Vtuvia SN100

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Release Year
Charge Time
6 Hours
Maximum Range
48 Miles
Top Speed
15.5 mph
750 W
80 Nm
Volts and Amp Hours
48 V 13 Ah
Wheel Size
Number of Gears
Gearing Type
72 lb
Brake Type
Frame Material

Summary of Reviews

We have read all expert and user reviews on the Vtuvia SN100. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

12 reasons to buy

  • A tester says the SN100’s motor is “wildly powerful” yet “extremely quiet”, suiting it to hunting trips.
  • With a 330 lb payload and 80 Nm of torque, there’s plenty of pull to haul cargo & carcasses.
  • Tall riders feel at home with the fit of the SN100.
  • Users praise the SN100’s unique frame design. One deemed it “masculine”.
  • Reviewers say the SN100’s independent throttle delivers instantaneous juice.
  • A Mozo suspension fork sucks up the bumps and features a lockout to increase pedaling efficiency. Travel is not specified.
  • The SN100’s headlight is integrated into the bike's frame.
  • Reviewers respect the affordability of this electric huntbike.
  • The SN100 comes in four low-key colors.
  • Testers appreciate the stopping power of Logan hydraulic disc brakes.
  • The SN100 features an adjustable stem, to suit differing ride stances.
  • Some testers say the SN100’s display is easy to read.

10 reasons not to buy

  • The SN100 has a very tall frame and toptube. For riders under 5’8”, clearance is minimal.
  • Some users describe assist and throttle as being “jerky” and “overpowered”.
  • The SN100 is a heavy bike. It weighs 72 lb.
  • Reviewers note that there’s a lot of criss-cross cabling crowding the cockpit.
  • The SN100’s brake discs are a modest 160mm. Experts suggest larger rotors to stop this heavy bike more efficiently, when fully loaded.
  • A tester received their SN100 with untrue wheels and unbled brakes.
  • Reviewers report that motor latency is an obstacle to precise trail riding.
  • Testers say the integrated headlight rattles in its housing and allows water to enter. Water also entered the motor, for a long-term user.
  • One reviewer described welding marks as “ugly”.
  • A tester pointed out that the controller is housed within the seat tube, where it rattles loosely.

Bottom line

With a 330 lb payload, 80 Nm of torque, and an “extremely” quiet motor, the SN100 is well-equipped for hunting, especially in the ‘Camo’ colorway. It has the muscle to haul home a carcass or two. This is a bike for ‘big & tall’ riders. Testers say it’s not for those under 5’8” and is best for riders 6’0” plus. One reviewer reports a 28 mph top speed, another said he crushed 35 mph. On their own site, Vtuvia states the top speed as being locked in at 15.5 mph. Users and testers experienced numerous quality control issues including untrue wheels, loose parts and water ingress. One for the home mechanic on a budget.

Expert Reviews

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Miss GoElectric | Miss GoElectric Ride Reviews

Vtuvia SN100 E-Bike Review (“Hunting Fat Tire” E-Bike)

This bike looked great on paper but it’s not for everyone. If I was shopping for an electric mountain bike I would probably save up a little bit more money. This is the first bike that I’ve had shipped to me where the wheels were untrue and the brakes haven’t been bled.

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MTB Trail Review

Vtuvia SN100: An Affordable Electric Fatbike

It’s got the range, it’s got the power and the fat tires will tackle just about any obstacle that I come upon. This bike would also be a great commuter.

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Chris Does Stuff

Vtuvia SN100 Electric Bike Review | Adding Fenders and a Rear Rack

I use this bike for hunting. This bike has no problem getting me around and pulling deer out. The power cable came off on me. I got my seat all the way down. I’m 5’8” and it’s a little tall for me so if you’re 5’7” you’re probably gonna have a rough time on it.

Visit full review
Jack Cecil

Vtuvia SN100 | Review | Ride

Suspension works really nice, brakes work really nice. It’s got decent power, good speed. So overall not a bad bike, a couple of shortfalls. It’s actually a pretty big bike. I’m 6’0”. This is as low as the seat goes and I am for sure barely on the ground.

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Electrified Reviews

Vtuvia SN100 Review: Fat Tire, Hydraulic Brakes, Integrated Headlight Electric Bike

Overall, the Vtuvia SN100 is a versatile fat tire electric bike with a well-thought-out design at an affordable price. This is a great “first e-bike”. 160 mm brake rotors might struggle when they’re all gunked up with mud and the SN100 is loaded to its max payload.

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Vtuvia SN100 200 km Review.

The tires are grippy but don’t fit perfectly – there is a wobble. The info screen is very readable. The frame design is very nice but there are some ugly welding imperfections visible. For it’s price, this bike is amazing.

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Dada Longlegs

Vtuvia SN100 500km 700km Full Review – Fat Tire E-Bike

My place of work is about 15 kilometers with a total elevation gain of about 420 meters and I can get there in 30 minutes. This seat post, it is not watertight. I broke my fenders on the way up here.

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Dada Longlegs

Vtuvia SN100 26-Inch Fat Tire E-Bike 5,000 km Report

Of all the stock components there’s only one bad thing to report and that is the electric hub motor. This is not waterproof. It was wet and rusty. I’m happy to report that the Vtuvia SN100 is still a mighty beast.

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Bobby Olmsted

Vtuvia SN100

I like how everything is integrated because I don’t know how waterproof these things are and that’s that little extra protection right there.

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Albert Kim

Vtuvia SN100 26-inch Fat Tire E-Bike 🚲

On the website, it says that it has a speed-lock of 15.5 mph but it seems like it’s around 20 mph. It does pretty good, pretty good ride overall.

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EBPMAN Tech Reviews

The Vtuvia SN100 26” Hunting Bike

So who’s this bike for?
I’d say anyone who wants power, that’s number one.
Two: anyone 5’8” to 6’8”.

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~~~Vtuvia~~~ The Hunting E-Bike

Looks like it’s blocking out at 23 mph. Yeah, pedal-assist or throttle capped out at 23 mph.

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Best Electric City Rides

Vtuvia SN100 – 750W Camouflage E-Bike – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Checkout the Vtuvia SN100 750W – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s choice.

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Mountain Weekly News

Vtuvia SN100 Hunting Fat Tire Electric Bike Review

A hunter or packer could bring a lot of equipment in and out of the field on this bike. This motor is wildly powerful and extremely quiet. The throttle on the SN100 is an excellent choice for such a heavy bike.

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