Aventon Sinch Step-Through

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Release Year
Charge Time
4, 5 Hours
Maximum Range
40 Miles
Top Speed
20 mph
500 W
50 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48V 14Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
68 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Aventon Sinch Step-Through. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

14 reasons to buy

  • The Sinch ST folds smoothly at the frame, handlebars and pedals, to fit in your car boot or closet.
  • A 48V 14Ah battery ensures a realistic maximum range of around 40 miles.
  • Stylin’ design cues and tanwall tires confirm the Sinch ST as a real stunner.
  • With a low-slung step-through frame, the Sinch ST is easy to mount and dismount.
  • 7 gears couple with 5 assist levels to provide plenty of gear range for all terrains.
  • Reviewers say that there is very little delay when pedal-assist engages.
  • With an adjustable-height handlebar, the Sinch ST fits riders 4’11” to 6’3”.
  • Tires? The Sinch ST’s 4” fatties are ready to roll over various surfaces.
  • A 45mm suspension fork counters small-wheel bump feedback on uneven roads.
  • The Sinch ST has an easily readable full-color display that syncs with Aventon’s app.
  • With a 3-amp charger, the Sinch ST’s battery is fully juiced in 4 to 5 hours.
  • The Sinch ST's display shows trip time, ‘calories burned’ and ‘trees saved’.
  • Testers found the Sinch ST very quick and easy to assemble with included tools.
  • A sturdy kickstand is included with the Sinch ST.

5 reasons not to buy

  • At 68lb, the Sinch ST is heavy enough to create its own miniature gravity field.
  • With no fenders, mud and water soaked Sinch ST riders.
  • Some testers would prefer the power of hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Lights are not included with the Sinch ST.
  • Higher quality means a higher asking price, compared to some of the competition.

Bottom line

The Sinch Step-Through is a refined version of Aventon’s Sinch foldable Class 2 e-bike. This frame is easier to mount and dismount, for less agile riders. It’s also much spunkier, due to a design overhaul and tanwall tires. With a folding frame, handlebars and pedals, the Sinch ST suits RV and van-lifers as well as inner-city dwellers with limited storage capacity. At 68lb it may be too heavy to carry up multi-level walk-ups to home or work. The Sinch ST is not suited to serious off-roading as the 45mm suspension fork can easily bottom-out. For riding on smooth surfaces, broken pavement and gentle dirt roads, this easy-to-fold and easy-to-ride bike will suit many commuters and travellers.

Expert Reviews

90/100 based on 1 rated expert review

The Aventon Sinch Step-Through Foldable Ebike

If you want a nice, easy-going, cruising bike that will still get you up the hills, this will do it.

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eBikepedia | Freshly Charged

The New Aventon Sinch is a Great Foldable, Fat Tire, Step-Through Ebike

The Aventon Sinch is the best-looking folding e-bike that we’ve ever reviewed. If you want a foldable e-bike, but don’t want to settle for lower quality, you should keep the Aventon Sinch ST in mind.

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2022 Aventon Sinch ST Folding Commuter Ebike Review

I think it’s really essential to have these big tires when you have these small wheels because that gives you stability and bump-rolling, rough terrain ability. For small wheels, obstacles ‘look bigger’ to the wheel.

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New Aventon Sinch Fat Tire Electric Bike Updated, Easier Than Ever to Mount Up and Ride!

The Aventon Sinch is priced slightly higher than a few other fat tire folders in its class. But it’s also made better, comes from a highly reputable company and sports better parts.

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Granny Is So Happy That Aventon Launched a New Step-Through Sinch

As a real-life granny, it’s hard to get on bikes. But thanks to Aventon’s new Sinch ST, Granny can shred again.

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Aventon Sinch: A Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike for Trail and Town

You can use it to travel from your apartment to your office during the workweek, then place it in your trunk for an adventurous weekend out on the trails.

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The Inertia

The All New Aventon Sinch ST Foldable E-bike

The Aventon Sinch ST makes a great surf rig. Fully loaded with a surfboard rack. So far I’ve had a blast shredding around San Francisco on this rugged and portable contraption.

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Fat Tire Foldie: Aventon’s Stout ‘Sinch’ Ebike Is Ready to Travel

Braking power is good from the cable-actuated discs, but I’d like to see them move up to hydraulic systems if possible. I was also a bit disappointed to see the Sinch did not include fenders or lights. Despite those minor quibbles, I had a lot of fun on the Sinch and it was great to be able to pop it into the back of my small electric car without needing a bike rack.

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Aventon Sinch Step-Through

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