Cannondale Moterra Neo

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Release Year
Charge Time
4.9, 6.5 Hours
Maximum Range
67, 60 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
250 W
85, 60 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
36 V 16.7 Ah, 36 V 13.4 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
54.4, 52.5 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Cannondale Moterra Neo. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

19 reasons to buy

  • The Cannondale Moterra Neo is an attractive e-mountain bike with a battery and motor cleanly integrated into its downtube.
  • Test riders found the Fabric brand grips and saddle increased comfort.
  • Massive 200mm brake rotors and Magura hydraulic disc brakes provide great stopping power and enhanced control for riders.
  • Testers agree that the Ai offset in the rear of the bike provides riders with greater stability and mud clearance.
  • The bike is available in sizes S through XL. Cannondale fits the size small Moterra Neo with 27.5" tires and wheels. Larger sizes come standard with 29” tires.
  • With 500Wh and 625Wh batteries, the Moterra Neo provides riders with the capability of riding up to 30% further on this e-mountain bike than others in its category.
  • The bike has a light integrated into the stem. The light is easy to adjust from high to low beam with a switch on the handlebars.
  • The battery can easily be charged on or off the bike. A key allows users to remove the battery.
  • Purian and Kiox display screens make it easy to read one’s speed, battery life, distance and more.
  • Experts found the bike stable through corners, with its long wheelbase.
  • Increased assistance levels in the newest models of the Moterra Neo provide riders with a lively ride, according to one expert.
  • The Moterra's geometry places riders in a central upright riding position. Riders found this comfortable for long days in the saddle.
  • An aluminum skid plate protects the battery and motor in the downtube.
  • Maxxis or WTB tires (depending on the build) allow riders to traverse a variety of mountain terrain and use the Cannondale Moterra Neo as a self-shuttle trail bike.
  • With 160mm cranks, riders can pedal in areas where they would have to coast with longer cranks.
  • Steering is responsive and predictive, descending on the Cannondale Moterra Neo.
  • The Moterra's geometry never made riders feel as though they were going to go over the bars, even on the steepest descents.
  • Cannondale utilizes proportional response on the Moterra Neo, which makes for a consistent feel in the suspension for riders on every size of the bike.
  • The motor has great torque management. Experts found there was no lag between engaging and disengaging the pedal assist.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Experts were disappointed to find that the short seat tube limits riders to a 150mm dropper post.
  • Some testers found that the brake pads were under specced for the brakes used on the Moterra Neo.
  • The battery cover is hard to secure in place if it is dirty.

Bottom line

Cannondale's Moterra Neo is an attractive e-mountain bike. Experts found it great for traversing a variety of terrain. The bike’s battery and motor are integrated into the downtube. An aluminum skid plate provides them both with excellent protection. The bike is comfortable for long days in the saddle. Maxxis or WTB tires (depending on the build option) provide traction and control through corners. Some found the bike’s brake pads under-specced and that the seatpost limited the dropper post length.

Expert Reviews

85/100 based on 2 rated expert reviews

Cannondale Moterra Neo 2 Review

The Moterra Neo 2’s carbon frame and 160mm of travel is versatile, nimble, and fun whether you’re climbing or descending.

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Mountain Bike Rider

Cannondale Moterra Neo SE Review (2020)

Cannondale’s Moterra Neo SE has been modified for more extreme riding; same 160mm travel frame but it has been hopped up with a 180mm RockShox Boxxer fork.

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The Loam Wolf

Cannondale Moterra

There is no denying that the Cannondale Moterra climbs very well for a 160mm eMTB, and the steering is precise and snappy.

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Best Day Ever MTB

Cannondale Moterra Review

Overall, it’s an outstanding bike. I really enjoyed riding it.

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Jon Peters - Longview Woodworking

Is an E-Bike for You? Cannondale Moterra Neo 2 Is a Game Changer!

It is just a ton of fun. The motor is a Bosch motor. It’s located just a little front and forward of the crank.

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Electric Mountain Bike Network

Cutting Loose: An E-MTB Ride With Josh Bryceland: All New 2020 Cannondale Moterra First Look

Downhill tires, with the triple clamps. It’s got a good feel, that bike.

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Trail Tracker

Cannondale Moterra First Ride

For a bike of its size it felt much more agile than I was expecting.

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First Ride of the New Canndale Moterra Neo SE E-Bike

I think as a bike, if you were going to buy this as a complete bike, I think it’s fantastic.

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Cannondale Moterra 1 in Review

The Moterra 1 is Cannondale’s flagship model, featuring a completely redesigned carbon frame and the new Bosch motor. Smart details promise performance on the trail and in everyday life.

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Electric Bike Action Bike Test: Cannondale Moterra NEO

When we started out with the Moterra, we were not convinced we would enjoy it, as it didn’t shout out its credentials to us straight away just by looking at it. However, after continued riding and really great experiences in some difficult trail conditions, we started to explore the limits, which we could not find.

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