Fiido L3

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Release Year
Charge Time
8 Hours
Maximum Range
120 Miles
Top Speed
15.5 mph
350 W
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 23.2Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
53 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Fiido L3. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

13 reasons to buy

  • The L3 fits riders from 5'0" to 6'5" and supports up to 265lb.
  • Several reviewers praise the solid construction and high-quality finish.
  • The L3 has lights, a loud horn, fenders, and a rear rack.
  • Fiido provides a three-year warranty on the frame.
  • Expert testing shows the claimed battery life (120 miles on pedal assist level 1, 80 miles on throttle only) to be realistic.
  • The bike measures 26.77” x 14.57” x 25.98” when folded. One expert says they could fit two in their car's trunk.
  • The L3 has a helpful stand that supports the bike when folded.
  • Many riders compliment the smooth ride and surprising ability on light off-road terrain.
  • Testers report that the L3 feels stable, despite the small 14" wheels.
  • Experts say the "torquey" 350W motor and 48V battery deliver impressive climbing ability.
  • According to reviewers and owners, the mechanical disc brakes are powerful.
  • Fiido ships the L3 fully assembled. Buyers only need to unfold the bike and install its pedals and seat.
  • Reviewers appreciate the sturdy kickstand and frame-integrated carry handle.

6 reasons not to buy

  • Many reviewers find it impractical to pedal at speeds higher than roughly 8mph.
  • Several experts and owners complain about noise and a pulsating sensation from the brakes.
  • Testers say there is a delay of two or three pedal strokes before assistance kicks in.
  • The L3 doesn't have a locking mechanism to keep the handlebars or frame in place when folded.
  • Unlike e-bikes made for the US market, the L3 has a max speed of just 15.5mph.
  • Multiple riders say they would prefer the increased stability and comfort provided by 20" wheels.

Bottom line

The Fiido L3 is a compact folding e-bike with 14" wheels and impressive range. With a throttle and such a large battery, there's scarcely a need to pedal. Despite some minor design gripes, this electric bike proves to be a capable, practical, and fun commuter. Additionally, it easily fits in a closet or trunk. The L3 won't suit riders who want to go fast or work on their fitness, but it's a solid option for those seeking a convenient and affordable urban e-bike.

Expert Reviews

84/100 based on 6 rated expert reviews
Electric Revolution

Fiido’s L3 Collapsible & Compact Electric Bike Test & Review

A small bike with a huge range, perfect for vacations and road trips.

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Fiido L3 E-Bike Review: Comfortable City Commuting for a Week on a Single Charge

This is not a bike designed to help you challenge hill country on a regular basis, but if you have a fairly flat commute, you can trust that the Fiido L3 will get you there quickly for miles on end without worrying at all about charging.

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Fiido L3 Review – Foldable E-Bike With a Huge Battery

The Fiido L3 is a practical means of transportation that not only offers a lot of driving fun but is also comparatively inexpensive to buy. On short trips, it would be an ideal companion…

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GizChina Italia

Fiido L3 Review: Infinite Range and Compact Size

If you are looking for a compact, powerful pedal-assisted bike with the best range, you need to include the Fiido L3 among the models to be evaluated.

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Tech Advisor

Fiido L3 Review

The Fiido L3 is a good-value foldable electric bike with great range. The single-speed ratio is geared to slower speeds, but for city dwellers who can’t easily charge the battery or can’t be bothered to, it’s a great way to get from A to B quickly.

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Toms Hardware Italia

Fiido L3, Super-Compact E-Bike With 250KM Range | Review [Italian]

Fiido L3 is an electric bicycle that is easy to recommend, as its two strengths also represent the possible characteristics that a user could look for: maximum compactness once folded, and very high range.

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Fiido L3 E-Bike Review: This Electric Bike Is Basically a Giant Battery With Wheels

To me, the Fiido L3 is the ultimate tiny folding e-bike that still fits larger riders (even if they look a bit funny). It’s got the power, the weight capacity, and the range to make it a great urban e-bike. Just steer clear of those potholes!

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Expedition Electric

Review of Fiido L3 Folding Electric Bike [Insane Battery]

I love the comfy seat and comfy ride, and the battery range is insane. I love the ability to fold the bike into a compact space and transport this monster battery bike to any location.

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Martijn Wester

A Fun, But Kinda Strange E-Bike! 🤏 Fiido L3 E-Bike Review

The L3 is fun but a bit strange at times, which is mainly due to the lack of gears. They removed the second seat, which I really liked on the L2. They have downsized the wheel size to 14-inch, and it doesn’t have suspension. On the other hand, the L3 does have a powerful 350W motor, the range is uniquely long, and it’s surprisingly compact.

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Fiido L3 Review in 2022 – My Favorite Compact E-Bike Yet!

The amazing battery life makes the Fiido L3 my top recommendation and my personal go-to compact e-bike that I’ve enjoyed using for the past six months.

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Fiido L3 Review (Powerful Long-Range Foldable Mini E-Bike)

The L3 is so harsh. I can’t imagine that this is good for the frame or the battery or for any component of this bike. But hey, if you have perfect streets which are also flat, then this is 100% the perfect bike for you.

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The E-Bike With a Crazy 130KM Range? Can It Really Do 130KM? Fiido L3 Review

Really, I think you need to think long and hard. Do you need a foldable bike? I would prefer and recommend a D4S or the D11 over this unless you need the super-compact size.

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ChrisViral Vlogs

Fiido L3 Review After 1 Week

This is a great bike. If it had suspension and regenerative braking, it would be perfect.

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Chigz Tech Reviews

Fiido L3 Electric Bike – 130KM Range – Powerful 350W Motor – Removable Battery – Any Good?

This bike offers great overall build quality, great design, super battery life, some nifty little features built in, and an overall smooth and quiet electric bike which offers comfort and safety.

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2021 Fiido L3 Folding Commuter E-BIke Review

It’s pretty hard to find things to dislike about this bike; you really have to kind of nitpick. This bike has an absurd range, you get other features, and it’s a zippy little bike.

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Fiido L3 Full Review [After 2 Weeks]

All things considered, I had a pretty fun two weeks riding and testing this beautiful Fiido L3.

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Fiido L3 Foldable Electric Bike Speed Hack & Full Review

The Fiido L3 feels like a popular model for urban commuters who want something they can easily take on the train or throw in their car and use as a last-mile vehicle.

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TDR Drones Ebikes and Scooters

Fiido L3 E-Bike Unbox, Setup and Ride

The Fiido L3 — boy, this is a sweet one here. It’s reasonably priced… for something with that size of a battery. This is pretty awesome.

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Fiido L3 Folding Electric Bike Long Range

I really like the way this thing’s put together, and it’s so small and so light. Yeah, I think this is definitely a scooter replacement.

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Steve McCormack

Fiido L3: This Little Piggy Went to Market

Other than the fact that the handlebars don’t come up high enough, the bike seems to be delivering what it says on the box.

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The Gadgeteer

Fiido L3 Commuter E-Bike Review – Go the Distance and Then Some

When I received the L3, I was expecting a workhorse – something that would get me around the neighborhood. What I didn’t expect was just how fun that workhorse is to ride.

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Review of the Fiido L3 Folding Electric Bike: Insanely Powerful Battery – 200KM on a Single Charge [Vietnamese]

The L3 suits people who are looking for a strong e-bike for regular use commuting or going to school.

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