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Release Year
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
17.2, 19 lbs
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Cinelli Tipo Pista. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

19 reasons to buy

  • The frame conveyed stiffness and pliancy to riders.
  • Even though it’s intended as a fixed-gear bike, the Tipo Pista comes equipped with optional brakes.
  • The no-name chainring, cogs and chain seemed durable to one expert.
  • Cranks are short enough that pedal-scrape was rare, on-road or in the velodrome.
  • The saddle was portrayed as cushy and comfortable.
  • Flat-topped handlebars and a moderate drop, meant that this bike was street-rideable.
  • The Tipo Pista can be used in the velodrome with an adjusted ratio, where it rides aggressively.
  • Owners said this was beautiful steed. The Cinelli logo bartape rocked pop-appeal.
  • Grimpeurs reported that the Tipo Pista climbed well.
  • The 48x17 gear ratio was rated as highly suitable for road-riding.
  • This bike features stainless-steel-plated rear dropouts to protect the frame from tight wheel-nuts.
  • The drivetrain proved sturdy and worthy of fixed-gear abuse.
  • Cyclists reported that the Tipo Pista climbed well.
  • The columbus carbon/alloy fork was light and sported a steep angle with minimal rake. This bestowed sharp handling and feisty cornering upon the Tipo Pista.
  • Thrashers deemed the Tipo Pista to be a durable bike.
  • The drivetrain proved sturdy and worthy of fixed-gear abuse.
  • Carbon forks sucked up bumps with nary a concern.
  • As a complete build, the bike was lightweight. Owners appreciated it.
  • The Tipo Pista sports clean, minimalist lines with no cable-guides, eyelets, bottle-bosses or space for mudguards.

10 reasons not to buy

  • The Tipo Pista sports clean, minimalist lines but no cable-guides, eyelets, bottle-bosses or space for mudguards.
  • Satin-finish on bartape was not to everyone’s liking
  • The square-taper crank struck experts as average.
  • Minimal front-end flex meant less comfort on long rides.
  • The painted rims are worn down by brake pads, detracting from their luster. Additionally, their heft diminished the bike’s acceleration potential.
  • Toe-overlap was noticeable at slow speeds, which may disrupt less-experienced fixed-gear cyclists.
  • The provided brakes were seen as average by one expert, who described pads as plasticky and difficult to adjust.
  • In one instance, an online buyer received a bike with scratches on the framework, incorrect bartape and a front wheel that didn’t fit fork dropouts. It was suspected to be a mismailed return.
  • This bike is only supplied with cross-top brake levers, which form an obstacle to grip position when upright and prohibit hand-braking in the drops.
  • As a fixed-focused bike, no freewheel is provided.

Bottom line

Cinelli has a cult following amongst some members of the fixed-gear fraternity. Because of this reputation, it can seem to buyers that all fixed-gear Cinellis are high-end machines of an elite Italian pedigree. For some models, this is true. But as one satisfied owner described it, the Tipo Pista is really a good quality, mid-range, average weight bike. With minimal adjustments, the Tipo Pista can easily be ridden as a freewheel commuter or at the velodrome. It isn’t a purebred track-bike, but with continual upgrades it has the potential to become many things.

Expert Reviews

70/100 based on 1 expert reviews

Cinelli Tipo Pista Singlespeed Bike Review

With easily spinnable gearing, a light frame and razor-sharp handling, the Tipo is great fun for hacking around on.

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