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15 reasons to buy

  • With five sizes and women-specific builds, the Cannondale Habit suits a wide range of riders.
  • The bike is set up to run 29” or 27.5” wheels and tires. The flip chip adjustment allows riders to adjust the geometry of the bike from a 29" wheel set up to a 27.5” set up.
  • The bike comes stock with 29” wheels and tires, except for on size XS of the bike. Size XS comes with 27.5” wheels to better suit smaller riders. The XS version of the Cannondale Habit fits riders as short as 4’11”.
  • The women’s build of the bike has a shorter stem. This allows women with narrower shoulders to run wider bars when riding the Habit for greater stability.
  • Cannondale’s proportional response adjusts the suspension linkage on every size of the bike to provide consistent response for riders of all sizes when handling, pedaling and braking on the Habit.
  • The bike’s low bottom bracket allows riders to stay on their line during descents.
  • The Maxxis tires provide excellent traction over a variety of terrain and assist riders in cornering confidently.
  • The offset rear improves the spoke bracing angle to increase stiffness for greater efficiency and power transfer when riding the Habit.
  • The 12-speed drivetrain provides riders with a wide range of gears to tackle a variety of trails on the Cannondale Habit.
  • The bike’s wide bars, stable suspension and grippy tires provide riders with stability and control on technical climbs and lively descents.
  • The hydraulic disc brakes on the Habit are responsive and provide excellent stopping power.
  • One expert noted the Fabric FunGuy grips on the bike are very comfortable, even without gloves.
  • A fender is included with the bike to protect riders from mud and debris on the trail.
  • The cables are internally routed, giving the bike a crisp and clean appearance.
  • The Habit has clear stickers on it protecting the seat stays and chainstay.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The seat tube angle is not steep enough. Experts found it hard to keep the front wheel down on steep climbs.
  • The offset wheel makes it difficult to swap out or upgrade wheels. The wheels need to be redished to be compatible with the Cannondale Habit.
  • Experts found the seat tube on the bike to be too tall. One cannot use the dropper to its fullest potential.

Bottom line

The Cannondale Habit is a great all-around trail bike. Experts agree that it is capable of many things, but the bike does not shine in one particular area. The Cannondale Habit has proportional response, allowing the linkage of the suspension to be proportional to the frame size to ensure consistency across all sizes of the bike. The Habit is available in sizes XS to XL with women-specific builds. Experts agree the Habit would benefit from a steeper seat tube angle and shorter seat tube.
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Expert Reviews

78/100 based on 6 rated expert reviews
Mountain Bike Rider

Cannondale Habit Carbon 3

The Cannondale Habit Carbon 3 doesn’t feel like a short-travel bike in the same way as the Giant Trance. It’s not as efficient and doesn’t cover ground as quickly, but it feels more capable when the going gets rough. You can still do big rides on the Habit; you’ll just have more of a laugh along the way.

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Switchback Travel

Cannondale Habit

Connecticut-based Cannondale has always done things a little differently, but their revamped and surprisingly mainstream 2019 Habit seeks to make them a top contender once again. With its fresh design and graphics, up-to-date features, and all-around good looks, this new trail bike made a lasting impression on our testers.

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Bike Perfect

Cannondale Habit 5 Review

There are loads of elements to good suspension bike design and while it’s weighty with some spec snags Cannondale has got most of them well dialed on the Habit 5. However, it’s the exceptional rear end performance that makes it an awesome play bike for the price.

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Cannondale Habit Carbon 3 2020 Review

The Habit Carbon 3 is a ripping mid-travel trail bike that excels on the descents.

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Cannondale Habit 6 2019 Review

The new Cannondale Habit 6 is a mid-travel trail bike that excels on the descents thanks to a modern long and slack geometry.

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Cannondale Habit Carbon 3 Review

The Habit is, or at least can be, an absolute riot of a bike.

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Tested: Ben’s Cannondale Habit Carbon 2 Review

With the Habit Carbon 2 you pay a premium price for a fun and energetic ride that is more capable than a 130mm bike should be. Just budget for some tougher wheels and rear tyre if you are a heavier or faster rider.

