

The 26″ wheels feel well-suited to the bike. When combined with the over-sized tires, they actually perform closer to how a 27.5” wheel would roll, and cover ground efficiently. The front wheel features a quick-release front axle, allowing for easy tire removal. The rear wheel uses a bolt-on rear axle. They use 36-spoke steel rims and appear robust overall.

Front Left Side

Fenders are composed of hard plastic with metal hangers and are easy enough to install (after some finagling on set-up). They fit snugly and perform well under most conditions. When faced with bumps and uneven surfaces, some movement is seen that can produce tire rub and noise. But again, this bike is not designed for uneven surfaces.


The M880 feels friendly to ride, with a smooth ramp-up in power at all assist levels. This is a nice feature when cargo or kids are in tow on the rear rack. The brakes feature a motor cut-off, ensuring you can come to a stop quickly from full power. The rear brake light always illuminates when braking. The front and rear lights can be used for nighttime driver awareness. This bike also features reflectors on the pedals and wheels as an added safety feature. If you purchase the additional baskets (with included basket liners) as add-ons, reflective Flyer logos are present at both the front and rear of the bike. An integrated bell, located on the left brake lever, allows you to alert other road users. 



Enthusiasm for the moped-style kickstand is down to personal preference. It is a very sturdy stand, holding the bike well with no fear of falling. You can easily load gear and work on the bike with the stand engaged. However, to disengage or engage the stand, you must lift the rear of the bike and kick the stand forward. This was not an issue for larger individuals, but those who are smaller-framed may find it difficult to lift and kick the stand at the same time. Design-wise, it performs its intended job very well and is a good choice for a cargo bike. 

Contact Points

These items are dependent on personal preference, but Flyer has offered some good components out of the box.

Peddle Left

The Wellgo flat pedals are comfortable to ride on and offer good traction underfoot. These pedals have a BMX or flat MTB style. Overall, they are a solid choice for performance, durability and price. The pins are pretty aggressive, so riders should be careful not to take a hit to the shin! Your foot does feel very secure on the pedal, with no slip. 

The grips are ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to hold while operating the throttle and brake.

Flyer has made good design choices, regarding their saddle selection and choice of pedals and grips. The majority of users would be ready to ride with them, out of the box.

Accessories and Add-Ons

The bike comes with a range of included and optional accessories. These include front and rear storage baskets, integrated front and rear LED lights, and Thule child seats.  


The lights are a nice touch. However, the front light was a bit disappointing, since it is advertised as a high-intensity headlight. The light is much better suited to enhancing your own visibility to motorists, rather than for illuminating the path ahead. 

Rear Light

The rear light engages to indicate braking, which is a great touch. Both lights are powered by the battery and from the control pad.

All-in-all, the lights are a great inclusion, but we sought more power from the headlight.


The additional baskets are well crafted and of fantastic design. Their frames feel robust and, like the built-in rack, they appear to be capable of more than the rated weight (50 lb and 25 lb, respectively). The canvas liners are a great touch. They feature thick material that appears water-resistant, snap-button attachment points on four sides, integrated zippered pouches for carrying a phone or keys and two bottle/cup holders upfront. They attach to the bike easily and securely with the included mounting hardware, enhancing the cargo capabilities of the bike significantly.

Electric Bike Report

Radio Flyer M880 Review 2022

The M880 a nice balance of everyday utility for running errands and getting to work, combined with just flat-out fun. Unfortunately, in the throttle-only test, Hell Hole hill got the best of the M880, and the bike was unable to get up the climb under motor power alone.

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Flyer E-Bike Review

The M880 is great for someone new to e-bikes looking to cruise around the neighborhood, commute, or haul small loads. It’s slower accelerating with pedal assist and a little faster with throttle. I didn’t see any significant struggle until I tried to climb hills over 8% grade.

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I Tested Radio Flyer’s First Electric Bike,
and It’s Even More Fun Than Their Red Wagons

Most bikes don’t have the combination of battery capacity, rugged design, comfortable ride, and brand legacy that you’ll find here. The fact that the rack is integrated into the frame makes it extra sturdy. The M880 is very much an on-road bike.

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Electric Revolution

Radio Flyer Makes a Bike

This is a good option for a bike to haul your kids around and make small trips. My app recorded 22.45 mi with 3723 ft elevation gain. So, 6 mph, 15% grade hill with a 185 lb rider. Tektro 180 mm disc brakes coming down the same hill took me about 30 ft to stop.

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Flyer M880 Electric Bike Review – Fun for the Whole Family

It’s handling these off-road trails very nicely, just a couple of ruts here and there, and a little bit of mud. For the most part, this is easy-going on these 3” tires, then once we start hitting some bigger stuff you start to feel it a little bit more.

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Chris Crossed

Flyer M880 Cargo E-Bike – Family Friendly Ride

Perfect for a family of two. You and your wife would have a ton of fun on these things. You can buy those expensive Tern cargo bikes, which I see a lot of rich people buying out in Brooklyn, but the M880 is a great alternative if you don’t want to spend a ton of money.

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Roxann Pierce

Radio Flyer M880 Electric Bike – Grandma’s Review

I would recommend it, definitely. Sometimes when I’m taking off I’m kind of wobbly but if I hit the throttle right away I get smoothed out and then then I go right to pedal assist. The only other concern I have is I have no way to carry the battery. It’s pretty heavy.

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The Gadgeteer

Radio Flyer M880 Midtail Fat Tire Electric Cargo Bike Review

The bike is ridiculously solid, comes very well packaged, and rides like a dream. For me, 20 mph on a bicycle is more than adequate and the throttle is responsive. The brakes work well and I use them a lot.

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Save Me Steve

Radio Flyer M880 E-Bike Review

The M880 is a well-priced entry into the e-bike market. A great ride for recreation or utility. We found the M880 was fun and comfortable to ride, and its added power helped swiftly navigate traffic and made formerly out-of-reach destinations part of our new biking routine.

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