ZOOZ Ultra Urban

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Release Year
Charge Time
4, 5 Hours
Maximum Range
40 Miles
Top Speed
20, 26, 30 Mph
250 W, 600 W, 750 W
Volts and Amp Hours
36V 16Ah, 48V 16Ah, 52V 19.2Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
44, 55.7, 63 lbs
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the ZOOZ Ultra Urban. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

20 reasons to buy

  • Riders of the ZOOZ UU1100 reach 33mph under throttle-only operation.
  • Owners report that ZOOZ Urban Ultralights are safe and sturdy at speed.
  • The small-wheeled ZOOZ is nimble and agile, through traffic and obstacles.
  • A long seat and high bars position ZOOZ riders for comfortable cruising.
  • A passenger fits on the ZOOZ’s long seat.
  • The ZOOZ’s hydraulic disc brakes provide great stopping power and sensitivity.
  • The ZOOZ UU250 weighs only 44.4lb, while the UU750 is 55.7lb.
  • ZOOZ Urban Ultralights have a unique ‘BMX meets chopper’ appearance.
  • All ZOOZ Urban Ultralights can reach a reported maximum 40 miles of range.
  • To assemble the ZOOZ, owners need only install the front wheel, pedals & bars.
  • Predictable assist from ZOOZ's pedal sensors makes for a safe ride.
  • ZOOZ UU bikes have a weight capacity of 300lb (1100), 230lb (750) or 200lb (250).
  • Throttle-only activation is available, quick and powerful on all ZOOZ models.
  • ZOOZ Urban Ultralights feature an integrated tail light beneath the bikes’ saddle.
  • For the ZOOZ UU750 and 1100, fat 2.5” Maxxis Hookworm tires absorb bumps.
  • ZOOZ Urban Ultralights are compact and easy to store in apartments, vans etc.
  • Talented riders can jump the ZOOZ at BMX tracks, over stairs or off ledges.
  • ZOOZ Urban Ultralights come with an adjustable kickstand.
  • An expert feels the ZOOZ’s weight is well distributed, with a rear-wheel hub-motor and battery beneath the saddle.
  • ZOOZ bikes use big brake discs: 203/180mm (UU1100), 180/160mm (UU750) & 160/160mm (UU250).

4 reasons not to buy

  • One expert’s thighs rubbed against the ZOOZ’s wide seat unless they were standing.
  • For some riders and testers, pedal-assist was delayed by the ZOOZ’s pedal sensors.
  • The ZOOZ’s long seat is not adjustable.
  • A reviewer noted that ZOOZ bikes did not climb hills powerfully using only throttle.

Bottom line

The ZOOZ Urban Ultralight is a unique and powerful BMX-inspired e-bike. It comes in three models with three different motor sizes; the UU250, UU750 and UU1100. The UU250 is road-legal. In some configurations, the more powerful bikes are not. They’re too fast and too powerful. With a long, chopper-style seat and BMX frame, ZOOZ bikes are primarily designed to cruise, under heavy throttle application. Reviewers said that the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight’s seating position is not the best on long pedaling rides, despite a considerable 40-mile maximum range (or 20 miles on full-throttle). Some experts would prefer a torque sensor, over the ZOOZ’s equipped pedal sensor. Owners were happy to ride this bike like a moped or scrambler-type motorbike. It’s simple, good-looking and by all accounts, very fun.

Expert Reviews

70/100 based on 1 rated expert review
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Move Electric

ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 250 e-Bike Review

No, it’s not the most efficient way of getting around, but it certainly is one of the most enjoyable. And if putting a smile on your face is the reason you choose an e-bike, then this is the one for you.

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ZOOZ 750 Review: The Wedding Sneakers of E-bikes

I had a blast on the 750W bike. I think it was great for the cruising focus the bike has. If I planned on hitting the park a bit more or tackling big hills on the regular, I would opt for the 1000W… No other bike is as inviting, alluring or carefree as the ZOOZ.

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Our First Electric BMX E-bike, the ZOOZ Urban Ultralight 1100 Review

The ZOOZ is the ultimate fun machine. You time-travel to your childhood days of riding BMX, but you are ripping it at speeds up to 33 mph… perfect for the person going through that midlife crisis, wanting an escape from the monotonous 9-5 adulthood, but smart enough to realize that an expensive convertible or red Corvette isn’t the answer… We took the ZOOZ off packed dirt jumps.

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Jimmy Chang

The Most Exciting E-bike We’ve Tested! ZOOZ Urban Ultralight

For no suspension it’s pretty smooth… it moves in the air a lot better than I thought too… That thing’s way more capable than I thought. The brakes are way better than I thought… It was really kind of a guessing game where the throttle was going to grab.

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Coozi WRLD

ZOOZ Bike | Pros & Cons

Slight delay? I don’t think it’s a big deal… the seat is really flat…it’s not something you would want to ride on for hours at a time… The brakes are amazing… OG original BMX parts…

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Coozi WRLD

ZOOZ Bike 1100UU | Speed Test

We’re going to see if we can reach 34 to 35mph. If not, at least 30 to 31mph… Throttle only. Oh, we’re like 33 right now. Holy crap… level 5 is the maximum power of 34mph, so I think this bike is pretty badass… 1100 is so sexy.

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Coozi WRLD

Zooz Bike | Range Test | S.N.R

I had to take the ZOOZ bike for a spin for the first time on a 25 mile Saturday Seattle Night ride! I had a second ZOOZ bike battery in case of swapping but I didn’t even need it! I still had at least 50% left to get back to my car with, which was crazy to me!

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Coozi WRLD

ZOOZ Bike | Throttle Only | 32 Mile Island Ride

This ride was 16 miles there and back from Ferry …the ZOOZ Bike actually managed very well. We went and explored most of the entire island and the ZOOZ bike took all of the slight inclines & steep hills with little to no effort!

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Shreddie McSkate

ZOOZ 1100 E-bike | First Ride, Review + Speed Test | Electric BMX Bike!

It’s actually really comfortable to stand up and pedal on this bike, even with the power off.

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The Frickin' Shredder

Rad BMX Electric Bike! | ZOOZ 1100 Electric Bike Review

This thing is frickin’ solid… nothing rattles, it’s just like one solid piece… It’s got nice speed. It doesn’t have a lot of torque.

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Matty Active

This eBike is a Different Kind of Fun | ZOOZ Urban Ultralight eBike

This thing is so fun… he took the governor off so I can pretty much go as fast as I want… I can wheely this thing. This thing is so heavy…

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Oneway Lilman

My New 24” BMX Bike From ZOOZ Bikes

What do you think about the ZOOZ bike? I rate it a ten out of ten. It goes like thirty miles an hour. Can’t wait to be pushed in them real long ride-outs on this thing.

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Ducati NYC Vlog

ZOOZ Bike 2.0 – Ripping an Electric Bicycle Through Downtown Manhattan – Part 1

That’s like a three-step little jump and I can easily pop it up.

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Cruising In the 808

First Impressions of My New e-Bike, the ZOOZ Ultralight 750, Around My Hometown of Lihu’e, Kaua’i

So, my impression of having this thing for four days is I freaking love it… This thing is fast.

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