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Field Test: Cannondale Habit Carbon

Riding the original Habit reminded me that a little less bike could make trail riding a lot more fun. But, it didn’t take too long before I began to dream about a stiffer chassis, 29inch wheels, and more capable frame numbers. This new Habit has all those things – and the outdated Lefty has been replaced with a proper fork.

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Bible Review: Cannondale Habit Carbon 2/3

Testers agreed that the Habit is best suited to a somewhat-conservative rider—one who isn’t concerned with playing and popping around on every trail feature, or at least doesn’t need their bike to root them on.

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Good Trails

2019 Cannondale Habit: Ride and Review

Final thoughts on this bike… It really likes going downhill, just throw on some lighter tires and this bike will love going up and down.

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The Wildly Fun, But Limited Cannondale Habit: Trail Bike of the Year Contender

It’s an agile, poppy, involving bike to ride.

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Demo Day: 2019 Cannondale Habit 3 Review and Test Ride

This is the bike I’d spend my money on if I was in the market for a trail ‘29er.

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Guy Kesteven

Cannondale Habit 5 Mountain Bike Live Ride Review

This is a proper bomber of a bike, for not a lot of cash.

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Dark Rider

Cannondale Habit 6 Short Review

I’m loving riding it.

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Outdoor Activist

Cannondale Habit 6 Bike Check and First Ride

I don’t know why you need anything else it’s like, it’s just absolutely perfect.

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MTB yumyum

2019 Cannondale Habit Carbon 1 Test Ride & Review

For an all-arounder, it’s definitely one to go look at.

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Cannondale Habit Review

It’s a fun bike. If you’re looking for an uber serious bike, I don’t know if this is your best bet.

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Social Distancing on My First Full Suspension: 2019 Cannondale Men’s Habit 6 29er KS Dropper Post

It matches my skill level perfectly, as far as where I’m at.

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This Old MTB

Cannondale Habit 6 Mountain Bike (Aluminum) Review

This wasn’t my first choice, but now I really like it.

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[Tested] Cannondale Habit Carbon 3

With the Habit, we found a bike that looks very good, doesn’t scare anyone away with an alien design or geometry, and rides well in most terrain.

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First Ride: The 2019 Cannondale Habit is Shockingly Normal

The Habit 2 might not be the lightest, fastest bike out there, but it’s a reliable climber, has a good aggressive spec, and is able to take anything most trail centers would throw at it.

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Cannondale Bicycles Habit 2 2019

Cannondale turns over a new leaf with the Habit of creating a versatile trail bike that balances climbs and descents with great style. Fun, playful and fast, despite feeling under-gunned in the rough, its solid geometry keeps it on track and a smile on your face.

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The New Habit Carbon 3 Is Cannondale’s Best Mountain Bike Ever

So while the Habit isn’t the boldest bike Cannondale ever made, it is the best mountain bike Cannondale has ever made.

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ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

Cannondale Habit Carbon 1 on Test – A Relaxed and Comfortable Trekking Bike

The Cannondale Habit Carbon is more of a good-natured, comfortable touring bike than a playful and precise trail bike.

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Vital Rides the All-New Cannondale Habit

With more travel, bigger wheels, and a different approach to suspension design, the all-new 2019 Habit becomes a much more versatile trail weapon.

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An Everyday Shredder, the Cannondale Habit Is Ready For Anything

The Cannondale Habit Women’s 1 is a trail bike that’s a great choice for all-around performance.

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Canadian MTB

First Impressions: Cannondale Habit Al 4

After a positive first impression, I’m looking forward to seeing how much the Habit Al 4 is capable of when pushed really hard. But, even on the first rides, it feels like a bike that will make any ride more fun by adding confidence and control.

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Mountain Bike Action

Bike Test: Cannondale Habit Carbon 29

We were fans of the Habit 27.5 that we tested a few years ago, and we are fans of the Habit 29. It is a simple yet modern bike that delivers a great all-around ride.

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